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By Clifton W. Bush

Abraham Bush 1622/1686

Fact & Fiction


     Abraham Bush born in England ca 1622 transported to America (Virginia) in September 1657 by Thomas Powell, along with Peter Elmore, George Spencer and Sara Bannister. (Adventures of Purse and Person p147-148 V3)              (Abraham’s age is confirmed in Lancaster Co. Record Book 2, 1654-66, p347, Recorded 1683 as being 61 years of age.)


     Seven years later, April 1664, Abraham Bush along with Peter Elmore was granted 300a of land on the north side of Lancaster Co. for transporting 6 people. (Cavaliers and Pioneers V1 p 458/59).


     Abraham first married a Martha, her maiden name has not been confirmed, however it may have been Wingate,  

     Abstracts of Lancaster Co. 1666-1669 p81.

 "It appeareing to this Cort.,by the Oathes of Richard Welsh & Rebecca Patey, sworne in Cort., that John Wingate ,late, did by his Last will nuncupative give unto Martha, the Wife of Abraham Bush, his whole Estate, escept his funerall charges, a probate whereof is granted unto ye said Abraham Bush. Robert Farrington & Tho: Durannt are ordered to apprize ye sde Estate & to bee sworne by the nexte justice.  The inventrie to be exhibited to ye next cort."


      Abraham’s last child with Martha, was Daniel who was born ca 1663 and died before June 1668.

  "In 1668 Martha Bush, wife of Abraham Bush gave power of attorney to her friend Mark Greiner to acknowledge her consent to the sale of the 200 acers deeded to her husband with provision for her son's inheritance, indicating that yound Daniel had died." This is a quote from Purse and Person 1st edition and gives the source data The Records of the Virginia Company of London, by Swan Myra Kingsbury1656-1684 p 44.


        We can only speculate on the birth years of his children, by Martha, which was Thomas b1657, George b1659, Abraham b1661, Marcy b1662, & Daniel b1664?


      Again we must speculate when Abraham and Martha married, we can assume based on the estimated birth of their first child Thomas, it was prior to or early 1657, then we must assume he either married sometime in England prior to being transported, or married soon after his arrival in Virginia.


 Abraham died14 February1686/87    "Will Abstracts of Lancaster County, Virginia 1675-1689" (Transcribed copy of will.)

    Based on Abraham’s will some conclusions could be drawn, at the time of his writing of the will.

1) Martha (Abraham's previous wife) is still living, since Abraham requires some of his children with her, to live and work for her, for a period of time. (Up to 3 years).

2) Thomas must be of age or at least married since he was not required to live and work with his mother and therefore probably the oldest child, George must have been 2nd oldest since he was only required staying and working for two years and Abraham 3rd, as his requirement was 3 years.

3) Daniel was not mentioned in the will, which would confirm his death ca1668.


     Around 1669 Abraham Married Ann Alexander, (Alexander being her previous married name) her maiden name has not been determined. Their children were John b1670, Jacob b1672, Charity b1674, Elizabeth b1676, & Isaac b1676.


Abraham’s will 14th February 1686/87 directed 75 acres of land to be given to son’s George John & Abraham (Library of Virginia land grants, index # 3 & 11 p220/221/222/223 dtd. January 1695/96



Other Documents relating to Abraham Bush


(0068) Abraham Bush Land sell from Rich Merryman (Virginia Colonial Abstract Volume1 p158)

(0069) Abraham Bush & Peter Elmore land grant for transporting 6 people (1664 Cavaliers and Pioneers V5 p458)

(0072) Abraham Bush sells 150a to Hubert Patey 1665 (Virginia Colonial Abstract Volume 1 p154)

(0337) Abraham Bush 35 arcs for transporting John Moulten Jan. 1677 (Cavaliers and Pioneers Volume II p180)

(0338) Abraham Bush & Richard Merryman 437 arcs transporting 9 people (Cavaliers and Pioneers Volume II p181)


     The purpose of this page is to list any documentation that can confirm Abraham’s relationship, if any with John (Neptune) Bush, and document his life.

     As it now stands with the exception of the notation in Adventures of Purse and Person first edition, there are       no documents tying the two together.

If anyone has any documents to help one way or the other it would be greatly appreciated.










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