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James Bush data relating to his parentage.


Mary Bush b1716 mother of James Bush b1739





Philip Bush b 1700 and wife Mary has been documented to have been the parents of James Bush b1739, mainly by Gordon Aronhime genealogical notes located in the library of Virginia stating as much, however doubt was raised since James was not a part of Philips will.

It has now been learned Mary had an illegitimate child 1738/1739 and was taken to court by the Church of Orange County.

The documentation we have referring to Mary’s situation (Rape??) came from (Orange County (VA) Order Book 2, p. 129 1739 and Orange County (VA) Order Book 2, p. 336 March Court 1741) the church filed suit against Mary Bush for having a Bastard Child with the date of the first recording around the same year James Bush was born 1738/1739.

This new information would answer the questions why Gordon Aronhime recorded James as son of Philip and Mary and how James acquired so much wealth (land) at an early age.

Orange County (VA) Order Book 2, p. 129

February Court 1739

            In the Action of Debt between John Cattlet & Thomas Stanton, Gentlemen, Church wardens of St. Marks Parish in Orange County plaintiffs & Mary Bush Defendant, the Defendant failing to appear Judgment is granted the plaintiffs against the said Defendants and Phillip Bush her Security. . . . [the rest is illegible]

Suit for Bastardy OC OB 2-129


Orange County (VA) Order Book 2, p. 33 March Court 1741

            In the Suit by petition brought by John Cattlet and Thomas Stanton, Gentlemen, Church wardens of St. Marks parish against Phillip Bush for five hundred pounds of tobacco or fifty Shillings Current Money with the Costs of a former Suit against Mary Bush for having a Bastard Child due by bill, the Defendant not appearing, Judgment is granted the petitioners for the said Sum of five hundred pounds of tobacco or fifty Shillings & one hundred pounds of tobacco the Costs of the aforesaid Suit against the said Defendant and Costs.



Suit for Bastardy OC OB 2-336.jpg






Even with this documentation we can only assume James is the child in question (Based on the facts and date of his birth) we can conclude James and Mary raised James as their own.


Further data has come to light creating more suspense and speculation and possible fact.


December 2006 I had a Y DNA 67 marker test done the results showed I was of African descent, since no African features has been apparent in any of my ancestors to my knowledge I had the test redone with a separate lab, which duplicated the original data.


                       This year 2010 I was contacted by FTW that my DNA testing has matched a family with the surname of Walker, Specifically a Walker family comprising of four individuals (1) William b 1772 (2) Jeremiah b 1773 (3) Stephen b 1782 (4) John b 1790

The DNA test matched in 66 of 67 loci. This means that we share a common ancestor in a near genealogical time frame, within the last few generations.

With the documented relationship between me and James Bush b1739 my Y DNA is his Y DNA meaning if I am of a Walker clam so is he, and if we look back to the early 1700 time frame the Walker surname was prominent with the Cherokee Nation which takes us to the claim Austin son of James Bush was ˝ Cherokee. (Application was filed for part of the Cherokee funds)


To further help answer and or substantiate the data I have had a Family Finder DNA test conducted, this test is different than a Y DNA and can determine the degree of ancestor blood the test results were as following.


Clifton W. Bush 4th great grandson of James Bush having 96.50% ±0.08% Western European DNA a strong match with the Orcadian (Orkney Islands) population. The Orkney Islands are a part of Ireland which was Mary’s place of birth. The remaining 3.5% Africa ±0.08% for the second contributing group indication that some of the ancestry traces to Africans who were taken to Europe and the Americas as indentured servants and slaves. And at times, the source trace back to those who intermarried with Native Americans.


With the facts we have learned and  the results of the family finder test, assuming Austin was ˝ Native American and the  percentage of 96.5 % Orcadian and 3.5% Africa would require the individual who fathered James Bush  to have been 50%  Native American & 50% African It would also require Austin to Marry an African as illustrated in the following chart. Most other combination would exceed the % accuracy of the required blood line the DNA represented. However other combinations are possible, but do not change the end results.







A= African      

NA= Native American     

C =Caucasian







Cherokee Walker




C 100%


James Walker Bush






Austin Bush






Thomas Bush Sr.






Thomas Bush Jr.






Charles Bush






Blaine Bush






Clifton Bush



94.54 -2%



Actual Test DNA %








So where does this leave me, and what is the next step?


1)     Try to tie the individual who fathered James Bush (who I will refer to as Cherokee Walker) together with the Walkers who has been connected to me via DNA.


2)     Try to determine if Cherokee Walker is in fact a Cherokee and how did he fit in with the Cherokees.



UPDATE 11/28/2013


Philip Bush / Mary Bush/ James Bush


The Action between John Cattlet & Thomas Stanton, Gentlemen, Church wardens of St. Marks Parish plaintiffs against Mary Bush Defendant, for having a Bastard Child.


Originally the interoperation of subject court records assumed the Mary Bush in question was the wife of Philip Bush (Stated above).  It has been brought to my attention by Nancy Denty Breidenthal who is more adverse in Hennings law than I; the following conclusion has been drawn.


The court would not have known Mary had a bastard child since she was married unless the child showed signs being of mixed race. But the brief court order didn’t describe the child as mixed race. Therefore the Mary Bush must have been someone other than Phillip’s wife. Philip had a sister Mary Bush born around 1716 she was co-administrator of their fathers (John Bush) will. No records have been located relating to this Mary Bush since the will. She would have been around 23 at the time of James Bush birth and lived in Orange County, and no record of ever being married has been found, In fact we can conclude based on John’s Bush’s will naming Martha Bruce, Elizabeth Sanders, and Mary Bush as daughters Mary was not married in 1745 at the time of the will, six years after James birth.


Since Phillip was named as her Security it would be logical to assume he Phillip had a personal interest in Mary Bush and if not his wife his sister surely would qualify.


There are no other Mary Bush’s in the family listed in any records we have at the appropriate age to have  birthed James Bush, To clear the records so to speak against Mary Bryant Bush, my records will be changed listing Mary Bush (Philips Bush’s sibling) as the mother of James Bush.


This change will not help in my dilemma as to who is the father of James Bush or is it a definitive answer as to his mother, but based on the data we have it would be our best conclusion at this time.


Any information related to James Bush would be greatly appreciated, but only documented information.



Cliff Bush


(Nancy Denty Breidenthal has a Genealogy web page “Nancy’s Dead Relatives”  )










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