Clydach/Ynystawe 2




The first photograph was contributed by Mrs Helen McDuff of Pontardawe (Nov 2004)

The Flying Flea

This aircraft was built in the back garden of a cottage which was owned by Mr Jim Hill (seen in the photgraph) which is situated opposite the Millers Arms in Ynystawe. The person in the centre is Mrs Macduff's father Gwilym Price who was in fact the person who actually built the aeroplane together with Mr Hill. Mr Price had been an aero-electrician  before this time.
This newspaper cutting dates from around 1932 which is when the aircraft was taken for several flights on Mynydd Y Gwair with Mr Hill being the pilot - the flights were undertaken near Mathew's small Radar Research unit.  Mr Price was in fact friendly with Mr Mathews and often used to visit him.
As a result of this venture both men were offered and accepted employment with the Westland Helicopter Company at Yeovil. Mr Hill stayed with the firm until he retired but Mr Price returned to Pontardawe after a period of some six months.

Flying Flea


The following photographs were contributed by Mrs Lucile Morris from Morriston, part of a collection of photographs and cards
compiled by her late husband Hywel, originally from Birchgrove.  (Nov 2009)

 Main St, Clydach-on-Tawe

Main St, Clydach


 High Street and Hospital, Clydach

(No dates on these but postage was 1/2d)

Clydach High St and hospital


Mond cyclists

Mond cyclists


Railway Station and Glanyravon Works, Clydach

Clydach Station and Glanyravon Works



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