Cwmgors Rugby Teams



A collection of sundry rugby photographs contributed by Roy Davies (Jan 2008) - believed to be various Cwmgors RFC teams
If anyone can confirm which teams they are and name anyone in them then please contact me (Gareth Hicks)


In the above is David Pritchard (far right) who was the Cwmgors RFC Chairman for many years.
Others include:
(back row): Dan Morgan, Evan Jones (Gorsto), Lyn Evans, Tom Padock, Ray Moses
(front row) : Gerald Morris


 "The above is the Cwmgors Rugby Team I believe and my grandfather is in the middle row, second player from the left.  
His name is Thomas Donald Jones, known as Don or Donald of Villiers Road, Ammanford.........
I think the photo was taken around 1938/39, just before my Grandad joined the Navy " (Angharad Jones 1/2/09)

"My Uncle, Tommy Hunt is in the middle row, second player from the right. Tommy Hunt must have been around 19 or 20 years old at the time.
He lived in Garnant and one of his brothers was Bobby Hunt who was very well known locally. Sadly, Tommy Hunt passed away on 4th Dec 2012 (Colin Williams 4th Dec 2012)


In the above, from rear - not in order (after Ken James who is the first player on left in 3rd row up) : Tom Jones, Dan Morgan, Evan Jones (Gorsto),
Graham Jones, Johnny Vaughan, Rees, Dudley George, Will Davies, Tom Paddock, Ken Rees, Meirion Jones, Iorrie Davies


In the above, middle row, far right is Mick Davies (Tirbach); with Ken James to his left


In the above, front row, far left is Mick Davies (Tirbach)





  The above is in the possession of Eurof Davies who is in the photograph


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