Gwauncaegurwen 14



The first two photographs were contributed by Gerry Nichols on behalf of the Stephenson Locomotive Society (March 2005).
They are both original D Jenkins & Sons photographs.


The first one is a fascinating group photograph at the opening of GCG Halt, 1 January 1908.

The train conductor has the celluloid cuffs and wing collar and the driver is in the background holding the single line staff.
There is the local stationmaster in the pillbox hat and a selection of bowler hats!
The level crossing gates in the foreground may be the old gates replaced by ones worked from the new Signal Box


 The second one  goes with the photograph (Gwaun-cae-gurwen 11) of the runaway incident on the incline in 1906  

Shows a Black Hawthorn tank named Frank which was delivered new to GCG in 1886 and survived until 1916.

In the background can be seen the viaduct under construction.


Three photographs contributed by Eric Davies of Birmingham (March 2005)


Cresci's Ice Cream Cart in Derwydd Avenue

Cresci's Milk Cart


 GCG Colliery smash in 1933

The man on the right in the hat is Captain John Robert Jones "Roy" Master Mariner from New Quay who married Catherine Evans (From Leigh Jones)

GCG colliery smash 1933


 Roy Davies and his younger cousins Eric and Donald Davies in Derwydd Avenue with the double height coal tip in the backround - c 1948

Derwydd Avenue scene



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