Gwauncaegurwen 16


These first 2 photographs contributed by Mr and Mrs William John Evans of Gwauncaegurwen  - (William John wrote the 'Pit Memories' book ) (Feb 2009)

Waun hall demolition 1995

Demolition of GCG Welfare Hall 1995


Waun Hall pre demolition

Welfare Hall before demolition


These next 3 photographs were contributed by Paul Reynolds (July 2009) and are of the GCG railway taken c 1973

1.The bridge at GCG that was built by the Great Western in the early 1920s but never brought into use.

2.This is the half-finished station at Cwmgors. The platform building was erected, but they never got round to completing the platforms.

3. The station at GCG, pretty well complete, but again never used. Again, built in the early 20s

GCG railway c 1973



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