Gwauncaegurwen 20


First photograph contributed by Billo Jenkins (formerly of Twyn yr Efail) (August 2011)

 Billo comments ;
"Carmel is clearly visible centre right and the old cobblers shed is left foreground. Cresci's café is not present so I guess the photo is dated sometime between 1877, when Carmel was completed and around 1905 when the café must have been built."

Main Road from (Pant-yr-Hoel) Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen



These next five photographs were contributed by Gareth Morgan of GCG (Feb 2012)

 "Y Blodyn Glas" production in 1930s

Outside the Minor Hall, GCG- Gareth's mother Betty is in the back row second from left standing with wand, on her left is Dinah Thomas, the tall girl at the back is Annie Doreen Evans, eighth from left is Margaret Eyrwen Jenkins, sitting fourth from left is Annie Mary Harris and next to her is Betty's friend Doreen.

Further names submitted by Mair Thomas (Nov 2014); -


Cor Urdd, Gwauncaegurwen in 1937

Most of the children are recognisable from the above photograph;   the conductor was Idris Smith, the small girl next to him is Gareth's mother, second row from the back fifth from left Margaret Eyrwen Jenkins, Gwyneth Morgan (who married Gareth's father's brother Johnny), also in that row is Annie Mary Harris and Doreen. Two of the boys and the little girl in the front row are the children of the conductor, third from left and the end of the row from left.

Further names submitted by Mair Thomas (Nov 2014); -



Cwmllynfell Operatic Socity
Production of The Student Prince

Late 1950's early 60's - Gareth Morgan's father is fifth from left sitting


Ysgol fach y Waun, dosbarth 1 a 2, 1957

The teacher is Miss Gweno Evans who died this year (2012) in her 90s, she had lived all her life in the family home opposite Carmel Chapel.
Gareth Morgan is third from left in the front and on his right is Keith (Mick Tirbach's son).


Ysgol fach y Waun in 1955

The teacher is Miss Minora Thomas, Gareth Morgan is third from the left in the front row.
At the back of the stage can be seen the old radio, and the black board with the song sung in assembly.


These next  photographs were contributed by Gareth Morgan of GCG (March 2015)

Ysgol fach y Waun is no more

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