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For a history of schooling in the area there is a booklet produced in 1989  to "celebrate two and a half centuries of praiseworthy effort to establish a day school in the area. It also celebrates a half century of the unfailing service of the present school to the community." The book also contains many extracts from the School Log Book for 1930-1989.

Here are relevant extracts from the Timeline section which in turn are extracts from the various books detailed on this site;

Notes re the following photographs.

The  first photograph, being of the staff at the Waun Board School in March 1890, has  kindly been  provided by Gordon Rees [see the Memories item] whose uncle, Evan Rees, is the young man shown second from the left. Evan Rees had celebrated his 17th birthday a fortnight previously but had sadly died from tuberculosis by the June of that year. Unbeknown to them, the family had a tubercular cow on one of their farms and as a result of that, Gordon's grandmother lost three of her children in 18 months, Evan being one of them.

GCG school Gwauncaegurwen Board Schools Teachers, March 17th 1890


GCG school 2 Gwaun-cae-gurwen infants school.

I guess the date to be c1913 as my father, Handel Hicks, is fifth from the right in the front row.

The only other child I can identify is the third child from the right in the back row, my father's cousin, Willie Davies, who supplied the original photograph.

(The colouring is not true to the original)










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