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Period Scenes



Contributed by Mrs.Winifred Jean Chart of Alltwen, January 2004


Period scenes, style of clothing and mode of transport

Mrs Chart's great grandparents Lemuel and Margaret Price on holiday in Aberystwyth.
They are at the rear of the small pony & trap in the second picture which is on the promenade near the pier at Aberystwyth.
They are on the left of the front row in the first one which has in the background the tea rooms at Devil's Bridge (which look much the same in 2013)

Pony & Trap 1


Pony & Trap 2



Mrs Chart's grandfather Arthur Price (1st left) at his sawmill in Leominster

Sawmill scene



Pony & Trap Racing ?

Can anyone help date and place this scene ?

Pony & Trap racing



Another horse and trap (?) scene

Pony & trap



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