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Pte Rees Jones's letters home


Private Rees Jones's letters home to his sisters in Cwmgors in the period 1914-18, he died on 6th October 1918 in Salonica.
The content is sometimes  family related but nevertheless of historic interest, I think.

The letters are now very badly faded and flimsy, the colouring is not the original but a device to make the writing as legible as possible.
There are transcribed copies in the article in the main pages.


First letter is dated May 22nd, no year.

Rees Jones letter 1



A note on the back of the above letter, from another Pte Rees Jones of the 4th Welsh Regiment who received a parcel in error.

Reverse of letter 1



Second letter, dated April 4th 1918

First page


Rees Jones letter 2 first page


Second page of second letter

Rees Jones letter 2 second page



Third letter, undated.

First page

Rees Jones letter 3 first page



Second page of third letter

Rees Jones letter 3 second page




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