Nothing to do with this area but such interesting historical pictures


Contributed by Mrs.Winifred Jean Chart of Alltwen, February 2004

General Booth at Aberayron, 1907

General Booth (1829-1912), founder and first general of the Salvation Army. In 1865 he and his wife Catherine Booth
started the East London Revival Society (to become the Christian Mission) in Whitechapel, London, and this developed in 1878 into the Salvation Army

General Booth and his wife, stayed for a week with Rev and Mrs Price at the Manse, Gelligron Hill, Rhydyfro
(see Rhydyfro 3)

General Booth



Carmarthen Workhouse 1906

I think the narrative says " after the fire March 20 1906",  which seems to fit the picture

Whether it's the exact same building I don't know, but the place does have some significant history during the Rebecca Riots of the mid 19th century. I'm wondering if it is the same site as the Public Assist. Institute shown at the junction of Penlan and Brewery Roads (on a map in the book mentioned below).
On 19th June 1843, the workhouse was ransacked by Rebecca's 'children', the Water Street toll gate having been demolished earlier on 17th May. The crowds numbering some 500 on horseback and about 2000 on foot were led by Rebecca 'herself' and a band, with a man at the rear carrying a placard 'Cyfiawnder a Charwyr Cyfiawnder ydym ni oll' (Justice and Lovers of Justice are we all). The procession started to wreck the workhouse but the 4th Dragoons then arrived by forced march from Cardiff and with sabres drawn arrested many people. Those punished included Shoni 'Scybor' Fawr and Dai y Cantwr who were transported and imprisoned respectively. The suppression of these riots was followed by an official enquiry which resulted in the South Wales Turnpike Act to deal with some of the grievances which caused such social unrest. (From  The Story of Carmarthen by M & E Lodwick 1953)

Carmarthen workhouse  



Shani-pob-man, New Quay, Cardiganshire

(See also an article on her on the Ceredigion Library site)

The post mark on these cards reads 1909

Translation of the verse by Roy Davies ;

"Siani pob man does her part
In keeping the Cei popular
Whilst others do nothing
But feast on on the back of their fame.

Everyone from all over the country comes for a cure
To pretty and healthy Ceinwydd
With their faces happy when meeting her
And feel happy for ever"

Siani pob man  

Taken by (and contributed by) Tommy Vaughan of GCG in 1982 during his one and only flying lesson

Carreg Cennen Castle

Carreg Cennen castle  


The following photographs were contributed by Mrs Lucile Morris from Morriston, part of a collection of photographs and cards
compiled by her late husband Hywel, originally from Birchgrove.  (Nov 2009)


Pembroke Castle crossing Landore Viaduct

Pembroke Castle crossing Landore Viaduct  


 Post Card  of Carreg Cennen Castle 1888.
Original painting by Alan Stepney Gulston of Derwydd Llandeilo

Cerreg Cennen Castle  


H.M Submarine No 2

H.M Submarine No 2  




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