Dudley Morgan

Operatic tenor


Contributed by Gareth Morgan of GCG  (August 2011) - Dudley Morgan was his father

Dudley Morgan was regarded in the locality as having a remarkable tenor voice.
He lived at Stanley St, GCG, his father was Gwilym Morgan, and his mother Esther Morgan (Evans)  - they lived in Ceidrim Rd Garnant where Dudley was born.
His grand mother was Elizabeth Beanland (Evans) Raven Inn, Garnant.

"One thing I am certain of is that your dad must have been a great singer to have been 2nd tenor to ORESTE KIRKOP who's voice I have loved also.
 Oreste was born in Malta a great tenor who was a Hollywood Star, appearing in place of Mario Lanza in The Vagabond King Movie.
When I listen to Oreste singing "This Same Heart" from the film his voice sounds almost identical to David Whitfield.
It was a great achievement for your father to have been chosen to appear with Oreste Kirkop"   
(Jeff Howell Feb 2012)

The  press cuttings below contain the following items;



This  photograph was taken in the palace in Garnant early the 1950s,
on the left is the famous David Whitfield and next to Dudley on the right is his sister Betty.



As  Beppe in I Pagliacci  -  broadcast in 1956


Dudley's wife Betty  seated at the piano at the Welfare Hall GCG in 1950 in a production of the Waltz Dream,
She also accompanied Dudley on the piano on many of his engagements, she also played at many of the GCG operas.




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