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  Photographs of Ynysfechan Colliery site, Pontardawe

Photographs taken and contributed by Roy Davies of Pontardawe. ( October 2004)

This is the site of the original Ynysfechan Colliery.
On a list of South Wales mines in 1918, the owners of Ynysfechan (level) are shown as Lloyd & Co, employed 25 men underground and 3 above ground.
In The History of Pontardawe 1911 by J E Morgan it says that this mine, in the parish of Cilybebyll, was opened in 1838 by Parsons (the Primrose Colliery family). It describes how coal was taken from here onto barges on the canal and transported up to the tinplate works at Ystalyfera. In 1858 thirteen men suffocated at the Primrose colliery and were brought out through Ynysfechan  and other local levels. Bearing in mind the 1911 date of the source book, it also says "The Ynysfechan has been opened  for the second or third time just lately by Lloyd & Co".

Latterly became a Chemical works.
In The History of Pontardawe 1911 by J E Morgan it says that a chemical works was built on the bank of the Tawe near Ynysfechan by Jacob Lewis, draper. Some of the first men to work there were the late Joseph Miles and Job Jones, followed soon after by George Griffiths and John Jenkins. The works expanded and is now (1911) managed by Jacob Lewis's grandchildren, Sidney Lewis, Trebanos and Harry Lewis, Morriston.

Details from Archives Network Wales ;


Now (in 2004) to be a Tesco supermarket.

The first view is in June 2004, the others in September 2004

Ynysfechan colliery site

Ynysfechan colliery site2

Ynysfechan colliery site3


Photograph taken and contributed by Roy Davies of Pontardawe  (April 2007)

Pontardawe Foundry & Engineering Works

Holly Street, Pontardawe

"The Foundry was established in 1865 by Thomas Howells and Thomas Stevens and later owned (1871) by T Howells & J Howells.
Closed between 1919 and 1930, re-opened by Wilfred H Morgan & Wilfred S Stevens as the Pontardawe Foundry and Engineering Co Ltd.
( Around Pontardawe, The Archive Photographic Series 1996. Compiled by the Pontardawe Historians)

The company ceased trading and in 2005 there was a planning application for the "Demolition Of Existing Works Buildings And Construction Of Mixed Residential Development"

See also sale agent's map on the Picture Gallery

Pontardawe Foundry


First photograph taken and contributed by Roy Davies of Pontardawe  (April 2007)

 Part of the old Pontardawe Grammar School which burnt down on 29th April 2007

Report on BBC Wales

Pontardawe Grammar school after fire


This second photograph contributed by Mr John Jones of Pontardawe

Demolition in progress

Pontardawe Grammar school after fire 2

These next 5 photographs contributed by Roy Davies of Pontardawe  (May 2012)

These are photos of the now demolished  'boys' school  and the caretakers cottage which were knocked down this week (May 2012). No part of the old school now remains.
It was originally the grammar school but the photos show the part which was known as the 'boys' school. Since 2007 this part of the school has been used by Social Services. 
The whole of the old Grammar School and the Technical College have now been demolished and a new housing estate is being built on the site.
Perhaps it's worth noting that the photo was taken from the top of Smithfield Road while the houses shown in the photo are in Upper Heathfield Road.

The first one below shows the view from Upper Heathfield Road looking towards Smithfield Road
The second shows the view from Alltacham Drive looking directly at the site where the Technical College stood ( notice the new show house on the left of the photo)
The third shows the same view taken further into the site



These next 3 photographs contributed by Roy Davies 2 Feb 2015

The first shows the site of the old grammar school upper school looking from Upper Heathfield Road towards Smithfield Road.

The second is also from Upper Heathfied showing the site of the old lower school.

The last shows the site of the old lower school looking from Smithfield Road towards Upper Heathfield.




Site next to St. Peter's Church where Pontardawe Welsh School used to stand

This photograph contributed by Mr John Jones of Pontardawe

Site of Pontardawe Welsh School


Former site of Pontardawe Grammar School and Pontardawe Technical College

which have now been completely demolished.
On the right, in the foreground, new houses are being built and eventually some 400 new homes will cover the entire area.

This photograph contributed by Eifion Davies (March 2013).
Taken by him from 'Elephant Rock' near the Golf Course  



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