Contributed by Mrs Lucile Morris from Morriston, part of a collection of photographs and cards
compiled by her late husband Hywel, originally from Birchgrove.  (Nov 2009)


  Commercial St, Ystradgynlais

Commercial St Ystradgynlais



These pictures below was contributed by Jan Batty (USA) (April 2016)

Cast of the opera “Blodwen” in Ystradgynlais 1922

Front row: Second from left (seated) – Morgan Williams (Elizabeth and Sarah Williams’ father) from Cwmaman

Second row: Kneeling with moustache and beard: Gwilym Jones (see below)

Third row: Fifth from the left (third maiden from the left): Elizabeth Williams (from Cwmaman; daughter of Morgan and Mary Ann Williams)

Third row: Far right in white hat: Sarah Williams (from Cwmaman; daughter of Morgan and Mary Ann Williams)


1912 Gwilym Jones

Born in 1884 in Ystradgynalis and died in 1945 in Chicago, IL USA).
In 1916 Gwilym won the Baritone Solo at the National Eisteddfod in Aberystwyth
And in 1918 he won Baritone Solo at the Genedlaethol Eisteddfod Neath.

1924 Gwilym Jones Letter

Undated letter, but probably 1924 before Gwilym emigrated to the United States from Ystradgynlais.
Letter was written and signed by Rev. D. J. Davies of Ainon Church.
His sons Alun and Gwyn and his sister-in-law Elizabeth Williams emigrated in 1929 and his wife Mary
and their four daughters (Rachel Mary, Morfudd, Mair and Megan) emigrated in 1930.

1929 Ystradgynlais Child Welfare Ball

 The members of the 1929 Ystradgynlais Child Welfare Ball.
Mary Jones and daughter Megan are seated in the front row, far left.

1929 Megan Jones and Jack

Megan Jones playing with her dog "Jack" presumably in their yard behind their home "Isfryn" on Station Road in Ystradgynlais.

1929 Jones Family

The Gwilym Jones family of Ystradgynlais minus Gwilym, who had already emigrated to Chicago IL USA.
Front row: Mary Jones, Megan Jones, Mair Jones.
Back row: Gwyn Jones, Morfudd Jones, Elizabeth Williams (Mary's sister), Gwyn Jones, Rachel Mary Jones
Probably taken shortly before Elizabeth, Alun and Gwyn emigrated to the United States.


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