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William Davies (Tirbach) of Cwmgors in a group of men involved with the Ammanford mining strike in August 1925.
In addition to 'Strike at Ammanford August 1925' on the back of the photograph is written 'D. Mardy Rees, Wms Madgar (?) and Wm Rees Tirbach' My grandfather William is the last (confusingly) named and is on the far right.

To quote Hywel Francis in the book
History of Coal Mining in the Amman Valley by Ifor Davies 2001

"The 1925 strike. The most bitter strike ever, was over seniority rule.
July 28th 1925 saw the beginning of serious disorders and violence from this moment onwards to August 6th, the town of Ammanford and some surrounding villages were under the virtual control of the Combine Strike Committee...."