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43 East Revere Avenue
Northfield, N.J.
Telephone: (609) 641-4680

Welcome to my Website.

You have come to what was my original home page on the World Wide Web; my main homepage is at Rootsweb.

You may wonder who that cat I have a photograph of is. I have photographs of him throughout this site. I place it here in memory of my Siamese companion, Loverboy. Please see his page here. He was a wonderful feline.

I am doing my genealogy; I'm spending a good amount of time on it; it's almost an obsession. Please read all about it here.

Thank you for visiting my web-site. I hope you enjoy it. Take your time and look around. Visit all the pages. Be my guest, I love having you here.

You will find, among the pages here, my aforesaid genealogy page, and part of my ancestry. Also of genealogical/historical interest is a transcription of the family pages of the family Bible I thought any distant cousins of that family might be interested.

You want to know more about me? That's understandable. I advise that you go here.

They used to say baseball is the national pasttime. I think it might be football today. My two favorite NFL teams are the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. I know. You don't have to remind me. The Giants haven't got into the payoffs in several years. The Patriots haven't made it to the Supe in quite some time either. And the last two times they did make it to the Superbowl they faced the Giants. All I could do is root for a good game. Both times the Giants won.

For the Eli Manning detractors---and I have always been one of his fans, never a detractor---may I remind you that Eli has two Superbowl rings to his brother's one, and Eli got his first one before Peyton even played in a Superbowl? The problems the Giants are having in getting into the playoffs are not Eli's fault. Well, not as much as his detractors want to make it his fault.

This webpage was first written in 2004 and before the Supe that year, all the "experts" were saying the Rams would win. They didn't. The page linked here was made then. I proclaimed here:

Go Patriots!!
Win one for Boston!

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