The Herodian Dynasty: Family

Herodian Family

First Generation

1. Antipas1 was born in Ascalon, now Ashkelon, north of the Gaza Strip, in what was formerly Philistine, then Phoenicia, and later a Greek city state.(39) Ascalon was a Mederiterranean sea costal port, west of Idumea, which escaped incorporation into the realm of Alexander Jannaeus.

He was also known as Antipater, and by some sources, as Herod.(40) He was said to have been a slave in the Temple of Apollo.(41) Reputed to be a poor man, this story is at suspect, as it sounds as if it was gossip spred by Herod's enemies. Josephus writes about Antipather's family: no more than a vulgar family, and of no eminent extraction, but one that was subject to other kings.(42)

Antipas had the following children:

child + 2 i. Antipater2 the Idumean II.

child 3 ii. Antipater the Idumean II. Antipater died circa 46 B.C.E.(43) Malichus, by bribery, persuaded the butler to poison Antiper's cup, which was used at a feast they were both to attend. He later denied all knowledge of any plot.

Antipater was honored 47 B.C.E.(44) 3. However, when Caesar, after some time, had finished that war, and was sailed away for Syria, he honored Antipater greatly, and confirmed Hyrcanus in the high priesthood; and bestowed on Antipater the privilege of a citizen of Rome, and a freedom from taxes every where; and it is reported by many, that Hyrcanus went along with Antipater in this expedition, and came himself into Egypt. And Strabo of Cappadocia bears witness to this, when he says thus, in the name of Aslnius: "After Mithridates had invaded Egypt, and with him Hyrcanus the high priest of the Jews." Nay, the same Strabo says thus again, in another place, in the name of Hypsicrates, that "Mithridates at first went out alone; but that Antipater, who had the care of the Jewish affairs, was called by him to Askelon, and that he had gotten ready three thousand soldiers to go along with him, and encouraged other governors of the country to go along with him also; and that Hyrcanus the high priest was also present in this expedition." This is what Strabo says.(0)

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