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My various webpages are indexed here. If it has anything to do with my genealogy, or somebody else's, with genealogy software or with Rootsweb, you want my Genealogy home page. The Books directory will lead you to several transcriptions of books. Schwenkfelder will take you directly to a web-site for the Schwenkfelder Descendants, the descendants of a group of immigrants in the 1730s who came to America for religious liberty. And they, unlike some others of that time, practiced tolerance of other religious beliefs. The Links page will give you some of my favorite web-sites (of course) and other links pages.

Among other things I'm a Democrat and I was the webmaster of the local Democratic Party web-site. I created our first web-site, and I later gave the job of webmaster to a friend to continue. I was their recording secretary for many years mainly because I was the only one who was willing to take the minutes. Nobody else wanted to do that and I finally quit. I had enough. I was later a vice-president; I'm now without office, and that suits me find. I'm active at my local United Methodist church; I used to take care of a web-site for them, but I don't think anybody ever went there; two women are now the webmistresses of our main web-site, which you may see here. The photograph below is that of Loverboy, who was our beloved Siamese, and the most wonderful feline ever. I miss him tremendously. Please click his photo to go to his webpage. If you find any bad links please e-mail me. And please sign the guestbook.

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