Submarine Graveyards


Submarine Graveyards

where old boats go to die - in photos

also looking at a couple of amazing model submarines from the 1960`s, and many rare images from early post war books on the "Silent Service"

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Driving along a motorway in an evening in the fall of 1981 I spied over my left shoulder the unmistakable outline of an old sub. Say no more. Next morning I was in and negotiating with the owner to take pics. OK as long as I did not reveal the location......souvenir hunter phobia? I honour this and all I can say is that it is in the UK.

Quite what bit is from what sub is a mystery and sub names where given are as believed to be true. Surf on:

Conning tower of HMS/M Statesman

Hull of submarine P 665, or a sub built in 1922...if not...and maybe?

Stern of above

Full hull of above

Screw of above (propeller)

Centre of hull and remains of conning tower of above

Remains of HMS/M Tiptoe ???...bow of Tiptoe ? showing saddle tanks.....bow.....pressure hull inside conning tower....and the same view further back....the bow from a different hatch...long shot of hull....and a different angle....bow cut off showing saddle we see air bottles (once) under casing


Torpedo section of unknown and a bulkhead section with watertight doors of unknown

A scrapyard view here now closer to my home in Plymouth UK is this one of HMS/Rorqual at Laira breakers yard in September 1981....not a submarine , but of interest are these two old local tugs awaiting the cutters torch.

I hope you found this as interesting as I did finding them in the first place. I have many other submarine web sites with many original and high quality photos, see link below.


In the late 50`s and early 60`s I very much used to enjoy reading rather stale and musty smelling paperback books that my father would buy to read. The stories inside, all factual would rivet me for hours. Here are scans of the cover artwork.

The Sea Wolves by Wolfgang Frank

Unbroken by Alastair Mars

HM Submarines by Lt. Com. P.K.Kemp RN

The Hunters and The Hunted by Jochen Brennecke

The Laughing Cow by Jost Metzler

In my fathers collection of naval things and submarine knick knacks...English term for old bits of anything!! I found several loose book pages with rather interesting images regarding submarines on them. Have a look....

portrait of Alaistair Mars

crew of HMS/M Unbroken

Torpedo compartment of unknown boat

Hydroplane controls....unknown


maze of pipes in deckhead of unknown boat

HMS/M Tribune alongside depot ship.....unknown boat on surface..Tribune? This sketch by the artist Freedman shows the hydroplane and depth controls on HMS/M Tribune, while this sketch is of the control room looking aft.

Here is HMS/M Storm at Gosport. This is HMS/M Storm in August 1943.

HMS/M Storm entering Trincomalee and a close up shoeing her Oerlikon and 3in gun. HMS/M Storm`s crew : L-R Geoff Stuart, the author of unknown book, and Bill Ray, here is L-R Bill Ray, Brian Mills, Richard Blake, Dicky Wade, this shows Taylor, the Gunlayer, Evans TGM?, Greenway. Here is Able Seaman Brown at Storm`s Oerlikon gun.

I n this photo we see Lt. Wingfield at the attack periscope of HMS/M Sturgeon.


Those just seen were loose and ripped book pages, here are old postcards and copies done off long lost originals.

German submarine UC 5...and the inscription on the back of the card.

HMS/M Seawolf ..Submarine K 5,..Submarine E 1, Submarine E 9,.. C boats at Torquay...better quality than on my other pages, German submarine U 35, and UC 93.

Press cutting about loss of British submarine A 8 , off Plymouth, with the loss of 15 crew on June 8 1905, ..the crew,...a death card, as was the custom. Heroes all of them.

Not subs, but two fine cards, HMS Wolverine and HMS Javelin that was the mascot ship for Plymouth Warship Week in 1941?...the idea being to raise funds to help build more ships.It has this writing on the back about damage it sustained.


When I was about 6, I used to go to the boating pond in Plymouth`s Central Park. There were two ponds, about 2 feet deep at most, perhaps less. They are now long gone and were popular with model boat sailors and paddlers. There I met an elderly man called Harry Hodge. He was a model submarine builder like no other. He would use old food tins as raw material.. Some of his boats were old even then...1962...Here are some of them,,,the photos are old and hazy, but you will like what you see...1.....2....3....they were about 2 feet long, some more, some less.....this one looks real dived.....a surface view, on patrol, for a man who was so accurate, he always got the scale of the flags wrong! Here is the pond and a sub, surfacing and surfaced. Harry was robbed in the late 1970`s and lost all hid boats, save one. This boat is given to me for safe care and use. I have used it in several World War Two exhibitions, such as this one for D-Day in 1994 at Plymouth Dome...and in close up. This submarine as many of his was worked by battery and compressed really did blow all tanks! The one seen in the exhibition also fired a model torpedo by compressed air. Some would have crew come out of the conning tower hatch on surfacing! This photo is of one of those, this one however is a magnificent model of German U-Boat, this is one of those that fired a torpedo by compressed air. Note how hatches opened show valves inside, actually bike tyre valves. Here is a close up of the conning tower and deck guns....what detail. Look at the light playing along the lines of the hull. Have another look. He was gifted, let us remember Harry Hodge of Plymouth when we look at his workmanship.

Early 20th century illustration showing Whitehead torpedo approaching a torpedo net. Such nets were an attempt to counter the menace of submarine attack.


"Hunter and hunted" two images from the late 1950`s or early 1960`s, the one at left came from my barbers when I was a very young boy. CLICK on image to enlarge, or click on these two links to download a 350k scan of either..then print it out.

"A" class submarine torpedo loading alongside depot ship

"Full speed ahead"


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