old railway photos

The North Devon Line

  Barnstaple, North Devon, England


another "content over style" heritage web site from Steve Johnson`s "Cyberheritage"



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Dear Reader, web surfer, rail enthusiast or even anorak - if you have got this far I hope you will have enjoyed downloading these great photographs. Most of what you will have seen will have my now disappeared at worst, or have been taken into preservation at best.

All photos are taken by me personally, some of the older ones, such as those on this page, were taken by a friend, he worked in the main Midland Bank in Plymouth if I recall correctly. I would not know where he may be now but I feel he would be pleased in seeing his images achieve a world wide platform.

When I took these pics the .net was unheard of, but now due to the wonders of technology all the world can see them.

If you like, I can do all of the shots on these many pages on a CD, plus many more at high resolution, just mail me.

Best Wishes, Steve Johnson, Plymouth, England

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another "content over style" heritage web site from Steve Johnson`s "Cyberheritage"

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