Ilfracombe Braunton Railways

The North Devon Line

Barnstaple, North Devon, England


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End of the Line for Ilfracombe and Braunton

Class 25- no 25 063 takes an Inspection Saloon along the closed and overgrown railway


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all taken very early 1970`s

These photographs were taken by a friend who worked at the Midland Bank in Plymouth. As I do not know where he is now, I have not been able to get his OK to use his photographs. However as he had a keen sense of history, I feel he will be pleased - get in touch if you, my reader - are he!

The location with the signals and crossing gates is Braunton. The station shot is the end of the line at Ilfracombe. The rest are "in between" I guess!

The photograph of the deserted station at the bottom is taken some years earlier and I believe it may be of Barnstaple Town  -on the route to Ilfracombe.