looe liskeard railway

The North Devon Line

 Barnstaple, North Devon, England


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Liskeard to Looe  



   click above to enlarge: my son about 4 and trains - Liskeard at top, Looe at bottom

all taken 1985 and 1986

Around about this time most of the services from the rather odd Looe platform at Liskeard Station (it`s at a sort of right angle to the main line station, a separate station in many ways, along a lane) were in the hands of "bubble car" DMU`s.

On many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon either just my son and I would take a class 50 down from Plymouth, and change at Liskeard for Looe.

Looe is a delightful seaside town with a great clean sandy beach. Away from the seafront would be a endless variety of arcades for the kids to play in - my son`s favourite was "cakewalk" - a sort of mechanical shove ha`penny.

At this time and at his age, a "lunch box" was a must have accessories - the one seen here is "The A-Team." 

The sound of the local brass band playing in the sun among the caw of the gulls is so very evocative and so English....along with the Fish `n Chips!