Newquay Goss Moor railway

The North Devon Line

Barnstaple, North Devon, England


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Newquay & Goss Moor - Cornwall

Last day of Locomotive Hauled Passenger Workings: Saturday 26th September 1987 - class 50`s and 47`s


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all taken summer 87

Saturday 26th September 1987 was certainly the end  of the rainbow for locomotive hauled passenger trains on the Par to Newquay railway line. Even the old wooden china clay "hoods" waiting in the dries found that they were at the end of that rainbow too.  The loco-hauled trains were Saturday only, and only in the summer timetable. Aimed at the holiday traffic from the north and midlands they provided a direct service from the Cornish Riviera to all points north. Of a weekday, or in winter it would be a service of DMU`s.

last day at Newquay, class 50 - note Signal Box and semaphore signals

class 50`s along the platforms

a class 50 runs around it`s train, note Signal Box and semaphore signals

a crowd takes photos for posterity, class 50

class 47 - 47632 in the station sun

all lined up and ready to go!

these below were taken about a week or so before the final workings

a class 50 passes across Goss Moor on a misty morning - 50022

a half-hour later the sun was out, another class 50 across Goss Moor - 50024

getting cloudy again, a class 47 crosses the moor

now very dull and cloudy, class 50 - 50003 crosses the moor

Some of these photos will need a little work doing on them in order to remove dust spots - I could do this myself, but then I would not be able to scan the 1,000 plus images on this site - it would take too much time.