Rame Church



Sunday December 17th 2000

The Church of St. Germanus, Parish of Maker with Rame


"the power and the glory" 

Lord on Earth at Rame Barton,  Lord in Heaven at Rame Church

Rame Church as been a comfort and solace to me ever since I walked up past it way back in the 1960`s as a young teenager heading out for a fishing session at Rame Head. I would hope I am a spiritual man, although not a religious one, Churches, services and all the frippery that goes with them leaves me dead. Yet standing in Rame Church and sitting on the pews with only the silence of the wind rustling outside moves me to "greaterness" than I can put into words.

It is if I am standing on the shoulders of those generations who have come before me and made there way along the Maker with Rame byways to come to this Church. It is a place where I have always brought my special friends and it keeps my special memories of them safe and secure for all time.

I came here as boy, then a young man, then as a young Father, now my son is grown I come here as..I hate to say it...a middle aged man...and Rame Church is unchanged.

I hope it will always be so.


Cawsand Triangle 1969

a memory of a Summer long since passed

" down in the meadow with the wind in the west...

the lightening tree was put to the test...

...your dreams come true when you want them too

...if you want them to ..it's up to you...

Grow! Grow! the lightening tree, it's never too late for you and me..."

(photos of Rame Church at top of page 1969 -1970)

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