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Paternal Branch

My Father, Ronald P. Finn

September 25, 1939 - December 29, 1994

I’ve discovered much in the years since my father died about his side of my family.

Finn aka Find, originally Findt


Thurman Jesse Find

born 3/14/1919 in Ada, Texas

Wanda May McKee

born 12/8/1920 in Spirit Lake, Iowa

Ernest Find born 3/16/1896 in Texas


Alice Burttschell born 9/2/1902 in Texas

George Hubbard McKee born 5/27/1877 in Iowa


Mary Tryphena Eaton born 9/14/1884 in Iowa

Karl Find born 12/9/1856 in New Ulm, Tx and Bertha Schramm born 1859 in Texas

Dalton Hubbard McKee born 7/1849 in New York and Susan E. Gilliam born 5/14/1847 in Iowa

Daniel Find born 11/17/1827 in Prussia and Wilhelmine Michaelis born  8/11/1834 in Perleberg, Preussen, Germany

Hubbard McKee born in 1817 in Jefferson Co., New York and Mary E. Mathers born 8/11/1817 in Schuyler, Herkimer, New York

My grandmother was very closed mouth about her past. I don't recall her ever talking about life when she was growing up.

I am not sure how much my grandfather even knew about his parents. The snippets I did hear were that his mother was married many times and she was a drinker.

My grandfather was born in a tiny town in Texas, that doesn't even exist anymore, with the surname Find. Apparently he and his siblings all eventually changed it to Finn. I have found evidence that the first ancestor to America carried the surname FINDT.

I have recently discovered strong indication that my paternal grandmother's family can be traced back to the mayflower.
My 10th Great Grandfather came to this continent with the other Pilgrims, his name was Francis Eaton, born about 1595, near London, England. His third wife, the first two died at a young age, was Christiana Penn, born about 1613. My ancestor is their son, Benjamin Edson Eaton, born about 1627.

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