Nedra Vader's Ancestors

Nedra Corinne Vader

Born March 14, 1909 in State Center, Iowa

Passed away October 9, 1983 in Harbor City, California

Paternal Branch

Father - James G. Vader - born 12/24/1879 State Center, Iowa
Died 3/23/1959 in Long Beach, CA.
Grandfather-David W. Vader-born 1/11/1824 in Bennington, New York
Died 6/28/1907
Mother - Dennie Vannoy - born 8/16/1890 Wheatland, Missouri
Died 4/17/1958
Grandmother - Caroline Crook-born 1/1/1832 in Edwardsburg, Michigan
Died 12/31/1906
Great Grandfather - Jacob Vedder
born 8/14/1791 in New York State
possibly Herkimer or Niskayuna moving to Iowa in 1850's
Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Altenburg
born 12/9/1792 in Ballston, Saratoga, N.Y.
died 1846, Ellington, Chautauqua, N.y.
I believe my grandmother had the same spirit of her pioneer ancestor, Hannah Webster Emerson-Duston,her 5th great grandmother. You can read a little of her story by clicking here...

Image from Haverhill, Ma. Monument

Vedder Branch


Maternal Branch - Dennie Vannoy's Parents

John N. Vannoy, born 3/25/1858 in Iowa - Died 2/11/1942 Milda Mary Ream, born 11/24/1864 in Edin Township, Indiana Died 9/19/1951 in California

My mother's memories of her grandmother, Dennie, and great grandmother, Milda, are that of two women ahead of their time. They were free spirits who had both divorced husbands who cheated on them or mistreated them in some way. They spent their last years together, living close by my grandmother, Nedra Vader-Selsor, and my mother. They were characters who enjoyed life.

John Vannoy was born to Isham Vannoy and Mary Maginnis in Iowa, his parents coming from Tennessee. Isham Vannoy died when John was very young, 1862, from illness contracted while serving in the Union Army. Isham was described as, ...a stalwart red-headed fello of Scotch-Irish descent from the Cumberland Mountains.