Hawes-Lathrop-Wurster-Bailey Genealogy
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Hawes-Lathrop-Wurster-Bailey Genealogy

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A fun place to start is the Family Profiles. These provide a more story-based summary of family groups in my ancestry.

Another starting point is the short pedigrees at the bottom of this page.

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Feel free to contact me at dahawes@umich.edu.


The package I use to collect data and generate these web pages is ScionPC.

The Summary Pages on this site are described below.

Ancestry of Harold & Irene Hawes, Carl & Mary Lathrop

These pages represent the research of the ancestry of my grandparents, Harold & Irene (Wurster) Hawes, and Carl & Mary (Bailey) Lathrop. A brief pedigree for each is shown below, with links to each person's Summary Page.

*NEW* Family Profiles

As I collect information about specific family groups, I will create Family Profiles of each. There aren't many yet, but keep checking back.

Primary Surnames

While there are many names in my file, the following surnames have been the primary focus:

Hawes Family: Allen, Cravens, Duncan, Fulmer, Harrison, Hawes/Haws, Newell, Shanks
Lathrop Family: Hostettler, Janes, Lathrop/Lothroppe, Laws, Materna, Powell, Tilden
Wurster Family: Buddenberg, Holtmann, Wurster, Young/Jung
Bailey Family: Bailey, Fisher, Helper, Nease, Richey, Sanders, Zirkle

Soldier Ancestors

U.S. military service is well represented among our ancestors in most of the United States wars starting with the American Revolution.

American Revolution

  • Col. Benjamin Harrison joined the Army in 1775 and served through Yorktown. When Rockingham County, Virginia was formed, he was named Lieut. Colonel of the militia.
  • Rowland Powell IV and Rowland Powell V both served in Col. Eben Wood's Regiment under Capt. Joshua Hazon. Rowland IV's sons Calvin and Luther, along with some Tilden cousins, also served in this company.
  • David Richey Sr. joined the Army in 1776 under Capt. John Marshall's Company in York Co., PA.
  • Michael Zirkle served in the Dunmore County Virginia Militia under Captain Jacob Holeman along with brothers Andrew and Peter. This group eventually joined the 8th Virginia Regiment which served through the war, including serving with General Washington at Brandywine and Valley Forge.

War of 1812

  • Russell Lathrop and older brother Erastus served in the Virginia Militia under Dixon's Regiment.

Civil War

  • Robert Allen joined the Union Army twice. He first joined the Indiana 53rd Regiment in 1862, but was returned home due to his youth. He next joined the Indiana 146th Regiment (and was allowed to stay!)
  • Thomas Linton Richey joined the Illinois 63rd Regiment in Company A under Captain Glaze.

World War II / Korean War

  • Harold Hawes was an Army veteran of World War II and the Korean War, retiring in 1971 as a Lieut. Colonel in the Quartermaster Corps.

Notable Persons

There are several interesting historical figures in these family trees. A few are highlighted here:
  • Squire James Newell was the first Justice of the Peace of Vermilion County, Illinois. Newell Township in that county is named after him.
  • Isaiah Harrison had 3 notable children: Thomas founded Harrisonburg, Virginia; Daniel, our ancestor, was the first settler of Dayton, Virginia - the house he build there is known as "Fort Harrison" and is a tourist attraction today; Abigail married Alexander Herring - they were the great-grandparents of President Abraham Lincoln.
  • Rev. John Lothropp is considered the founder of Barnstable, Massachusetts. He was a major proponent of the "separation of church and state", which was considered heretical in England at the time, but which became mainstream in the United States. In all, he has over 80,000 descendants, including 6 presidents.
  • Richard Warren was a passenger on the Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. He participated in some of the original explorations of Cape Cod. The Warren family owned extensive land in Plymouth Colony.
  • Joseph Loomis was one of the earliest settlers in the Connecticut Plantation. His family arrived in Boston in July, 1638. Joseph purchased large tracts of land in Windsor near the Farmington River. The "Loomis Homestead" was built in 1640 and is one of the oldest timber-frame houses in America.
  • William Bradford was a passenger on the Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. He was one of the founders of Plymouth Colony, and was elected the second governor in 1622. He was re-elected every year until his death in 1657.


My genealogy research is for pleasure and to share information with my family. The information is gathered from various sources, many of which are secondary. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of secondary sources. Where I could, I have identified primary sources.

In some cases I have put notes for further research when I have time. If you see such notes and would like me to continue the research for that person or family, please contact me.

Harold VanLear Hawes

(1833 - 1899)
(1839 - 1922)
(1845 - 1904)
(1854 - 1933)
(1879 - 1967)
(1893 - 1975)
(1915 - 2001)

Irene (Wurster) Hawes

(1839 - 1928)
(1843 - 1927)
(1854 - 1926)
(1859 - 1925)
(1876 - 1961)
(1886 - 1957)
(1922 - 2001)

Carl Albert Lathrop

(1858 - 1940)
(1860 - 1945)
(1846 - 1921)
(1849 - 1933)
(1881 - 1967)
(1885 - 1954)
(1911 - 1985)

Mary (Bailey) Lathrop

(1866 - 1892)
(1864 - 1937)
(1848 - 1926)
(1857 - 1939)
(1890 - 1965)
(1886 - 1978)
(1914 - 2003)

Summary Pages

The Summary Pages on this site represent a snapshot of each person in the family trees. Navigation on these pages is very easy. There is a section for "Immediate Family", which includes parents, siblings, spouses, and children. And there are sections for "Descendants" and "Ancestors" represented in a tree style. The trees are limited to ten (10) generations, so select people in different generations to make sure you can see everyone.

Pay particular attention when there is a note listed as evidence (example "N1" below). This is where I put stories and excerpts from sources. When I could, I copied some or all of these to the summary page.

Example of Notes reference

Also note when there is a "Family Album" in the Immediate Family section, which is a family photo or other documentation.

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These pages belong to David Hawes. Any names of living persons are displayed with permission.