Descendants of Hans George WAMPFLER who immigrated in 1741

Descendants of Hans George WAMPFLER who immigrated in 1741


Last Update: 03-22-2004

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True MAIN SOURCE: Terry L. Wampler database, and Galen Wampler notes

Other sources are given on source lines (sc.) at the entries. In some cases sources are referenced by abreviations in {} at the individual database entries or by reference to another entry.

The format of this family tree file has each generation aligned vertically.

[hg2-1]">[hg2-1] Maria (Mary), WAMPLER (1759) [hg2-2]">[hg2-2] John, WAMPLER (1761) [hg3-1]">[hg3-1] Jeremiah, WAMPLER (1794) [hg4-1]">[hg4-1] Susan, WAMPLER (1822) [hg4-2]">[hg4-2] John M, WAMPLER (1824) [hg5-1]">[hg5-1] Adison, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-2]">[hg5-2] Emma B, WAMPLER (1854) [hg5-3]">[hg5-3] Anna E, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-4]">[hg5-4] Franklin, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-5]">[hg5-5] Rosa, WAMPLER (1863) [hg5-6]">[hg5-6] George Lincoln, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-7]">[hg5-7] James W, WAMPLER (1869) [hg4-3]">[hg4-3] Mary Ann, WAMPLER (1829) [hg4-4]">[hg4-4] Emaline, WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-8]">[hg4-8] George W, WAMPLER (1838) [hg5-8]">[hg5-8] Tilman Milton, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-310]">[hg6-310] Lennie, WAMPLER [hg5-9]">[hg5-9] Dora, WAMPLER (1872) [hg5-10]">[hg5-10] Mary E, WAMPLER (1874) [hg5-11]">[hg5-11] Otto, WAMPLER (1876) [hg5-12]">[hg5-12] Gracie, WAMPLER (1880) [hg3-2]">[hg3-2] Sarah (Sallie), WAMPLER (1796) [hg3-3]">[hg3-3] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1799) [hg3-4]">[hg3-4] Joshua, WAMPLER [hg3-5]">[hg3-5] Jefferson H, WAMPLER (1805) [hg4-9]">[hg4-9] Thomas, WAMPLER (1834) [hg5-13]">[hg5-13] John, WAMPLER (1858) [hg6-1]">[hg6-1] Thomas, WAMPLER [hg6-2]">[hg6-2] Harmon Ritter, WAMPLER [hg6-3]">[hg6-3] William Augustus, WAMPLER [hg6-4]">[hg6-4] George D, WAMPLER [hg6-5]">[hg6-5] Charles Austin, WAMPLER (1883) [hg7-1]">[hg7-1] Ruth, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-2]">[hg7-2] Esther, WAMPLER (1912) [hg7-3]">[hg7-3] Richard Lincoln, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-1]">[hg8-1] John Richard, WAMPLER (1969) [hg7-4]">[hg7-4] Mary A, WAMPLER (1905) [hg6-6]">[hg6-6] Carl Cecil, WAMPLER (1885) [hg7-5]">[hg7-5] Carl Park, WAMPLER (1907) [hg8-2]">[hg8-2] Mark, WAMPLER (1950) [hg7-6]">[hg7-6] Paul Cecil, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-3]">[hg8-3] Jeri Lea, WAMPLER (1950) [hg8-4]">[hg8-4] Joyce Ann, WAMPLER (1951) [hg8-5]">[hg8-5] John Robert, WAMPLER (1953) [hg6-7]">[hg6-7] John Wesley, WAMPLER (1887) [hg7-7]">[hg7-7] John Lewis, WAMPLER (1910) [hg8-6]">[hg8-6] Judith Lyn, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-8]">[hg7-8] Austin Eugene, WAMPLER (1912) [hg7-9]">[hg7-9] Thomas Lee, WAMPLER (1923) [hg8-7]">[hg8-7] Kathleen, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-8]">[hg8-8] Wendy, WAMPLER (1956) [hg8-9]">[hg8-9] Michael West, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-10]">[hg8-10] Thomas Alan, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-11]">[hg8-11] Jonathon Todd, WAMPLER (1968) [hg7-10]">[hg7-10] Don Michael, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-12]">[hg8-12] Cynthia L, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-11]">[hg7-11] James David, WAMPLER (1930) [hg8-13]">[hg8-13] John David, WAMPLER (1955) [hg9-38]">[hg9-38] Kathryn Denise, WAMPLER (1981) [hg9-39]">[hg9-39] Nathan Luke, WAMPLER (1983) [hg9-40]">[hg9-40] Zackary David, WAMPLER (1985) [hg9-41]">[hg9-41] Jacob Michael, WAMPLER (1988) [hg8-14]">[hg8-14] Joyce Annette, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-15]">[hg8-15] Stephen Michel, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-16]">[hg8-16] Roxanne B, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-17]">[hg8-17] Timothy Neil, WAMPLER (1970) [hg7-12]">[hg7-12] J Phillips, WAMPLER (1932) [hg8-18]">[hg8-18] Julia Ann, WAMPLER (1956) [hg8-19]">[hg8-19] John Wesley, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-20]">[hg8-20] James Luther, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-21]">[hg8-21] Jennifer W, WAMPLER (1962) [hg8-22]">[hg8-22] Laura I, WAMPLER (1968) [hg6-8]">[hg6-8] Robert Guy, WAMPLER (1890) [hg6-9]">[hg6-9] James Vernon, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-13]">[hg7-13] Betty Lee, WAMPLER (1926) [hg7-14]">[hg7-14] Mary Lou, WAMPLER (1929) [hg6-10]">[hg6-10] Elelia May, WAMPLER (1892) [hg6-11]">[hg6-11] Zelema Ellen, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-12]">[hg6-12] Leslie, WAMPLER (1896) [hg6-13]">[hg6-13] Orestes, WAMPLER [hg6-14]">[hg6-14] Houston, WAMPLER (1895) [hg6-15]">[hg6-15] Louis L, WAMPLER (1883) [hg7-242]">[hg7-242] Richard M, WAMPLER [hg8-223]">[hg8-223] John Robert, WAMPLER (1949) [hg9-47]">[hg9-47] Ben, WAMPLER (1981) [hg9-48]">[hg9-48] Jason, WAMPLER (1979) [hg8-224]">[hg8-224] Janet A (Jana), WAMPLER [hg5-14]">[hg5-14] Jefferson Hamilton, WAMPLER (1859) [hg6-16]">[hg6-16] Hattie Grace, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-17]">[hg6-17] Samuel Jerry, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-15]">[hg7-15] Jerry Hamilton, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-23]">[hg8-23] Susan K, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-24]">[hg8-24] Judith Ann, WAMPLER (1944) [hg8-25]">[hg8-25] Jerry Hamilton, II, WAMPLER (1946) [hg9-44]">[hg9-44] Christina, WAMPLER (1968) [hg9-45]">[hg9-45] Samuel, WAMPLER [hg8-26]">[hg8-26] James Richard, WAMPLER (1951) [hg9-42]">[hg9-42] Nikki Ann, WAMPLER (1984) [hg8-27]">[hg8-27] Cristi Lynne, WAMPLER (1959) [hg7-16]">[hg7-16] Nellie, WAMPLER (1919) [hg6-18]">[hg6-18] Hazel Maude, WAMPLER (1896) [hg6-19]">[hg6-19] Mark Hanna, WAMPLER (1901) [hg6-20]">[hg6-20] Lillian Ruth, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-21]">[hg6-21] Frank Carl, WAMPLER (1911) [hg7-17]">[hg7-17] Roseann, WAMPLER (1955) [hg6-22]">[hg6-22] Daniel Herbert, WAMPLER (1908) [hg7-18]">[hg7-18] Daniel Ray, WAMPLER (1944) [hg7-19]">[hg7-19] Doris Kay, WAMPLER (1947) [hg7-20]">[hg7-20] William Jay, WAMPLER (1951) [hg6-23]">[hg6-23] Mary Mabel, WAMPLER (1898) [hg6-24]">[hg6-24] Archibald Glen, WAMPLER (1905) [hg7-21]">[hg7-21] Robert Glen, WAMPLER (1932) [hg8-28]">[hg8-28] Linda Marie, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-29]">[hg8-29] Michael Robert, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-30]">[hg8-30] Diane Lynne, WAMPLER (1966) [hg7-22]">[hg7-22] Barbara Alice, WAMPLER (1934) [hg6-25]">[hg6-25] Nellie Fay, WAMPLER (1891) [hg5-15]">[hg5-15] James, WAMPLER (1874) [hg5-16]">[hg5-16] Ida Grace, WAMPLER (1863) [hg5-17]">[hg5-17] Maryetta, WAMPLER (1867) [hg5-18]">[hg5-18] Laura Mae, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-19]">[hg5-19] Thomas J, WAMPLER (1871) [hg5-20]">[hg5-20] Emma, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-21]">[hg5-21] Edward O, WAMPLER (1865) [hg6-26]">[hg6-26] Miller Ashbrook, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-23]">[hg7-23] Judith Ann, WAMPLER (1939) [hg7-24]">[hg7-24] Geraldine E, WAMPLER (1940) [hg7-25]">[hg7-25] Jay Lee, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-31]">[hg8-31] David Jay, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-32]">[hg8-32] Terry Michael, WAMPLER (1962) [hg8-33]">[hg8-33] Gregory Allen, WAMPLER (1964) [hg8-34]">[hg8-34] Mellisa Sue, WAMPLER (1969) [hg7-26]">[hg7-26] Miller Gene, WAMPLER (1946) [hg8-35]">[hg8-35] Jeffrey Allen, WAMPLER (1965) [hg7-27]">[hg7-27] Frances Ellen, WAMPLER (1952) [hg6-27]">[hg6-27] Bernice Dale, WAMPLER (1911) [hg6-315]">[hg6-315] Kayle, WAMPLER [hg6-316]">[hg6-316] Geneva, WAMPLER [hg4-10]">[hg4-10] John, WAMPLER (1832) [hg5-22]">[hg5-22] Frank, WAMPLER (1875) [hg5-23]">[hg5-23] Thomas C, WAMPLER (1870) [hg5-24]">[hg5-24] Rebecca E, WAMPLER (1860) [hg5-25]">[hg5-25] James W, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-26]">[hg5-26] Nora B, WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-27]">[hg5-27] Charles E, WAMPLER (1866) [hg6-28]">[hg6-28] Louis E, WAMPLER (1886) [hg6-29]">[hg6-29] Bert S, WAMPLER (1889) [hg7-32]">[hg7-32] Geraldine, WAMPLER (1907) [hg7-33]">[hg7-33] Jane, WAMPLER (1920) [hg6-30]">[hg6-30] Myrtle, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-31]">[hg6-31] Frederick Lee, WAMPLER (1895) [hg7-34]">[hg7-34] Charles Robert, WAMPLER (1918) [hg7-35]">[hg7-35] Dorothy Jean, WAMPLER (1921) [hg7-36]">[hg7-36] Frederick Lee, WAMPLER (1923) [hg8-43]">[hg8-43] Karla, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-44]">[hg8-44] Lee Ann, WAMPLER (1963) [hg7-37]">[hg7-37] Louis Joseph, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-45]">[hg8-45] Monica Ann, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-46]">[hg8-46] David Louis, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-47]">[hg8-47] Susan Kay, WAMPLER (1962) [hg7-38]">[hg7-38] James Richard, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-48]">[hg8-48] Michael David, WAMPLER (1956) [hg8-49]">[hg8-49] Kathryn Jean, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-50]">[hg8-50] Richard Patrick, WAMPLER (1959) [hg8-51]">[hg8-51] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER (1961) [hg6-32]">[hg6-32] Russell, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-33]">[hg6-33] Clyde, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-34]">[hg6-34] Hattie Grace, WAMPLER [hg6-35]">[hg6-35] Hazel Maude, WAMPLER [hg6-36]">[hg6-36] Frank Carl, WAMPLER [hg6-37]">[hg6-37] Mary Mabel, WAMPLER [hg6-38]">[hg6-38] Archibald Glen, WAMPLER [hg6-39]">[hg6-39] Nellie Fay, WAMPLER [hg5-28]">[hg5-28] Margaret E, WAMPLER (1872) [hg5-29]">[hg5-29] Ella, WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-30]">[hg5-30] Marietta, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-31]">[hg5-31] Jefferson, WAMPLER (1855) [hg4-11]">[hg4-11] Laurence, WAMPLER (1838) [hg4-12]">[hg4-12] Katherine, WAMPLER (1841) [hg4-13]">[hg4-13] James, WAMPLER (1841) [hg4-14]">[hg4-14] Jefferson, WAMPLER (1844) [hg4-15]">[hg4-15] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1847) [hg4-16]">[hg4-16] Joseph, WAMPLER (1849) [hg5-32]">[hg5-32] David Nixon, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-33]">[hg5-33] George C, WAMPLER (1875) [hg4-17]">[hg4-17] William, WAMPLER (1851) [hg4-18]">[hg4-18] America, WAMPLER [hg4-19]">[hg4-19] Marrieta, WAMPLER [hg3-6]">[hg3-6] William, WAMPLER [hg3-7]">[hg3-7] Catherine, WAMPLER (1809) [hg3-8]">[hg3-8] Mary, WAMPLER [hg2-3]">[hg2-3] Mary Margaret, WAMPLER (1764) [hg2-4]">[hg2-4] George, Jr, WAMPLER (1765) (1770) Go to our Stephen [hg3-9]">[hg3-9] Henry, WAMPLER (1790) [hg4-20]">[hg4-20] Sarah, WAMPLER [hg4-21]">[hg4-21] Angeline, WAMPLER (1825) [hg4-22]">[hg4-22] Felix, WAMPLER (1826) [hg4-23]">[hg4-23] Hannah, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-24]">[hg4-24] John Boyd, WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-25]">[hg4-25] William David, WAMPLER (1836) [hg4-26]">[hg4-26] George, WAMPLER (1838) [hg5-34]">[hg5-34] William Henry, WAMPLER (1863) [hg6-40]">[hg6-40] Lester L, WAMPLER [hg6-41]">[hg6-41] Edna B, WAMPLER [hg6-42]">[hg6-42] Nora A, WAMPLER [hg6-43]">[hg6-43] Sallie L, WAMPLER [hg6-44]">[hg6-44] Henry C, WAMPLER [hg5-35]">[hg5-35] Thomas Calvin, WAMPLER (1867) [hg6-45]">[hg6-45] Elrey Cloud (Elray), WAMPLER (1895) [hg7-222]">[hg7-222] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg7-223]">[hg7-223] Eleanor, WAMPLER [hg6-46]">[hg6-46] Charles Edwin, WAMPLER [hg6-47]">[hg6-47] Anna Mathel, WAMPLER [hg6-48]">[hg6-48] Edna Leon, WAMPLER [hg5-36]">[hg5-36] James Leonard, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-49]">[hg6-49] Harmon Valentine, WAMPLER (1894) [hg6-50]">[hg6-50] Pearl Marie, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-51]">[hg6-51] Gilbert Leonard, WAMPLER (1900) [hg6-52]">[hg6-52] Mary Lenora, WAMPLER (1902) [hg5-37]">[hg5-37] Mary, WAMPLER [hg5-38]">[hg5-38] Josephine, WAMPLER [hg5-39]">[hg5-39] Franklin, WAMPLER [hg4-27]">[hg4-27] Henry, WAMPLER (1842) [hg5-40]">[hg5-40] Mary Alice, WAMPLER [hg5-41]">[hg5-41] Charles Calvin, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-53]">[hg6-53] Edward, WAMPLER [hg6-54]">[hg6-54] Frederick Jackson, WAMPLER [hg5-42]">[hg5-42] George Harvey, WAMPLER [hg5-43]">[hg5-43] John Arthur, WAMPLER (1855) [hg6-55]">[hg6-55] Bessie Hill, WAMPLER [hg6-56]">[hg6-56] Pearl, WAMPLER (1902) [hg6-57]">[hg6-57] John Henry, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-39]">[hg7-39] Patricia Ruth, WAMPLER [hg7-40]">[hg7-40] Lyda Louise, WAMPLER [hg7-41]">[hg7-41] Barbara Jean, WAMPLER [hg6-58]">[hg6-58] Alice May, WAMPLER (1923) [hg6-59]">[hg6-59] Frank, WAMPLER (1932) [hg6-60]">[hg6-60] James Edward, WAMPLER [hg7-42]">[hg7-42] Jimmy Wayne, WAMPLER (1943) [hg8-52]">[hg8-52] Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-53]">[hg8-53] Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-44]">[hg5-44] Dora Ellen, WAMPLER (1871) [hg5-45]">[hg5-45] Thomas Clinton, WAMPLER [hg4-28]">[hg4-28] Alvira Jane, WAMPLER [hg4-29]">[hg4-29] Joseph P, WAMPLER (1845) [hg4-173]">[hg4-173] Jane, WAMPLER (1843) [hg3-10]">[hg3-10] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1792) [hg3-11]">[hg3-11] John, WAMPLER (1794) [hg4-30]">[hg4-30] Joel, WAMPLER (1817) (1814) [hg5-46]">[hg5-46] Mary Ann (Polly), WAMPLER (1839) [hg5-47]">[hg5-47] John, WAMPLER (1842) [hg5-48]">[hg5-48] William, WAMPLER (1844) [hg5-49]">[hg5-49] George Riley, WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-50]">[hg5-50] James Mitchell, WAMPLER (1849) [hg6-62]">[hg6-62] David Newton, WAMPLER (1873) [hg7-44]">[hg7-44] James Merle, WAMPLER [hg7-45]">[hg7-45] Emily Ghnelle, WAMPLER [hg7-46]">[hg7-46] David T, WAMPLER [hg6-63]">[hg6-63] Fannie, WAMPLER (1874) [hg6-64]">[hg6-64] Avah, WAMPLER [hg6-65]">[hg6-65] Albert Mitchell, WAMPLER (1886) [hg7-47]">[hg7-47] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-66]">[hg6-66] Letta May, WAMPLER [hg6-67]">[hg6-67] Hettie Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-68]">[hg6-68] Alieen, WAMPLER [hg5-51]">[hg5-51] Theodore, WAMPLER (1851) [hg6-69]">[hg6-69] Charles Edgar, WAMPLER (1884) [hg7-48]">[hg7-48] Wendell Allen, WAMPLER (1925) [hg8-54]">[hg8-54] Dianne, WAMPLER [hg8-55]">[hg8-55] Jay, WAMPLER [hg6-70]">[hg6-70] William Cyrus, WAMPLER (1886) [hg7-49]">[hg7-49] William Howard, WAMPLER (1913) [hg8-56]">[hg8-56] William Ronald, WAMPLER [hg8-57]">[hg8-57] Gary, WAMPLER [hg6-71]">[hg6-71] Joel Riley, WAMPLER (1888) [hg7-50]">[hg7-50] Joel Deroy, WAMPLER (1920) [hg6-72]">[hg6-72] Nobel Eldo, WAMPLER (1898) [hg7-51]">[hg7-51] Marjorie Ellen, WAMPLER (1920) [hg7-52]">[hg7-52] Harold Richard, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-58]">[hg8-58] Nancy Ellen, WAMPLER [hg8-59]">[hg8-59] Deborah Denise, WAMPLER [hg5-52]">[hg5-52] David, WAMPLER (1855) [hg6-74]">[hg6-74] Harmon Earl, WAMPLER (1899) [hg7-53]">[hg7-53] Vera Mae, WAMPLER [hg7-54]">[hg7-54] Wesley Earl, WAMPLER (1922) [hg8-60]">[hg8-60] Linda Lou, WAMPLER [hg8-61]">[hg8-61] Vicki Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-76]">[hg6-76] David Guy, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-55]">[hg7-55] Lois Marie, WAMPLER [hg5-53]">[hg5-53] Milton, WAMPLER (1857) [hg6-77]">[hg6-77] Myrtle Viola, WAMPLER (1882) [hg6-78]">[hg6-78] Winfield Silas, WAMPLER (1884) [hg7-56]">[hg7-56] Marion Milton, WAMPLER (1908) [hg8-62]">[hg8-62] Ronald, WAMPLER (1935) [hg9-3]">[hg9-3] Daniel, WAMPLER [hg9-4]">[hg9-4] Grace, WAMPLER [hg9-5]">[hg9-5] Ronald, WAMPLER [hg9-6]">[hg9-6] James, WAMPLER [hg9-7]">[hg9-7] Mary Jo, WAMPLER [hg9-8]">[hg9-8] Bill, WAMPLER [hg9-9]">[hg9-9] John, WAMPLER [hg8-63]">[hg8-63] Barbara, WAMPLER [hg8-64]">[hg8-64] Mary Margaret, WAMPLER [hg8-65]">[hg8-65] Karen, WAMPLER [hg8-66]">[hg8-66] Kathy, WAMPLER [hg8-67]">[hg8-67] Christine, WAMPLER [hg7-57]">[hg7-57] Carl, WAMPLER (1909) [hg8-68]">[hg8-68] Nancy Mae, WAMPLER [hg8-69]">[hg8-69] Carol Ruth, WAMPLER [hg8-70]">[hg8-70] Carl Duane, WAMPLER (1946) [hg9-10]">[hg9-10] Daron Duane, WAMPLER [hg9-11]">[hg9-11] Amanda Joanne, WAMPLER [hg8-71]">[hg8-71] James, WAMPLER [hg7-58]">[hg7-58] Norman, WAMPLER (1911) [hg7-59]">[hg7-59] Dorothy, WAMPLER [hg7-60]">[hg7-60] Wilma Frieda, WAMPLER (1924) [hg7-61]">[hg7-61] Juanita, WAMPLER [hg6-79]">[hg6-79] William Fletcher, WAMPLER (1885) [hg7-62]">[hg7-62] Mary Gwendolyn, WAMPLER [hg6-80]">[hg6-80] Joel Stanley, WAMPLER (1887) [hg7-63]">[hg7-63] Mildred G, WAMPLER [hg7-64]">[hg7-64] Maybelle, WAMPLER (1890) [hg7-65]">[hg7-65] Liveneviene, WAMPLER [hg6-81]">[hg6-81] Arlie Catherine (Katharine), WAMPLER (1890) [hg6-82]">[hg6-82] Effie Kathleen, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-83]">[hg6-83] Golda Floyd, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-66]">[hg7-66] Ruth Louise, WAMPLER [hg7-67]">[hg7-67] Donald Floyd, WAMPLER (1922) [hg8-72]">[hg8-72] Susan Kay, WAMPLER [hg8-73]">[hg8-73] Danny Craig, WAMPLER [hg9-12]">[hg9-12] James Michael, WAMPLER [hg8-74]">[hg8-74] James Michel, WAMPLER [hg6-84]">[hg6-84] Ralph Phillippe, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-68]">[hg7-68] Mildred Louise, WAMPLER [hg7-69]">[hg7-69] Lawrence Wayne, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-75]">[hg8-75] Deborah Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-76]">[hg8-76] Lynn Marie, WAMPLER [hg8-77]">[hg8-77] Beth Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-78]">[hg8-78] Laurie Sue, WAMPLER [hg6-85]">[hg6-85] Armeta Mavis, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-86]">[hg6-86] Walter Kenneth, WAMPLER (1904) [hg7-70]">[hg7-70] Sandra Sue, WAMPLER [hg7-71]">[hg7-71] Betty Lou, WAMPLER [hg7-72]">[hg7-72] Linda Lee, WAMPLER [hg7-73]">[hg7-73] Judith Ann, WAMPLER [hg7-74]">[hg7-74] Joe Milton, WAMPLER (1948) [hg8-79]">[hg8-79] Kenneth Robert, WAMPLER [hg8-80]">[hg8-80] Katherine L, WAMPLER [hg8-81]">[hg8-81] Keith Joseph, WAMPLER [hg4-31]">[hg4-31] Anna, WAMPLER (1815) [hg4-32]">[hg4-32] George, WAMPLER (1823) [hg5-56]">[hg5-56] Elizabeth C, WAMPLER [hg5-57]">[hg5-57] Sophia J, WAMPLER [hg5-58]">[hg5-58] John A, WAMPLER [hg5-59]">[hg5-59] H L, WAMPLER [hg5-60]">[hg5-60] A L, WAMPLER [hg5-61]">[hg5-61] S A, WAMPLER [hg5-62]">[hg5-62] W J, WAMPLER [hg4-33]">[hg4-33] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg4-34]">[hg4-34] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg4-35]">[hg4-35] Theodore, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-36]">[hg4-36] John Jacob, WAMPLER (1830) [hg5-63]">[hg5-63] Ephraim, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-64]">[hg5-64] Isaac Scomp, WAMPLER (1853) [hg6-91]">[hg6-91] John Edward, WAMPLER (1877) [hg7-75]">[hg7-75] Charles Ralph, WAMPLER (1900) [hg8-82]">[hg8-82] George H, WAMPLER [hg7-76]">[hg7-76] Bessie, WAMPLER [hg7-77]">[hg7-77] Earl, WAMPLER [hg7-78]">[hg7-78] Hugh, WAMPLER [hg7-81]">[hg7-81] Edward, WAMPLER [hg7-82]">[hg7-82] Marie, WAMPLER [hg7-83]">[hg7-83] John, WAMPLER [hg7-84]">[hg7-84] Lloyd William, WAMPLER (1921) [hg8-83]">[hg8-83] David, WAMPLER [hg6-92]">[hg6-92] Hester Harrison, WAMPLER (1878) [hg6-93]">[hg6-93] Emma J, WAMPLER [hg6-94]">[hg6-94] Dexter Alexander, WAMPLER (1883) [hg7-85]">[hg7-85] Eloise, WAMPLER [hg7-86]">[hg7-86] Laura Mae, WAMPLER [hg7-87]">[hg7-87] Emma Katherine (Kate), WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-88]">[hg7-88] Andrew Issac, WAMPLER [hg6-95]">[hg6-95] Mary Colista, WAMPLER (1887) [hg5-65]">[hg5-65] Joel Frederick, WAMPLER (1855) [hg6-96]">[hg6-96] Curtis Vorhees, WAMPLER (1882) [hg7-89]">[hg7-89] Edith Adele, WAMPLER [hg7-90]">[hg7-90] Dallas Merlin, WAMPLER (1903) [hg8-84]">[hg8-84] Dallas Merlin, Jr, WAMPLER [hg8-85]">[hg8-85] Joan, WAMPLER [hg7-91]">[hg7-91] Dolores Dale, WAMPLER [hg7-92]">[hg7-92] Woodrow, WAMPLER [hg7-93]">[hg7-93] Gordon Doyle, WAMPLER [hg6-98]">[hg6-98] Clarence, WAMPLER (1886) [hg7-94]">[hg7-94] Perry Steen, WAMPLER (1908) [hg8-86]">[hg8-86] Laura Florence, WAMPLER [hg8-87]">[hg8-87] Barbara Jean, WAMPLER [hg7-95]">[hg7-95] Mildred, WAMPLER [hg7-96]">[hg7-96] Grace, WAMPLER [hg6-99]">[hg6-99] Lulu, WAMPLER [hg6-100]">[hg6-100] Blanche, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-101]">[hg6-101] Herman, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-97]">[hg7-97] Winston Chansler, WAMPLER [hg5-66]">[hg5-66] Mary Jane, WAMPLER [hg5-67]">[hg5-67] Henry Franklin, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-68]">[hg5-68] George W, WAMPLER (1861) [hg6-306]">[hg6-306] George Washingon, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-227]">[hg7-227] Hartwell Harrison, WAMPLER (1914) [hg7-228]">[hg7-228] Thelma Moden, WAMPLER (1918) [hg7-229]">[hg7-229] Helen Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1919) [hg7-230]">[hg7-230] Raymond Eugene, WAMPLER (1921) [hg7-231]">[hg7-231] Dorothy Lavada Arvigene, WAMPLER (1922) [hg7-232]">[hg7-232] Lon Leroy, WAMPLER (1924) [hg8-211]">[hg8-211] Jacky Lon, WAMPLER (1946) [hg9-37]">[hg9-37] John Marvin, WAMPLER (1971) [hg9-37]">[hg9-37] Deirdre Ellen, WAMPLER (1973) [hg8-212]">[hg8-212] Karen Sue, WAMPLER (1947) [hg7-233]">[hg7-233] J Pauline, WAMPLER (1926) [hg7-234]">[hg7-234] George Wayne, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-213]">[hg8-213] Donna Fern, WAMPLER (1947) [hg8-214]">[hg8-214] Danny Joe, WAMPLER (1952) [hg9-37]">[hg9-37] Lisa Rene, WAMPLER (1971) [hg9-37]">[hg9-37] JoAnn Marie, WAMPLER (1973) [hg8-215]">[hg8-215] Gale Jean, WAMPLER (1955) [hg7-235]">[hg7-235] Marguerite Bonita, WAMPLER (1930) [hg6-307]">[hg6-307] John Edward, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-308]">[hg6-308] Daniel Edgar, WAMPLER (1897) [hg5-69]">[hg5-69] Susanna Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg5-70]">[hg5-70] Anna Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-71]">[hg5-71] Margaret Eve, WAMPLER [hg5-72]">[hg5-72] Sarah Catherine, WAMPLER [hg5-73]">[hg5-73] Harriet, WAMPLER [hg5-74]">[hg5-74] Helen Elvira, WAMPLER [hg3-12]">[hg3-12] Stephen, WAMPLER (1795) Go to our Martha [hg4-37]">[hg4-37] Polly, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-38]">[hg4-38] Daniel, WAMPLER (1819) [hg5-75]">[hg5-75] Henry Fairchild, WAMPLER (1850) [hg5-76]">[hg5-76] Mary Catherine, WAMPLER (1852) [hg5-77]">[hg5-77] Franklin Pierce, WAMPLER (1853) [hg6-104]">[hg6-104] Charles, WAMPLER [hg6-105]">[hg6-105] Royal Edward, WAMPLER (1880) [hg7-98]">[hg7-98] Royal Franklin, WAMPLER (1960) [hg7-99]">[hg7-99] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER (1969) [hg6-106]">[hg6-106] Josiah, WAMPLER (1882) [hg7-100]">[hg7-100] Marjorie Hope, WAMPLER [hg6-107]">[hg6-107] Austin, WAMPLER [hg6-108]">[hg6-108] Grover Cleveland, WAMPLER (1885) [hg6-109]">[hg6-109] Don C, WAMPLER [hg6-110]">[hg6-110] Alfred, WAMPLER (1899) [hg7-101]">[hg7-101] William Lewis, WAMPLER [hg6-111]">[hg6-111] Beatrice Mural, WAMPLER [hg6-112]">[hg6-112] Ruth, WAMPLER (1895) [hg5-78]">[hg5-78] Rebecca J, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-79]">[hg5-79] Stephen J, WAMPLER (1857) [hg5-80]">[hg5-80] Margaret E, WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-81]">[hg5-81] Martin L, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-82]">[hg5-82] Elvira, WAMPLER [hg5-83]">[hg5-83] Dora M, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-84]">[hg5-84] Rosetta A, WAMPLER (1870) [hg4-39]">[hg4-39] James, WAMPLER (1820) [hg4-40]">[hg4-40] Susanna, WAMPLER (1823) [hg4-41]">[hg4-41] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg4-42]">[hg4-42] Malina, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-43]">[hg4-43] Austin C, WAMPLER (1831) [hg5-85]">[hg5-85] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1853) [hg4-44]">[hg4-44] Mahala, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-45]">[hg4-45] Henry, WAMPLER (1836) [hg5-86]">[hg5-86] Malinda, WAMPLER (1858) [hg5-87]">[hg5-87] Lennard, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-88]">[hg5-88] Francis Marion, WAMPLER [hg5-89]">[hg5-89] Thomas W, WAMPLER (1862) [hg6-113]">[hg6-113] Myrtle V, WAMPLER [hg6-114]">[hg6-114] Lula M, WAMPLER [hg6-115]">[hg6-115] Ora, WAMPLER [hg5-90]">[hg5-90] Florence J, WAMPLER [hg5-91]">[hg5-91] Laura A, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-92]">[hg5-92] Willard, WAMPLER (1868) [hg5-93]">[hg5-93] Maria, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-94]">[hg5-94] Cora, WAMPLER [hg5-95]">[hg5-95] Walter, WAMPLER [hg5-96]">[hg5-96] Rolly, WAMPLER [hg4-46]">[hg4-46] Martha Jane, WAMPLER (1870) [hg4-47]">[hg4-47] John David, WAMPLER (1840) [hg5-97]">[hg5-97] Walter Calvin, WAMPLER [hg5-98]">[hg5-98] Iva E, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-99]">[hg5-99] James, WAMPLER [hg5-100]">[hg5-100] Stephen, WAMPLER (1867) [hg5-101]">[hg5-101] Lucinda M, WAMPLER [hg5-102]">[hg5-102] Mary, WAMPLER [hg5-103]">[hg5-103] John Fletcher, WAMPLER (1875) [hg6-116]">[hg6-116] Floyd Gerald, WAMPLER (1902) [hg7-102]">[hg7-102] Joy Lucille, WAMPLER [hg7-103]">[hg7-103] Floyd Gerald, WAMPLER [hg7-104]">[hg7-104] Hollis D, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-88]">[hg8-88] Carla Jean, WAMPLER [hg8-89]">[hg8-89] Michael, WAMPLER (1953) [hg9-13]">[hg9-13] Christopher, WAMPLER [hg9-14]">[hg9-14] Ryan Michael, WAMPLER [hg8-90]">[hg8-90] Gary, WAMPLER [hg8-91]">[hg8-91] Mark, WAMPLER [hg8-92]">[hg8-92] Greg, WAMPLER [hg6-117]">[hg6-117] Dorothy M, WAMPLER [hg6-118]">[hg6-118] Clyve Ancile, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-105]">[hg7-105] Ancile Lee, WAMPLER (1930) [hg8-93]">[hg8-93] Kim Allan, WAMPLER [hg8-94]">[hg8-94] Bonnie Sue, WAMPLER [hg7-106]">[hg7-106] Charles Fletcher, WAMPLER (1932) [hg8-95]">[hg8-95] Debra Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-96]">[hg8-96] Mary Darlene, WAMPLER [hg7-107]">[hg7-107] John Nelson, WAMPLER (1939) [hg8-97]">[hg8-97] Tim Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-98]">[hg8-98] Christy Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-99]">[hg8-99] Elaine Adell, WAMPLER [hg8-100]">[hg8-100] David Nelson, WAMPLER [hg7-108]">[hg7-108] Dora Mae, WAMPLER [hg7-109]">[hg7-109] Nancy, WAMPLER [hg7-110]">[hg7-110] Cheryl Diane, WAMPLER [hg6-120]">[hg6-120] Louie Virgil, WAMPLER [hg5-104]">[hg5-104] Blanche Vivian, WAMPLER [hg5-105]">[hg5-105] Alda L, WAMPLER [hg5-106]">[hg5-106] Dicie Lillian, WAMPLER [hg4-48]">[hg4-48] Elvira, WAMPLER (1848) [hg3-13]">[hg3-13] David, WAMPLER (1798) [hg4-49]">[hg4-49] Ann Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-50]">[hg4-50] Nancy J, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-51]">[hg4-51] Sarah E, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-52]">[hg4-52] Mary C, WAMPLER (1836) [hg4-53]">[hg4-53] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1838) [hg4-54]">[hg4-54] George W, WAMPLER (1840) [hg4-55]">[hg4-55] John Byars, WAMPLER (1843) [hg5-107]">[hg5-107] Lorena May, WAMPLER [hg5-108]">[hg5-108] Walter, WAMPLER [hg4-56]">[hg4-56] Matilda, WAMPLER (1844) [hg4-57]">[hg4-57] David Fleming, WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-109]">[hg5-109] Thelma, WAMPLER [hg5-110]">[hg5-110] Maude M, WAMPLER [hg5-111]">[hg5-111] Ellen G, WAMPLER [hg5-112]">[hg5-112] Lula, WAMPLER [hg5-113]">[hg5-113] David Cloyd, WAMPLER (1879) [hg6-121]">[hg6-121] Cleo Monical, WAMPLER [hg6-122]">[hg6-122] Walter Eugene, WAMPLER [hg5-114]">[hg5-114] Jessie, WAMPLER [hg5-115]">[hg5-115] Barbara, WAMPLER [hg4-58]">[hg4-58] Adaline, WAMPLER (1849) [hg4-59]">[hg4-59] Reece, WAMPLER (1852) [hg4-60]">[hg4-60] Thomas J, WAMPLER (1854) [hg3-14]">[hg3-14] Mary, WAMPLER (1800) [hg3-15]">[hg3-15] Margaret, WAMPLER (1804) [hg3-16]">[hg3-16] George W, WAMPLER (1806) [hg4-61]">[hg4-61] Jane, WAMPLER [hg4-62]">[hg4-62] Abraham, WAMPLER (1831) [hg5-116]">[hg5-116] Eliza Jane, WAMPLER [hg5-117]">[hg5-117] Alice Eliz, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-118]">[hg5-118] Mary Isabelle, WAMPLER (1858) [hg5-119]">[hg5-119] Emma Isadore, WAMPLER (1860) [hg5-120]">[hg5-120] Sarah Ellen (Sara), WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-121]">[hg5-121] John Elmer, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-122]">[hg5-122] William Franklin, WAMPLER [hg5-123]">[hg5-123] Belle, WAMPLER [hg5-124]">[hg5-124] Eliza J, WAMPLER (1854) [hg4-63]">[hg4-63] Isaac, WAMPLER (1835) [hg4-64]">[hg4-64] Nancy Ann, WAMPLER [hg4-65]">[hg4-65] Jacob, WAMPLER (1839) [hg4-66]">[hg4-66] Martin J, WAMPLER (1841) [hg5-125]">[hg5-125] Henry Allen, WAMPLER (1864) [hg6-123]">[hg6-123] James Hugh, WAMPLER (1889) [hg7-111]">[hg7-111] Joyce Etta, WAMPLER [hg7-112]">[hg7-112] Robert Allen, WAMPLER [hg7-113]">[hg7-113] Barbara Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-124]">[hg6-124] Lewis Scott, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-114]">[hg7-114] James Thornton, WAMPLER [hg7-115]">[hg7-115] Everett Lewis, WAMPLER [hg7-116]">[hg7-116] Ray Franklin, WAMPLER [hg7-117]">[hg7-117] Floyd Herman, WAMPLER [hg7-118]">[hg7-118] Margaret L, WAMPLER [hg7-119]">[hg7-119] Doris L, WAMPLER [hg7-120]">[hg7-120] Rex Hubert, WAMPLER [hg6-125]">[hg6-125] Fleming Willis, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-121]">[hg7-121] Fern Nedra, WAMPLER [hg7-122]">[hg7-122] Maurice Achel, WAMPLER (1917) [hg8-101]">[hg8-101] Maurrica Lou, WAMPLER [hg8-102]">[hg8-102] Roy Al, WAMPLER [hg7-123]">[hg7-123] Fleming Willis, Jr, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-103]">[hg8-103] Donna Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-104]">[hg8-104] Allen Wayne, WAMPLER (1948) [hg9-15]">[hg9-15] Lonnie Allen, WAMPLER [hg9-16]">[hg9-16] Stephanie Lynn, WAMPLER [hg7-124]">[hg7-124] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-126]">[hg6-126] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-127]">[hg6-127] Cora Mae, WAMPLER [hg5-126]">[hg5-126] William Frank, WAMPLER (1867) [hg6-128]">[hg6-128] Nellie Edyth, WAMPLER [hg6-129]">[hg6-129] Mary Alma, WAMPLER [hg5-127]">[hg5-127] George Milton, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-130]">[hg6-130] Lela Pearl, WAMPLER [hg6-131]">[hg6-131] Odessa, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-132]">[hg6-132] Zada Opal, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-133]">[hg6-133] Stella Lucille, WAMPLER [hg6-134]">[hg6-134] Carl Russell, WAMPLER [hg6-135]">[hg6-135] Garnet Marie, WAMPLER [hg6-136]">[hg6-136] Thelma Lorena, WAMPLER [hg5-128]">[hg5-128] Jane E, WAMPLER [hg5-129]">[hg5-129] Jenny, WAMPLER [hg5-130]">[hg5-130] Edward David, WAMPLER (1877) [hg6-137]">[hg6-137] William Earl, WAMPLER [hg6-138]">[hg6-138] Paul Edward, WAMPLER [hg6-139]">[hg6-139] Ray Oliver, WAMPLER [hg6-140]">[hg6-140] Leona Aline, WAMPLER [hg6-141]">[hg6-141] Aletha, WAMPLER [hg6-142]">[hg6-142] Don Lawrence, WAMPLER (1915) [hg7-125]">[hg7-125] Donald Larry, WAMPLER [hg7-126]">[hg7-126] William Robert, WAMPLER [hg6-143]">[hg6-143] Esco Maurice, WAMPLER [hg6-144]">[hg6-144] Mildred Lorene, WAMPLER [hg5-131]">[hg5-131] Edith, WAMPLER [hg5-132]">[hg5-132] Minnie A, WAMPLER (1877) [hg5-133]">[hg5-133] Cora M, WAMPLER [hg5-134]">[hg5-134] Thornton A, WAMPLER (1885) [hg5-299]">[hg5-299] Luther, WAMPLER [hg4-67]">[hg4-67] Ephraim, WAMPLER (1844) [hg4-68]">[hg4-68] William Lane, WAMPLER (1847) [hg5-135]">[hg5-135] Marion Harmon, WAMPLER (1870) [hg6-145]">[hg6-145] Ethyl Winifred, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-146]">[hg6-146] Louis Clinton, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-147]">[hg6-147] George Paul, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-149]">[hg6-149] Albert Eldon, WAMPLER (1900) [hg6-311]">[hg6-311] Winifred, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-312]">[hg6-312] Louis Clinton, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-313]">[hg6-313] George Paul, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-314]">[hg6-314] Albert Eldon (Mick), WAMPLER (1900) [hg5-136]">[hg5-136] Luther Marshall (Martin), WAMPLER (1872) [hg6-150]">[hg6-150] Lloyd Thomas, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-151]">[hg6-151] Firman Charles, WAMPLER [hg6-152]">[hg6-152] Wayne Walter, WAMPLER (1907) [hg6-153]">[hg6-153] Edith, WAMPLER [hg6-154]">[hg6-154] Iva, WAMPLER [hg6-155]">[hg6-155] Bonnie Faye, WAMPLER [hg5-137]">[hg5-137] Willard Augustus, WAMPLER (1875) [hg5-138]">[hg5-138] Cora May, WAMPLER (1880) [hg5-139]">[hg5-139] Martin Lewis, WAMPLER (1884) [hg6-156]">[hg6-156] Geraldine, WAMPLER [hg6-157]">[hg6-157] Alfred, WAMPLER [hg6-158]">[hg6-158] Loretta M, WAMPLER [hg6-159]">[hg6-159] Robert Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-140]">[hg5-140] Georgia Ann, WAMPLER (1886) [hg5-141]">[hg5-141] Nellie, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-142]">[hg5-142] Mattie Olive, WAMPLER (1891) [hg4-69]">[hg4-69] Mary E, WAMPLER (1849) [hg4-70]">[hg4-70] Milton, WAMPLER (1852) [hg5-143]">[hg5-143] Ralph G, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-144]">[hg5-144] Anna Mary, WAMPLER (1893) [hg5-145]">[hg5-145] Esther Katherine, WAMPLER [hg3-17]">[hg3-17] Anna, WAMPLER (1809) [hg3-18]">[hg3-18] Felix, WAMPLER (1816) [hg4-71]">[hg4-71] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg4-72]">[hg4-72] Mary, WAMPLER [hg4-73]">[hg4-73] John W, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-146]">[hg5-146] Samuel Ferman, WAMPLER (1872) [hg6-160]">[hg6-160] Leonard Leslie, WAMPLER (1892) [hg7-128]">[hg7-128] Raymond Leslie, WAMPLER (1917) [hg8-105]">[hg8-105] Paul Ray, WAMPLER [hg8-106]">[hg8-106] James Carl, WAMPLER [hg7-129]">[hg7-129] August Leigh, WAMPLER (1919) [hg8-107]">[hg8-107] Sandra, WAMPLER [hg8-108]">[hg8-108] Karen Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-109]">[hg8-109] Jerry Leigh, WAMPLER [hg8-110]">[hg8-110] Gary Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-111]">[hg8-111] Gregory Allan, WAMPLER [hg8-112]">[hg8-112] Michael Eugene, WAMPLER [hg7-130]">[hg7-130] Lloyd Ellsworth, WAMPLER (1922) [hg8-113]">[hg8-113] Harry David, WAMPLER (1941) [hg9-17]">[hg9-17] Tina Jo, WAMPLER [hg9-18]">[hg9-18] Tammy Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-114]">[hg8-114] Thomas Ray, WAMPLER (1943) [hg9-19]">[hg9-19] Douglas Ray, WAMPLER [hg8-115]">[hg8-115] Joyce Ellen, WAMPLER [hg8-116]">[hg8-116] Donna Joanne, WAMPLER [hg8-117]">[hg8-117] Stephen Lloyd, WAMPLER [hg8-118]">[hg8-118] Carl Wayne, WAMPLER [hg7-131]">[hg7-131] Maurice Leathers, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-119]">[hg8-119] Shirley Jean, WAMPLER [hg8-120]">[hg8-120] Terry Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-121]">[hg8-121] Larry Dean, WAMPLER [hg8-122]">[hg8-122] Peggy Sue, WAMPLER [hg7-132]">[hg7-132] Mary Frances, WAMPLER [hg6-161]">[hg6-161] Charles Vernon, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-133]">[hg7-133] Irene, WAMPLER [hg7-134]">[hg7-134] Loraine, WAMPLER [hg6-162]">[hg6-162] John Zehner, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-135]">[hg7-135] Gloria Iris, WAMPLER (1925) [hg7-136]">[hg7-136] Myrna Myrle, WAMPLER (1927) [hg7-137]">[hg7-137] Sammy Isham, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-123]">[hg8-123] Doris Ruth, WAMPLER (1953) [hg8-124]">[hg8-124] John Harlan, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-125]">[hg8-125] Dee Ann, WAMPLER (1964) [hg6-163]">[hg6-163] Sharon Traber, WAMPLER (1898) [hg6-164]">[hg6-164] Raymond William, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-138]">[hg7-138] Walter Guy, WAMPLER (1931) [hg8-126]">[hg8-126] Cathy, WAMPLER [hg8-127]">[hg8-127] Steve, WAMPLER [hg8-128]">[hg8-128] David, WAMPLER [hg8-129]">[hg8-129] Joyce, WAMPLER [hg7-139]">[hg7-139] Thelma June, WAMPLER [hg7-140]">[hg7-140] Lee Roy, WAMPLER (1935) [hg8-130]">[hg8-130] Steve, WAMPLER [hg8-131]">[hg8-131] Mark, WAMPLER [hg8-132]">[hg8-132] Mike, WAMPLER [hg8-133]">[hg8-133] Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-141]">[hg7-141] Monna Fay, WAMPLER [hg7-142]">[hg7-142] Donna Ray, WAMPLER [hg7-143]">[hg7-143] Linda Lue, WAMPLER [hg7-144]">[hg7-144] Gail, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-134]">[hg8-134] Shelley Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-135]">[hg8-135] Lisa Dawn, WAMPLER [hg8-136]">[hg8-136] Raymond Gail, WAMPLER [hg7-145]">[hg7-145] James William, WAMPLER (1944) [hg8-137]">[hg8-137] Stacy Jo, WAMPLER [hg8-138]">[hg8-138] James Keith, WAMPLER [hg8-139]">[hg8-139] Melissa Rae, WAMPLER [hg7-146]">[hg7-146] Lonnie Gene, WAMPLER (1948) [hg8-140]">[hg8-140] Beth Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-141]">[hg8-141] Lori Ann, WAMPLER [hg7-147]">[hg7-147] Ronnie Dean, WAMPLER [hg6-165]">[hg6-165] Alma, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-166]">[hg6-166] Alice, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-167]">[hg6-167] Mildred, WAMPLER (1908) [hg6-168]">[hg6-168] Eugene Stanley, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-148]">[hg7-148] Bud, WAMPLER [hg7-149]">[hg7-149] Ray Gene, WAMPLER [hg6-169]">[hg6-169] Bonnie, WAMPLER (1909) [hg6-170]">[hg6-170] Sam Andrew, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-150]">[hg7-150] John R, WAMPLER (1936) [hg8-142]">[hg8-142] Jon A, WAMPLER [hg7-151]">[hg7-151] Charles W, WAMPLER (1938) [hg8-143]">[hg8-143] Brenda K, WAMPLER [hg8-144]">[hg8-144] Angela D, WAMPLER [hg8-145]">[hg8-145] Diana L, WAMPLER [hg7-152]">[hg7-152] Julia E, WAMPLER [hg7-153]">[hg7-153] M Jane, WAMPLER [hg7-154]">[hg7-154] G Susie, WAMPLER [hg7-155]">[hg7-155] Samy K, WAMPLER [hg6-171]">[hg6-171] Walter Nathan, WAMPLER (1915) [hg7-156]">[hg7-156] Julia Marie, WAMPLER [hg5-147]">[hg5-147] Andrew Felix, WAMPLER (1874) [hg6-172]">[hg6-172] Agnes E, WAMPLER [hg6-173]">[hg6-173] Randolph Willard, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-157]">[hg7-157] Randolph Willard, Jr, WAMPLER (1924) [hg8-146]">[hg8-146] William Randolph, WAMPLER [hg8-147]">[hg8-147] Phyllis Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-148]">[hg8-148] Janice Elaine, WAMPLER [hg7-158]">[hg7-158] Earl Eugene, WAMPLER (1925) [hg8-149]">[hg8-149] Mark Eugene, WAMPLER [hg8-150]">[hg8-150] Lynda Lou, WAMPLER [hg8-151]">[hg8-151] James, WAMPLER [hg8-152]">[hg8-152] Kevin Joe, WAMPLER [hg6-174]">[hg6-174] Leonard, WAMPLER [hg6-175]">[hg6-175] Noel, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-176]">[hg6-176] Glenn, WAMPLER [hg6-177]">[hg6-177] Gladys, WAMPLER [hg5-148]">[hg5-148] Bertha I, WAMPLER (1880) [hg5-150]">[hg5-150] John Palmer, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-178]">[hg6-178] Georgia I, WAMPLER [hg6-179]">[hg6-179] John Robert, WAMPLER [hg6-180]">[hg6-180] Mary Carolyn, WAMPLER [hg4-74]">[hg4-74] Ferman (F. N.), WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-151]">[hg5-151] Dora, WAMPLER [hg5-152]">[hg5-152] Charles Byrl, WAMPLER [hg5-153]">[hg5-153] Willard Roscoe, WAMPLER (1886) [hg6-181]">[hg6-181] Willard Roscoe, Jr, WAMPLER (1923) [hg7-159]">[hg7-159] Marsha, WAMPLER [hg7-160]">[hg7-160] Christopher L, WAMPLER [hg7-161]">[hg7-161] Craig M, WAMPLER [hg7-162]">[hg7-162] William J, WAMPLER [hg6-182]">[hg6-182] Norma Lea, WAMPLER [hg5-154]">[hg5-154] Iona Myrtle, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-156]">[hg5-156] Guy M, WAMPLER [hg5-157]">[hg5-157] Oscar, WAMPLER [hg2-5]">[hg2-5] Katherine (Catherine), WAMPLER (1768) [hg2-6]">[hg2-6] Anna Magdalena, WAMPLER (1772) [hg2-7]">[hg2-7] Joseph, Sr, WAMPLER (1774) [hg3-28]">[hg3-28] Joseph, Jr, WAMPLER (1800) [hg4-75]">[hg4-75] William Jackson, WAMPLER (1829) [hg5-159]">[hg5-159] Lucy Amanda, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-160]">[hg5-160] Pleasant Clinton, WAMPLER (1859) [hg6-183]">[hg6-183] Lettie, WAMPLER (1882) [hg7-163]">[hg7-163] Catherine, WAMPLER [hg6-184]">[hg6-184] Wayne Horace, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-164]">[hg7-164] Robert Paul, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-165]">[hg7-165] Claude, WAMPLER (1915) [hg8-153]">[hg8-153] Terry Lee, WAMPLER (1938) [hg9-20]">[hg9-20] David Wayne, WAMPLER (1969) [hg9-21]">[hg9-21] Mark Andrew, WAMPLER (1971) [hg8-154]">[hg8-154] Michael Allen, WAMPLER (1946) [hg7-166]">[hg7-166] Woodrow Wilson, WAMPLER (1917) [hg8-155]">[hg8-155] Jim DeWayne, WAMPLER (1940) [hg9-22]">[hg9-22] Steven Lee, WAMPLER (1960) [hg9-23]">[hg9-23] Michael Dwayne, WAMPLER (1961) [hg9-24]">[hg9-24] Michelle Lynn, WAMPLER (1964) [hg9-25]">[hg9-25] Julie Ann, WAMPLER (1971) [hg9-26]">[hg9-26] Jack, Jr, WAMPLER [hg7-167]">[hg7-167] William Jackson, WAMPLER (1919) [hg8-156]">[hg8-156] Jack, WAMPLER (1944) [hg8-157]">[hg8-157] John Edward, WAMPLER (1946) [hg7-168]">[hg7-168] Mary Lucille, WAMPLER (1921) [hg6-185]">[hg6-185] Roland, WAMPLER (1897) [hg7-169]">[hg7-169] Robert Morrison, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-219]">[hg8-219] John Gregory, WAMPLER (1956) [hg9-43]">[hg9-43] Robert Morrison, II, WAMPLER (1981) [hg8-220]">[hg8-220] Susie Maloy, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-221]">[hg8-221] Nancy Diane, WAMPLER (1961) [hg8-222]">[hg8-222] Tom Henry, WAMPLER (1963) [hg7-170]">[hg7-170] Evelyn, WAMPLER (1947) [hg7-171]">[hg7-171] Glen, WAMPLER (1928) [hg5-161]">[hg5-161] Serena, WAMPLER (1864) [hg4-76]">[hg4-76] Martha J, WAMPLER (1825) [hg4-77]">[hg4-77] David, WAMPLER (1837) [hg5-162]">[hg5-162] Robert, WAMPLER (1872) [hg5-163]">[hg5-163] Dollie Arabell, WAMPLER (1876) [hg4-78]">[hg4-78] George W, WAMPLER (1845) [hg5-164]">[hg5-164] Beatrice, WAMPLER [hg5-165]">[hg5-165] Lillie, WAMPLER [hg5-166]">[hg5-166] Geo, Jr, WAMPLER [hg5-167]">[hg5-167] Hettie, WAMPLER [hg5-168]">[hg5-168] Anna, WAMPLER [hg5-169]">[hg5-169] Truman, WAMPLER [hg5-170]">[hg5-170] Mildred, WAMPLER [hg5-171]">[hg5-171] Downey, WAMPLER [hg4-79]">[hg4-79] Martha Louisa, WAMPLER [hg4-80]">[hg4-80] Teresa C, WAMPLER [hg4-81]">[hg4-81] James, WAMPLER [hg4-82]">[hg4-82] Hezekiah Morgan, WAMPLER [hg4-84]">[hg4-84] Rufus M, WAMPLER [hg4-85]">[hg4-85] Joseph Harvey, WAMPLER (1827) [hg5-172]">[hg5-172] William H, WAMPLER (1859) [hg6-186]">[hg6-186] Ruby, WAMPLER (1892) [hg6-187]">[hg6-187] Leslie H, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-172]">[hg7-172] William E, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-173]">[hg7-173] Peggy, WAMPLER (1925) [hg7-174]">[hg7-174] Gene Edward, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-160]">[hg8-160] Michael D, WAMPLER (1954) [hg8-161]">[hg8-161] Terry Lyn, WAMPLER (1956) [hg9-27]">[hg9-27] Gene E, WAMPLER (1975) [hg6-188]">[hg6-188] Richard O, WAMPLER (1895) [hg7-175]">[hg7-175] Richard O, Jr, WAMPLER (1919) [hg8-162]">[hg8-162] Jerry Keith, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-163]">[hg8-163] Janet, WAMPLER (1943) [hg8-164]">[hg8-164] Linda, WAMPLER (1946) [hg8-165]">[hg8-165] Teresa, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-243]">[hg7-243] Rodney O, WAMPLER [hg6-189]">[hg6-189] William Lloyd, WAMPLER (1906) [hg5-173]">[hg5-173] Mary E, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-174]">[hg5-174] Candace, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-175]">[hg5-175] Emmit O, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-176]">[hg5-176] Martha Victoria (Vicky), WAMPLER (1857) [hg5-177]">[hg5-177] Joseph Riley, WAMPLER (1854) [hg6-190]">[hg6-190] Ida, WAMPLER (1879) [hg6-191]">[hg6-191] Orpha, WAMPLER (1881) [hg6-192]">[hg6-192] Harvey, WAMPLER (1888) (1888) [hg7-176]">[hg7-176] Glasten Verl, WAMPLER (1914) [hg8-203]">[hg8-203] Rebecca Sue, WAMPLER [hg6-193]">[hg6-193] Charles, WAMPLER (1890) [hg7-177]">[hg7-177] Lloyd C, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-166]">[hg8-166] Natalie, WAMPLER (1953) [hg7-178]">[hg7-178] Argyle T, WAMPLER (1911) [hg8-167]">[hg8-167] Roderick Argyle, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-168]">[hg8-168] Vivian, WAMPLER (1934) [hg6-194]">[hg6-194] Merle, WAMPLER (1885) [hg6-195]">[hg6-195] Orville, WAMPLER (1884) [hg5-178]">[hg5-178] Eliz Catherine, WAMPLER (1852) [hg4-86]">[hg4-86] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg4-87]">[hg4-87] Mary Ann, WAMPLER [hg4-174]">[hg4-174] Tracy C, WAMPLER [hg3-29]">[hg3-29] David, WAMPLER (1803) [hg3-30]">[hg3-30] Hezekiah, WAMPLER (1805) [hg4-88]">[hg4-88] Esther Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1832) [hg4-90]">[hg4-90] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1843) [hg4-91]">[hg4-91] Clinton Lafayette, WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-179]">[hg5-179] Thomas, WAMPLER (1878) [hg6-196]">[hg6-196] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1912) [hg6-197]">[hg6-197] Robert A, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-179]">[hg7-179] Brenda, WAMPLER [hg5-180]">[hg5-180] Ernest, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-198]">[hg6-198] Clinton, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-199]">[hg6-199] Leon, WAMPLER (1906) [hp7-243] Carolyn Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hp7-244] Eleanor Jean, WAMPLER [hp7-245] Helen Kathryn, WAMPLER [hp7-246] Madge Evelyn, WAMPLER [hp7-247] Nancy Ann, WAMPLER [hp7-248] Ginnie Lee, WAMPLER (1948) [hp7-249] Loretta Gale, WAMPLER [hg6-200]">[hg6-200] Pauline, WAMPLER [hg6-201]">[hg6-201] Kathleen, WAMPLER [hg6-202]">[hg6-202] Margaret, WAMPLER [hg6-203]">[hg6-203] Ernest, Jr, WAMPLER [hg7-180]">[hg7-180] Lynn, WAMPLER (1945) [hg7-181]">[hg7-181] Carolyn, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-182]">[hg7-182] Given, WAMPLER [hg5-181]">[hg5-181] William, WAMPLER [hg5-182]">[hg5-182] Edith, WAMPLER [hg5-183]">[hg5-183] Crede, WAMPLER [hg5-184]">[hg5-184] Clinton, Jr, WAMPLER [hg4-92]">[hg4-92] Millard F, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-185]">[hg5-185] Millard, Jr, WAMPLER (1878) [hg5-186]">[hg5-186] Mary, WAMPLER (1880) [hg4-93]">[hg4-93] Hubert, WAMPLER [hg4-94]">[hg4-94] Elelia W (lilly), WAMPLER (1858) [hg4-95]">[hg4-95] Anna T, WAMPLER (1849) [hg4-96]">[hg4-96] Asahel Hezekiah (Zala), WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-187]">[hg5-187] Jane, WAMPLER (1895) [hg5-188]">[hg5-188] Mary, WAMPLER (1899) [hg5-189]">[hg5-189] Kiah, WAMPLER (1901) [hg6-204]">[hg6-204] Kiahly, WAMPLER [hg6-205]">[hg6-205] Zeke, WAMPLER [hg5-190]">[hg5-190] John, WAMPLER [hg6-206]">[hg6-206] Jane, WAMPLER [hg6-207]">[hg6-207] Sue, WAMPLER [hg5-191]">[hg5-191] Asahel, WAMPLER (1894) [hg4-97]">[hg4-97] Rosa G, WAMPLER (1861) [hg3-31]">[hg3-31] Anna, WAMPLER [hg3-32]">[hg3-32] Mary, WAMPLER [hg3-33]">[hg3-33] Esther (Hetty) Katherine, WAMPLER (1812) [hg3-34]">[hg3-34] Jacob, WAMPLER (1814) [hg4-98]">[hg4-98] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1841) [hg5-192]">[hg5-192] Cassius M, WAMPLER (1876) [hg4-99]">[hg4-99] Thomas Benton, WAMPLER (1843) [hg4-100]">[hg4-100] James Whitcomb, WAMPLER (1844) [hg5-193]">[hg5-193] Abraham Benjamin, WAMPLER (1873) [hg6-208]">[hg6-208] Vesta B, WAMPLER (1894) [hg6-209]">[hg6-209] Grace M, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-210]">[hg6-210] James Henry, WAMPLER (1901) [hg7-183]">[hg7-183] Robert Wayne, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-169]">[hg8-169] Douglas Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-170]">[hg8-170] Carolyn Marie, WAMPLER [hg8-171]">[hg8-171] Norma Elaine, WAMPLER [hg8-172]">[hg8-172] Marilyn E, WAMPLER [hg8-173]">[hg8-173] Paul Robert, WAMPLER [hg7-184]">[hg7-184] Harlan James, WAMPLER (1930) [hg8-174]">[hg8-174] Thomas Harlan, WAMPLER [hg8-175]">[hg8-175] Richard Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-176]">[hg8-176] Kenneth Duane, WAMPLER [hg8-177]">[hg8-177] Susan Elaine, WAMPLER [hg7-185]">[hg7-185] Edwin Arden, WAMPLER (1936) [hg8-178]">[hg8-178] Teresa Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-179]">[hg8-179] Phillip Arden, WAMPLER [hg8-180]">[hg8-180] Patricia Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-181]">[hg8-181] Perry Allen, WAMPLER [hg8-182]">[hg8-182] Pamela Jean, WAMPLER [hg8-183]">[hg8-183] Peter James, WAMPLER [hg8-184]">[hg8-184] Paul Dean, WAMPLER [hg8-185]">[hg8-185] Penn Edward, WAMPLER [hg8-186]">[hg8-186] Preston Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-186]">[hg7-186] Donna May, WAMPLER (1938) [hg7-187]">[hg7-187] Betty Lou, WAMPLER (1943) [hg6-211]">[hg6-211] Frank A, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-188]">[hg7-188] Joyce Elaine, WAMPLER (1933) [hg7-189]">[hg7-189] Dennis Frank, WAMPLER (1943) [hg8-187]">[hg8-187] Sarah Catherine, WAMPLER [hg8-188]">[hg8-188] Bethany Noel, WAMPLER [hg6-212]">[hg6-212] Amy Rebecca, WAMPLER (1914) [hg6-213]">[hg6-213] Irene V, WAMPLER (1919) [hg5-194]">[hg5-194] Henry Jacob, WAMPLER (1875) [hg6-214]">[hg6-214] Roy Forth, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-190]">[hg7-190] Dorothy Elaine, WAMPLER (1922) [hg7-191]">[hg7-191] Roy William, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-189]">[hg8-189] Phoebe Ann, WAMPLER (1950) [hg8-190]">[hg8-190] Randy Roy, WAMPLER (1954) [hg9-28]">[hg9-28] Seth Ryan, WAMPLER (1983) [hg8-191]">[hg8-191] Eric William, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-192]">[hg8-192] Lisa Lou, WAMPLER (1958) [hg6-215]">[hg6-215] Mary Daisy, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-216]">[hg6-216] George Walter, WAMPLER (1914) [hg7-192]">[hg7-192] Robin Carol, WAMPLER (1942) [hg7-193]">[hg7-193] Mary Alice, WAMPLER (1944) [hg7-194]">[hg7-194] Nancy Sue, WAMPLER (1944) [hg7-195]">[hg7-195] Donna Faye, WAMPLER (1944) [hg6-217]">[hg6-217] Lois Lillian, WAMPLER (1917) [hg4-101]">[hg4-101] Abraham Welch, WAMPLER (1849) [hg5-195]">[hg5-195] Emmett, WAMPLER (1876) [hg5-196]">[hg5-196] Loulie, WAMPLER (1879) [hg4-102]">[hg4-102] John Liston, WAMPLER (1852) [hg3-35]">[hg3-35] Lucretia, WAMPLER (1818) [hg3-36]">[hg3-36] Theresa, WAMPLER (1886) [hg2-8]">[hg2-8] Henry, WAMPLER (1777) [hg3-37]">[hg3-37] Valentine (Felty), WAMPLER (1801) [hg4-103]">[hg4-103] Martin J S, WAMPLER (1826) [hg5-297]">[hg5-297] Candace America, WAMPLER (1853) [hg5-298]">[hg5-298] Daniel Pratt, WAMPLER (1858) [hg4-104]">[hg4-104] Roderick R, WAMPLER (1837) [hg4-105]">[hg4-105] Millie Jane (Milly), WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-106]">[hg4-106] Austin, WAMPLER [hg4-107]">[hg4-107] Albert, WAMPLER [hg4-108]">[hg4-108] Anemald (Ann E) (Anennald), WAMPLER [hg4-170]">[hg4-170] Nancy Catherine, WAMPLER [hg4-171]">[hg4-171] Mary Ann, WAMPLER [hg4-172]">[hg4-172] Sarah King, WAMPLER [hg3-38]">[hg3-38] Martin, WAMPLER (1802) [hg4-109]">[hg4-109] Delila, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-110]">[hg4-110] William W, WAMPLER (1828) [hg5-197]">[hg5-197] Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-198]">[hg5-198] Charles W, WAMPLER [hg6-218]">[hg6-218] Charles Preston, WAMPLER (1908) [hg4-111]">[hg4-111] Peter W, WAMPLER (1830) [hg5-199]">[hg5-199] Laura M, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-200]">[hg5-200] Mary L, WAMPLER (1870) [hg5-201]">[hg5-201] George L, WAMPLER (1866) [hg5-202]">[hg5-202] Inez Fannie, WAMPLER [hg5-203]">[hg5-203] Carey (Carrie), WAMPLER (1863) [hg5-204]">[hg5-204] Dorra E (Dora), WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-205]">[hg5-205] Joana T, WAMPLER [hg5-206]">[hg5-206] Emma H, WAMPLER (1873) [hg5-207]">[hg5-207] Ada E, WAMPLER (1876) [hg5-208]">[hg5-208] Francis Iona, WAMPLER (1869) [hg4-112]">[hg4-112] Henry, WAMPLER (1830) [hg5-209]">[hg5-209] Henry M, WAMPLER (1857) [hg6-219]">[hg6-219] Nellie Maude, WAMPLER (1886) [hg6-220]">[hg6-220] Leote Emogeon, WAMPLER (1887) [hg6-221]">[hg6-221] Clarence Henry, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-222]">[hg6-222] Fred C, WAMPLER (1892) [hg4-113]">[hg4-113] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg4-114]">[hg4-114] Armilda, WAMPLER (1838) [hg4-115]">[hg4-115] Jane C, WAMPLER [hg4-116]">[hg4-116] Mary, WAMPLER [hg3-39]">[hg3-39] Andrew, WAMPLER (1804) [hg4-117]">[hg4-117] James H, WAMPLER [hg4-118]">[hg4-118] George D, WAMPLER [hg4-119]">[hg4-119] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1848) [hg4-120]">[hg4-120] Elizabeth S, WAMPLER (1852) [hg4-121]">[hg4-121] Julia A, WAMPLER [hg3-40]">[hg3-40] Thomas Jefferson, WAMPLER (1806) [hg4-122]">[hg4-122] Austin C, WAMPLER [hg4-123]">[hg4-123] David J, WAMPLER (1831) [hg5-210]">[hg5-210] Martha A, WAMPLER [hg5-211]">[hg5-211] Mary B, WAMPLER [hg5-212]">[hg5-212] Louisa, WAMPLER [hg4-124]">[hg4-124] Sarah A, WAMPLER [hg4-125]">[hg4-125] Mary Jane, WAMPLER [hg4-126]">[hg4-126] Harriet, WAMPLER [hg4-127]">[hg4-127] Albert M, WAMPLER [hg4-128]">[hg4-128] William Ray, WAMPLER (1829) [hg5-213]">[hg5-213] Laura Adlin, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-214]">[hg5-214] Mary Louise, WAMPLER (1854) [hg5-215]">[hg5-215] David Irwin, WAMPLER (1857) [hg6-309]">[hg6-309] William Harley, WAMPLER [hg7-236]">[hg7-236] Clarence, WAMPLER [hg7-237]">[hg7-237] Chester, WAMPLER [hg7-238]">[hg7-238] Brady, WAMPLER [hg7-239]">[hg7-239] Earl, WAMPLER [hg7-240]">[hg7-240] Troy, WAMPLER [hg7-241]">[hg7-241] William Irvin, WAMPLER [hg8-216]">[hg8-216] Harvey Lee, WAMPLER [hg9-46]">[hg9-46] Lexa D'Shaun, WAMPLER (1974) [hg8-217]">[hg8-217] Wayland Roy, WAMPLER [hg8-218]">[hg8-218] Danny Lynn, WAMPLER [hg5-216]">[hg5-216] Austin Emory, WAMPLER (1860) [hg6-223]">[hg6-223] Emma Catherine, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-224]">[hg6-224] Willie Samson, WAMPLER [hg6-225]">[hg6-225] Millie Adeline, WAMPLER (1884) [hg6-226]">[hg6-226] Albert, WAMPLER [hg6-227]">[hg6-227] Minnie Lee, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-228]">[hg6-228] Dicy Mae, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-229]">[hg6-229] Arleta, WAMPLER (1896) [hg6-230]">[hg6-230] Milton Francis, WAMPLER (1901) [hg5-217]">[hg5-217] Milton Valentine, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-218]">[hg5-218] Nancy Ellen (Marie), WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-219]">[hg5-219] Charles Irvin, WAMPLER (1867) [hg5-220]">[hg5-220] Harriet E, WAMPLER (1870) [hg5-221]">[hg5-221] William Ray, WAMPLER [hg5-222]">[hg5-222] William Jasper, WAMPLER (1872) [hg6-231]">[hg6-231] Rossie, WAMPLER [hg6-232]">[hg6-232] Leslie, WAMPLER [hg6-233]">[hg6-233] Estes, WAMPLER [hg6-234]">[hg6-234] Emeory Otis, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-196]">[hg7-196] Ruth, WAMPLER [hg5-223]">[hg5-223] Tennie Walter, WAMPLER (1875) [hg6-235]">[hg6-235] Enoch Willie, WAMPLER (1898) [hg6-236]">[hg6-236] Ray Lloyd, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-197]">[hg7-197] Jessie Ruth, WAMPLER (1927) [hg7-198]">[hg7-198] Gerald Ray, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-193]">[hg8-193] Linda Sue, WAMPLER (1953) [hg8-194]">[hg8-194] Shirley Jo, WAMPLER (1958) [hg7-199]">[hg7-199] Howard Leon, WAMPLER (1930) [hg7-200]">[hg7-200] David Wayne, WAMPLER (1933) [hg7-201]">[hg7-201] Sharon Ruth, WAMPLER (1946) [hg6-237]">[hg6-237] Ruby Ellen, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-238]">[hg6-238] Marie, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-239]">[hg6-239] Tessie, WAMPLER (1909) [hg6-240]">[hg6-240] Jessie, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-202]">[hg7-202] Quetha Jean, WAMPLER (1935) [hg7-203]">[hg7-203] Jessie Dale, WAMPLER (1939) [hg6-241]">[hg6-241] Andrew Jack, WAMPLER (1917) [hg7-204]">[hg7-204] Jackie Dean, WAMPLER (1936) [hg8-195]">[hg8-195] Sandra, WAMPLER [hg8-196]">[hg8-196] Gary, WAMPLER [hg6-242]">[hg6-242] Fay, WAMPLER (1922) [hg6-243]">[hg6-243] Dede, WAMPLER (1924) [hg3-41]">[hg3-41] Sally, WAMPLER (1808) [hg3-42]">[hg3-42] Christian, WAMPLER (1810) [hg4-129]">[hg4-129] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1837) [hg4-130]">[hg4-130] Jesse, WAMPLER (1840) [hg4-131]">[hg4-131] Mary, WAMPLER [hg4-132]">[hg4-132] Christian, WAMPLER [hg4-133]">[hg4-133] Sarah, WAMPLER (1857) [hg4-134]">[hg4-134] Peter W, WAMPLER [hg4-135]">[hg4-135] Harvey G, WAMPLER (1832) [hg5-289]">[hg5-289] Arnold Alonzo, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-276]">[hg6-276] Clayton Hartford, WAMPLER (1899) [hg7-221]">[hg7-221] Glenn Edward, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-202]">[hg8-202] Kurt Evan, WAMPLER (1956) [hg9-29]">[hg9-29] Evan Michael, WAMPLER (1988) [hg9-30]">[hg9-30] Deanna Lee, WAMPLER (1984) [hg8-210]">[hg8-210] Eric Martin, WAMPLER (1959) [hg9-34]">[hg9-34] Elise R, WAMPLER (1985) [hg9-35]">[hg9-35] Kendall D, WAMPLER (1987) [hg9-36]">[hg9-36] Kathryn E, WAMPLER (1989) [hg6-288]">[hg6-288] Besse, WAMPLER (1895) [hg6-289]">[hg6-289] Stella Edith, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-290]">[hg6-290] Edgar Lee, WAMPLER (1901) [hg7-225]">[hg7-225] Ronald, WAMPLER [hg7-226]">[hg7-226] Robert, WAMPLER [hg8-206]">[hg8-206] David, WAMPLER [hg9-31]">[hg9-31] Carolyn, WAMPLER [hg9-32]">[hg9-32] Amy, WAMPLER [hg9-33]">[hg9-33] Jacob, WAMPLER [hg8-207]">[hg8-207] Stephen, WAMPLER [hg8-208]">[hg8-208] Peter, WAMPLER [hg8-209]">[hg8-209] Daniel, WAMPLER [hg6-291]">[hg6-291] Ida Hazel, WAMPLER (1905) [hg6-292]">[hg6-292] Rebecca Ollivene, WAMPLER (1911) [hg5-290]">[hg5-290] Alice, WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-291]">[hg5-291] William Reeves, WAMPLER (1863) [hg6-283]">[hg6-283] N Fred, WAMPLER (1890) [hg6-284]">[hg6-284] Walter C, WAMPLER (1892) [hg6-285]">[hg6-285] Myrtle L, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-286]">[hg6-286] Ida, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-287]">[hg6-287] W Norman, WAMPLER (1907) [hg7-224]">[hg7-224] Lee, WAMPLER (1931) [hg8-204]">[hg8-204] Kirk, WAMPLER [hg8-205]">[hg8-205] Jay, WAMPLER [hg9-37]">[hg9-37] Stacey, WAMPLER [hg5-292]">[hg5-292] Ellen, WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-293]">[hg5-293] David C, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-293]">[hg6-293] Sophia, WAMPLER [hg6-294]">[hg6-294] Lephia, WAMPLER [hg5-294]">[hg5-294] John Taze, WAMPLER (1873) [hg6-295]">[hg6-295] Beulah, WAMPLER [hg6-296]">[hg6-296] Mildred, WAMPLER [hg5-295]">[hg5-295] Clarence A, WAMPLER (1874) [hg6-297]">[hg6-297] Alverta, WAMPLER [hg6-298]">[hg6-298] Charlie, WAMPLER [hg6-299]">[hg6-299] Ray, WAMPLER [hg6-300]">[hg6-300] Ernest, WAMPLER [hg6-301]">[hg6-301] Beulah, WAMPLER [hg6-302]">[hg6-302] Alice, WAMPLER [hg6-303]">[hg6-303] David, WAMPLER [hg6-304]">[hg6-304] Martha, WAMPLER [hg6-305]">[hg6-305] Iris, WAMPLER [hg5-296]">[hg5-296] Mollie A, WAMPLER (1866) [hg4-136]">[hg4-136] David, WAMPLER [hg4-137]">[hg4-137] William, WAMPLER (1881) [hg3-43]">[hg3-43] Mary, WAMPLER (1814) [hg3-44]">[hg3-44] Jacob, WAMPLER [hg3-45]">[hg3-45] Henry, WAMPLER [hg3-46]">[hg3-46] Paris D, WAMPLER (1822) [hg2-9]">[hg2-9] Jacob, WAMPLER (1778) [hg3-47]">[hg3-47] Austin C, WAMPLER (1805) [hg4-138]">[hg4-138] America F, WAMPLER [hg4-139]">[hg4-139] Virginia C, WAMPLER [hg4-140]">[hg4-140] Mornington W, WAMPLER (1858) [hg5-225]">[hg5-225] Lura Ethyl, WAMPLER [hg5-226]">[hg5-226] Ray Campbell, WAMPLER [hg5-227]">[hg5-227] Porter Lee, WAMPLER [hg6-244]">[hg6-244] R.Gibson, Jr, WAMPLER [hg6-245]">[hg6-245] Jack Porter, WAMPLER [hg5-228]">[hg5-228] Josephine Eliz, WAMPLER [hg5-230]">[hg5-230] John Austin, WAMPLER (1910) [hg6-246]">[hg6-246] Betty Joan, WAMPLER [hg4-141]">[hg4-141] Missouri K, WAMPLER [hg4-142]">[hg4-142] Alice Victoria, WAMPLER [hg4-143]">[hg4-143] Lee F, WAMPLER [hg3-48]">[hg3-48] Jane A, WAMPLER [hg3-49]">[hg3-49] Rufus Morgan, WAMPLER (1809) [hg4-144]">[hg4-144] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1842) [hg4-145]">[hg4-145] Austin Alexander, WAMPLER (1845) [hg5-231]">[hg5-231] Pearly Esther, WAMPLER (1878) [hg5-232]">[hg5-232] Kelly Fielder, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-247]">[hg6-247] Lester Phipps, WAMPLER [hg6-248]">[hg6-248] Early Miller, WAMPLER [hg6-249]">[hg6-249] Virginia C, WAMPLER [hg6-250]">[hg6-250] Mabel Pauline, WAMPLER [hg5-233]">[hg5-233] Ollie Pepper, WAMPLER [hg6-251]">[hg6-251] Ray, WAMPLER [hg6-252]">[hg6-252] Helen, WAMPLER [hg6-253]">[hg6-253] Glen, WAMPLER [hg6-254]">[hg6-254] Alfred, WAMPLER [hg6-255]">[hg6-255] Elwood, WAMPLER [hg6-256]">[hg6-256] Dorothy, WAMPLER [hg6-257]">[hg6-257] Opal, WAMPLER [hg6-258]">[hg6-258] Ruth, WAMPLER [hg5-234]">[hg5-234] Grover Cleveland, WAMPLER (1885) [hg6-259]">[hg6-259] Kent Austin, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-205]">[hg7-205] Helen Virginia, WAMPLER [hg7-206]">[hg7-206] Donald Kent, WAMPLER [hg6-260]">[hg6-260] Fred Isaac, WAMPLER (1907) [hg7-207]">[hg7-207] Dan Ward, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-197]">[hg8-197] Dennis Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-198]">[hg8-198] Phillip Mark, WAMPLER [hg7-208]">[hg7-208] Juanita Grace, WAMPLER [hg7-209]">[hg7-209] Carol Lorraine, WAMPLER [hg4-146]">[hg4-146] Ephriam Ward (Wythe), WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-235]">[hg5-235] Marion Brown, WAMPLER (1873) [hg6-277]">[hg6-277] Esther, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-278]">[hg6-278] Fredrick A, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-279]">[hg6-279] Annie Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1907) [hg6-280]">[hg6-280] Vernon M, WAMPLER (1910) [hg6-281]">[hg6-281] Pauline V, WAMPLER (1913) [hg6-282]">[hg6-282] Marion B J, WAMPLER (1919) [hg5-236]">[hg5-236] Virginia Theresa, WAMPLER (1975) [hg5-237]">[hg5-237] Corlie Easter, WAMPLER (1877) [hg5-238]">[hg5-238] Rufus Price, WAMPLER (1879) [hg5-239]">[hg5-239] Margaret Adkins, WAMPLER (1883) [hg5-240]">[hg5-240] Laura Alice, WAMPLER (1885) [hg5-241]">[hg5-241] Fannie Belle, WAMPLER (1887) [hg5-242]">[hg5-242] Preston Hayes, WAMPLER (1889) [hg4-147]">[hg4-147] Leftwich Porter, WAMPLER (1848) [hg5-243]">[hg5-243] Flora C, WAMPLER [hg5-244]">[hg5-244] Ossie L, WAMPLER [hg5-245]">[hg5-245] Guida N, WAMPLER [hg5-246]">[hg5-246] French M, WAMPLER [hg5-247]">[hg5-247] Graves Knox, WAMPLER [hg5-248]">[hg5-248] Garland E, WAMPLER (1884) [hg5-249]">[hg5-249] Lera Boyd, WAMPLER [hg5-250]">[hg5-250] Wythe Fielder, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-261]">[hg6-261] Lillian K, WAMPLER [hg6-262]">[hg6-262] Graves Wythe, WAMPLER [hg7-210]">[hg7-210] Martha Jo, WAMPLER [hg6-263]">[hg6-263] Thorton Garland, WAMPLER (1925) [hg7-211]">[hg7-211] Winifred Kathleen, WAMPLER [hg7-212]">[hg7-212] Janice Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-213]">[hg7-213] Louise Garland, WAMPLER [hg6-264]">[hg6-264] Elbert Hale, WAMPLER (1927) [hg7-214]">[hg7-214] Elbert Hale, WAMPLER [hg7-215]">[hg7-215] Carter Wythe, WAMPLER [hg7-216]">[hg7-216] George Robinson, WAMPLER [hg7-217]">[hg7-217] David Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-218]">[hg7-218] Margaret Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-265]">[hg6-265] Bernard C, WAMPLER [hg6-266]">[hg6-266] Martha Ann, WAMPLER [hg5-251]">[hg5-251] Bess Lillian, WAMPLER [hg5-252]">[hg5-252] Esther C, WAMPLER [hg5-253]">[hg5-253] Eugene Kyle, WAMPLER [hg4-148]">[hg4-148] James L, WAMPLER (1850) [hg5-254]">[hg5-254] Ada Crockett, WAMPLER (1878) [hg5-255]">[hg5-255] Stella, WAMPLER (1879) [hg5-256]">[hg5-256] James, WAMPLER (1881) [hg4-149]">[hg4-149] Margaret Elvira, WAMPLER [hg4-150]">[hg4-150] George W, WAMPLER (1854) [hg5-258]">[hg5-258] Tyler Milton, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-267]">[hg6-267] George Milton, WAMPLER (1912) [hg7-219]">[hg7-219] Darlene Jane, WAMPLER [hg7-220]">[hg7-220] George Edward, WAMPLER (1941) [hg8-199]">[hg8-199] Douglas Edward, WAMPLER [hg8-200]">[hg8-200] Tracie Allyne, WAMPLER [hg8-201]">[hg8-201] Karrie Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-268]">[hg6-268] Robert M, WAMPLER [hg6-269]">[hg6-269] G M, WAMPLER [hg6-270]">[hg6-270] Betty Jo, WAMPLER [hg5-259]">[hg5-259] James Lacey, WAMPLER (1882) [hg6-271]">[hg6-271] Marjorie Lenore, WAMPLER [hg6-272]">[hg6-272] Mary Izora, WAMPLER [hg5-260]">[hg5-260] Garland S, WAMPLER [hg5-261]">[hg5-261] Laura A, WAMPLER [hg5-262]">[hg5-262] Floyd E, WAMPLER [hg5-263]">[hg5-263] Allen Jones, WAMPLER [hg5-264]">[hg5-264] George M, WAMPLER (1894) [hg4-151]">[hg4-151] John McTeer, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-265]">[hg5-265] Haller G, WAMPLER [hg5-266]">[hg5-266] Myrtle Esther, WAMPLER (1886) [hg5-267]">[hg5-267] Edith May, WAMPLER (1887) [hg5-268]">[hg5-268] Pearl Austin, WAMPLER [hg5-269]">[hg5-269] Guy Patterson, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-270]">[hg5-270] Ruth Lavina, WAMPLER (1893) [hg5-271]">[hg5-271] Lena Laura, WAMPLER [hg5-272]">[hg5-272] Ethyl Edna, WAMPLER [hg4-152]">[hg4-152] Laura Esther, WAMPLER (1859) [hg4-153]">[hg4-153] Wythe, WAMPLER [hg3-50]">[hg3-50] Catherine, WAMPLER [hg3-51]">[hg3-51] Elizabeth G, WAMPLER [hg3-52]">[hg3-52] Isaac A, WAMPLER (1812) [hg3-53]">[hg3-53] Ephraim W, WAMPLER (1818) [hg4-154]">[hg4-154] Isaac Texas, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-273]">[hg5-273] Georgie K, WAMPLER [hg4-155]">[hg4-155] Strother Chatwell, WAMPLER [hg4-156]">[hg4-156] Alberta W, WAMPLER [hg4-157]">[hg4-157] Matilda A, WAMPLER (1861) [hg4-158]">[hg4-158] Robert H, WAMPLER (1861) [hg4-159]">[hg4-159] Harvey K, WAMPLER [hg4-160]">[hg4-160] Charles Pomeroy (Pum), WAMPLER (1868) [hg4-161]">[hg4-161] William H, WAMPLER (1871) [hg4-162]">[hg4-162] Emma Florence, WAMPLER (1875) [hg4-163]">[hg4-163] Lillie May, WAMPLER [hg3-54]">[hg3-54] Evalina Esther, WAMPLER (1812) [hg3-55]">[hg3-55] William L, WAMPLER (1822) [hg4-164]">[hg4-164] John Jacob, WAMPLER (1853) [hg5-274]">[hg5-274] Bertha Allen, WAMPLER [hg5-275]">[hg5-275] Laura May, WAMPLER [hg5-276]">[hg5-276] William Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-277]">[hg5-277] George Floyd, WAMPLER [hg5-278]">[hg5-278] Minnie, WAMPLER [hg5-279]">[hg5-279] Julian, WAMPLER [hg4-165]">[hg4-165] Stewart C, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-280]">[hg5-280] William Earnest, WAMPLER [hg5-281]">[hg5-281] Elizabeth Iona, WAMPLER [hg5-282]">[hg5-282] Anna Liza, WAMPLER [hg5-283]">[hg5-283] Albert Victor, WAMPLER (1900) [hg6-273]">[hg6-273] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-274]">[hg6-274] Robert Stewart, WAMPLER [hg6-275]">[hg6-275] Donna Mural, WAMPLER [hg4-166]">[hg4-166] Harvey Saftly, WAMPLER [hg4-167]">[hg4-167] Oswell Rush, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-284]">[hg5-284] Ray Anderson, WAMPLER [hg5-285]">[hg5-285] Mary Dorothy, WAMPLER [hg5-286]">[hg5-286] Arvel Williams, WAMPLER [hg5-288]">[hg5-288] Fannie Ellen, WAMPLER [hg4-168]">[hg4-168] William Floyd, WAMPLER [hg4-169]">[hg4-169] Mary Jane, WAMPLER [hg3-56]">[hg3-56] Martha G, WAMPLER (1823) [hg3-57]">[hg3-57] Harvey S, WAMPLER (1828)

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