dale/brown family album



To my brothers and sister for their input of information and memories of the past.

To the siblings of my brothers and sister:

Jess and Karen Dale
- son and daughter-in-law of John E. Dale/Rosie Leonard.

Barbara Joyce Ray
- daughter of John E. Dale/Phyllis J. Carpenter.

Elmer and Stacey Dale
- son and daughter-in-law to Glen E. Dale/Sharon Walther.

George and Darla J. Higbie - Son and daughter-in-law for the HIGBIE Surname


To those too numerous to mention, but where credit is acknowledge at the specific individuals.

To Mary Brackett, for the Dyer Family Bible contents, daughter of Uncle Garvey Dyer/Aunt Marie Nellie Brown Family - my Moms sister.

To Richard E. Preator Jr. Publisher of the book, "Descendents of James Dyer and Jane Finn of Jackson County, TN, 1998 .  [Will do look-ups of surnames mentioned in the book.]

To Joyce Rogers and Wendy Jacobs for the ancestors of Polly Ann Mitchell, our maternal grandfather's John Brown first wife.

To Janice Parker and Kevin Snell for the ancestors of Emma Snell. Emma is the wife of Oda Brown an adopted son of John Brown and Gussie Thompson.

To Jackie Crawford for the descendants of Henry Schnell/Barbara Unknown of which Emma Snell is a 5th great granddaughter to. 

To Thelma Renshaw a Niece of Verlie Ray Brown, who is a son to Oda Brown and Emma Snell, for the information on Verlie Ray Brown and Helen Prather family. 

To Esther Sprott, Edith Salem, Ruth Sprott/Shearon/Leonard daughters of Jesse A. Sprott/Mable Catherine Dale. Mable C. Dale being my Dad's Sister. Their valuable information has started me in the right direction of finding my Paternal Grand Parents, Lyman and Rosa Sydle Warner, which by the way I just located on the 1700 Fillmore Co., NE Census.

To Daryl Stute for the Descendants of Lyman R. Warner/Rosanna Sydle showing the Ancestors of Edward L. Warner/Laura A. Bartholomew and Charles Andrew Warner/Alzine Hallet. Edward and Charles Warner being children of Lyman R. Warner/Rosanna Sydle.

To Floyd L. Bennett
for the abundance of information provided on the surnames BENNETT, CALDWELL, DYER and collateral surnames. His information is posted through out this site under Family Notes and Individual Notes.

To Prof. Blaine Caldwell for his wiliness to take pictures of headstones in the Thebes, IL area. He is a Prof. of Art a the University of the Ozarks. Check out his prospective at this link: "Blaine Caldwell:

To Debra Matton, Granddaughter to Zephel Harris, a sister of Merritt S. Sanders, for the information on Merritt Smith Sanders/Mary D. Dyer Families. Mom raised Merritt S. Sanders from the age of 6 weeks old, after the death of his mother Mary D. Dyer Sanders, 13 March 1919 till he entered the Army in 1938.

To Roxanne Bayle for the information on the William Riley Dyer/Nancy K.
Swearingen Families of which both Merritt S. Sanders, and Garvey Dyer, my Uncle that married my Moms sister, Aunt Marie Nellie Brown, are a part of. [Editors Note: Nancy K. spelling of her last name varies. I have it spelled; Swangrham, Swearingen, Swangraum, Swangrhum, Swingum.]

To Betty Hawkins for the information on the John Roark Brown/Isabella Glass  Family my Maternal Great Great Grandparents, and their son, Lewis Brown/Julia A. Gause Family, my Maternal Great Grandparents, of which my Moms parents John Brown/Gussie Thompson Family is a son of.

To Kathleen Dyer Ramos for the submission of the Edmond S. Dyer/Mary Elizabeth Buck Family, of which Garvey Dyer is a great great-grandson of.

To Sherri Shearon granddaughter of Ruth Sprott Shearon Leonard for the ancestors of Jesse A. Sprott, and her Mother's Jeanne Lee Finch ancestors.

To Rick Dawson for the families of James Arno Sprott/America Jacqueline L. Dawson, Samuel Riley Jr. Dawson/Margaret Queen, Samuel Riley Dawson/Polly Ann Rogers, Benjamin Dawson/Fanny Purdy Families of which my dads sister, Mable Catherine Dale married Jesse A. Sprott, the son of James and America Sprott. Dawson Surname Sources.

To William Robert Dyer for the parents of Garvey Dyer, Samuel Edmund Dyer/Mary Ellen Ford. Garvey Dyer is the husband of my Moms sister Marie Nellie Brown.

  La Maunte Virginia Fritz for the Ancestors of the LADDUSAW/STILLMAN Families.
      And the Herbert Nicholas RECKINGER/Avis Genevieve LADDUSAW Descendents that Herbert Nicholas Reckinger provided to La Maunte Virginia Fritz.

To Chuck Ward of Tampa, FL, for the Descendents of Joseph Ward/Phebe Parkhurst. Email letter dated 12 Feb 2006 with attachments of 1. History of Madisonville by Mrs. Elizabeth Price, dated 19 April 1920. 2. "YE OLDEN DAYS" pertaining to the Church that was organized in 1801 and the log cabin that was donated by Joseph Ward and his two sons Usual and Israel. 3. Genealogy tidbits of the Ward family. 4. Joseph Ward Descendants.

To Annette (Ann) Carroll, email: "" for the Ancestors and Descendents of Nahum Sargeant/Huldah Chapman of which their daughter Huldah Sargeant married John Bartholomew/Huldah Sargeant and their daughter Laura A. Bartholomew married Edward L. Warner/Laura A. Bartholomew.
Edward Warner being the son of Lyman R. Warner/Rosanna Sydle. Their daughter Sarah Lizzie Warner being my Paternal Grandmother.

To Mary L. Madsen For the Descendants of John Roark Brown/Isabella Glass Family. Their son Lewis Lightner Brown /Julia A. Gause and my Maternal Grandfather John Brown/Gussie Thompson. Their daughter Florence Mae Brown being my Mother. for the family of John S. Dale/Cora E. Bliss. Their son Charles A. Dale married Maude Nell Penn. John S. Dale was a Brother to my grandfather Willard Edward Dale. for the ancestors and descendents of Cora E. Bliss, she is the wife of John S. Dale.



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