The Families of Dallas County, Arkansas
Compiled by Jamila Z. Sloan
Welcome to my Dallas County Web Site!
I started out doing an one name study of the SMITH Families of Dallas County, Arkansas from 1845 til 1930, but I realized that if I was going to resarch SMITHs, then I better research all of the Dallas County Families, and that is what I have started to do.
I have tried to protect the information I have on the living, but I do have some dates passed 1930 if that person had an entry in The Dallas County Marriage Index Book or was enumerated in the 1930 US Census.
I used the following sources for this research:
The 1850 thru 1930 US Census Soundex & Miracodes for Dallas County, Arkansas.
World Connect at Rootsweb.Com
The Dallas County Cemetery Book, produced by the Dallas County Extension Homemakers Council
The Dallas Couty Marriage Index 1845~1959, Compiled by Dwight Shubbert.
Please Note: If you find an female whose surname is listed in brackets, such as (SMITH). It just means I was either unable to find out the person’s maiden name or they were married previously and no marriage record exsits in Dallas County. Usually, these were entries in The Cemetery Book.
This is an ongoing project, so please check back often and send any updates or corrections to
Thanks Jamila
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