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ABOUT THIS SITE (Comments by Cleadie Barnett)

    Betty Damery and I met some 20 to 25 years ago, and like most people interested in genealogy, rubbed shoulders off and on from then on. 
    Betty's interest centered around Queens County, and while traveling among the many cemeteries looking for family members she became aware of a number of cemeteries with stones that might soon disappear, so she decided to take photos of these stone, and the whole cemetery. Her collection soon totaled over 4000 photos, and she was looking for a way to share them with others. A casual remark let me (cbb) to offer to make a website for her, and teach her how to continue to add more herself. Unfortunately, her husband's illness and subsequent passing, put this effort on hold, and it was at the suggest of a third party that we got the ball rolling again this year.
    Cleadie's interest in genealogy began as a young child. Growing up in Saint John during World War II, cousins by the dozen used our home as a stopping place while on leave, as did family members visiting these boys. It took some doing to keep them all in proper families in my mind. 
    I became one of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick's first "customers" when it opened in the late 1960s. One of my first volunteer projects was to collect all the many scraps of paper that held cemetery records, and place them in an organized system - by Counties eventually. Since I already had several transcripts of my own, and many others were working along similar lines these files soon grew quite large.
    Since I also kept a copy of the many sheets I made I eventually had a very large collection, which I first published on my website - New Brunswick's Past. A few years later I became associated with various County GenWeb sites, and moved my copies to those sites - Sunbury, York, Queens, Saint John Counties, and St. Andrews Parish, and now Kings County. When I decided to dedicate my New Brunswick's Past site to different topics I passed along the remainder of my cemetery records to the other County sites. Some were used, others were not. I have searched the various sites and have linked the one that are on their sites to the corresponding lists on this site, and have added all the information for those counties who have not used them (or will by the time this site is fully revised.) With the digital camera I too began to take photos of tombstones, and have added them to this site.

Mar 2007
    During the month of March 2007, this site is undergoing a major revamping, and expansion. The initial aim was to get all the cemetery transcripts held by Cleadie Barnett, online, in whatever format was quickest, with a bit of "fixing" to form a semblance of conformity (more yet to do.) From there links were made to existing online items, either on this site, or elsewhere. This gave us a good idea what direction to take to complete the overall design, and steps were taken to bring them about. It will still take many hours of formatting, sorting the photos, etc. before the work is caught up to date with the materials on hand. 
    There are two little cameras on the county list pages. The dark camera means there are actual photos on the site they are beside. The camera may be linked to the site, or the link may be made by the name of the cemetery. Just pass the cursor over the camera to see if there is a link there.
    The faded camera means we have photos for that cemetery, but have not had time to mount them. If you are interested in one of those cemeteries, drop a line to us at the e-mail address above and I will put it next on my list to upload. (In the order I receive the requests.)
= photos added 
camera.gif = photo waiting

    There are many types of cemetery listings on this site. Over time they will be refined, but for now they are being added "as is" so that you will note the many places a cemetery record might be found. There are a number of list for areas that are not on the internet - such as:
    - Published - for these you could check with various Libraries -- often through Inter-Libray loans
    - LDS Lists - check "Family Search" - their films can often be ordered on Inter-Libray loans as well
    - There are also lists made by individuals and organizations - these are held in special collections as named.

Oct 2010
    Since my last post a lot of changes have occured. Most of the cemetery have been listed, many with their photos and updated text. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago I ran out of time and energy to complete the transcriptions, so I added the remainder of the photos in Albums to make them available to researchers.
    These Albums contained the photos of individual cemeteries, but had no text, which meant they had to be viewed one at a time. Earlier this month I began the task of removing the Albums and transcribing the information on the stones, so they could be searched by names. Hopefully this project will be completed within the next few weeks.

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