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Damuth Family

This branch was part of the Palatine emigration of 1709 from the German Palatinate to London to the Hudson Valley of New York and finally to the Mohawk Valley east of present day Utica 

Originally named "Demuth" (which means "humble" in German) the name was changed just before the Revolutionary War, perhaps to more closely match the German pronunciation (Day-moot). My family pronounces the name DAY-muth. Others pronounce it deh-MUTH (long "U"). Some of the family still resides in upstate New York, but most have scattered throughout the US and Canada.

This page will be part of an attempt to "find" descendants of this unusual name and connect them.

By the way, the Southern Colonel looking guy on the right is Dolphus Damuth who was born in 1839 in New York, served with a Wisconsin infantry unit during the Civil War and died in Fort Atkinson, WI in 1913. You'll find him as #38 in the George Demuth line below.

Dolphus Damuth, born 1839 in Oneida Co. New York
    • Alexander Demuth (b. ca. 1660) using Henry Z. Jones' info
    • Daniel Damuth (b.1800 Oneida Co., NY) 

    • and Phoebe Root (b. 1803, NY)
    • George Demuth (b. 1740 Herkimer Co., NY)

    • and Anna Weaver (died about 1792, Oneida Co., NY)
    • Checkout Pat Demuth's newsletter for the Demuth lines.
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