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Lester Fayette Hall and Mary Magdalene Fortner

lesterfayette picture Lester Fayette Hall, b. 30 December 1893 in Pawnee Rock, Barton County, Kansas, d. 15 September 1966 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma

Father: James Hall, b. 27 October 1868 in Russell Township, Geauga County, Ohio, d. 21 June 1949 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma
Mother: Gertrude Dellinger, b. 3 July 1874 in Wadesburg, Missouri, d. 1 April 1920 in Enid, Oklahoma
While living in Ponca City during the depression, Lester held many jobs. He worked for the Ponca City Milling Company. He worked for a short time a the night-watchmen for the Ringling Brothers' Circus. He was payed with circus tickets.

Lovell and Fannie Fortner gave Lester and Maggie $400 in 1933 and gave them the 160 acres which Leo Fortner had owned near Stillwater. The old farm house was already on the farm. Lester fixed up this house and lived their. Lester purchased his first tractor in 1938.

Lester lived in Fairview, OK. He and Maggie lived in Fairview the first few years of their marriage.

Spouse: "Mary Magdalene Fortner", b. 11 November 1890 in Woodlawn, Kansas, d. 15 November 1965 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma

Father: Lovelace "Lovel" Patterson Fortner, b. 15 February 1866 in Rushville, Rush County, Indiana
Mother: Fannie J. Miller
Married 6 February 1915 in Isabella, Major County, Oklahoma.
Moved to the Hall Farm 1933 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma.


  • Ruth Hall, b. 1915 in Isabella, Major County, Oklahoma, m. Loren Martin
  • "James Edsel Hall", b. 19 March 1922 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma, m. Juanita Chloe Austin, 31 October 1939 in Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • Forrest Lester Hall, b. 6 July 1927 in Ponca City, Oklahoma, m. Barbara Jean Gallagher, 15 November 1943 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, d. 3 April 1968 in San Antonio, Texas

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