Origins of the Hall Surname
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Origins of the Hall Surname

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The Name and Family of Hall

compiled by the Media Research Bureau,

Washington, D.C.

The Name Hall has several possible derivations.  The one considered the most probable is from the old Norse hale and the Anglo-Saxon haele, meaning ``hero''.  Another possibility is the Norwegian hallr, meaning ``flint''; while some authorities contend that the name is from the English Manor House or Halle; and still others that it is from the Welsh word for salt, hall, and that it came to the family through the name given to some early estate because of the salt deposits found thereon.

There are many spellings of the name, among which are Halle, Haall, Haul, Haull, Hawl, and Holl.  This is probably due to the diversified origins of the family. 

Other early colonists of the Hall family were James Hall, who settled in Pennsylvania in 1732; Richard Hall of Maryland, 1670; Hugh Hall of Virginia, 1635; and James and John Hall of Virginia, 1635.

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