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The genealogical record for the Dands from Scotland begins with information taken from church records at Auchterhouse and Fowlis Easter (both places on the outskirts of Dundee) microfilmed by the Latter day Saints.

Patrick Dand and Agnes Chalmers, both born about 1720
2nd child of five children
David Dand (christened Mar. 13,1748) married Jan. 2, 1782 to Helen Miller
2nd child of seven children
James Dand (christened June 5, 1785) married Janet Stretton
5th or 8th child ? of eight or maybe eleven children
William Robertson Dand (christened Dec. 26, 1819) married Marion Wright

Click the map to view the family tree the Dands from Scotland,
descendants of Patrick and Agnes Dand

William Robertson Dand and Marion (Wright) Dand emmigrated to Lower Canada in 1850 with their oldest four children, six more were later born in Canada.

Click for their emmigration story and to view maps of the area they settled at Ladybank, Osprey Township, Grey County in Upper Canada.
  • Descendants of William Robertson Dand and Marion (Wright) Dand

  • Margaret married William Thomson, widowed, married Campleman Bowes
    -Also includes her children's families, the Edward's, the Spencer's and the Ferguson's and more
    -The Smith family is linked through the Ferguson Family page.
    Janet "Jennet"
    married Sarah Fowler
    married Joanna "Annie" May
    mentioned below
    died as an infant
    married Thomas Monoghan
    married Edward Croft
    married George Sayers
    married James Sayers
    -both died in a house fire along with Sarah's mother
    -6 newspaper articles relating to this family

  • Mungo Dand and his families with two different wives Catherine Anne Munroe and Anne Marie Spencer
        and all their children's families:                                             This page also links to the Munro (Munroe) family
  • Janet "Jennie"
    Marion "Minnie"
    Margaret "Maggie"
    Mungo C.A.
    married Alex McIntyre
    married Gertrude Alice Colquette
    married John McRae
    married Jack Graham
    died as an infant
    mentioned below
    died as an infant
    died in world war one
    married Ethel Alma Broughton
    married David McKinley

    William and his brother-in-law   ?   Colquette had a construction company building houses first in Winnipeg then later in Regina. His brothers James and Martin worked with this construction firm. William, James, Martin and Colquette are included in group photos of the different crews that worked for the company.
  • James and Mary Jane (Dunne) Dand raise their family at Coleville, Saskatchewan

  • Reference pages regarding topics:
  • The surname Dand
  • The relevance of surnames in genealogy
  • Naming Patterns
  • About old Parish Records in Scotland
  • Old Parish Records from Scotland - records used for this ancestory file
          - all records obtained from the microfiche records of the Latter Day Saints
  • Old Parish Records from Scotland - for the surname Dand (all)
         - 372 records filmed on microfiche. Some are listed more than once. (duplicates on different film numbers)
  • Some Causes of Emigration from Scotland

  • Maps Geography / History
  • Scotland
  • These files are very large,
    allow ample time to load
        Map of Perth - Dundee area
        Parishes west of Dundee
  • About the parishes:
        Fowlis Easter

  • Statistical Account of Scotland, written 1791-1799
  • Statistical Account of Scotland, published in 1845
  • Ontario
  • Townships around Osprey Township
        -shows the locations of the villages in Osprey Twp.)
  • Feversham and Maxwell in Osprey Township
  • Dand's Farm location in the twp. map of Osprey
  • Flesherton and Eugenia in Artemisia Township

  • My favorite pages
  • Martin Dand
        June 6, 1916 at the age of 23, Martin lost his life in the battle of Mount Sorrel in the first world war. View the photos of
        Martin and read three different accounts of the battle which took over 13,000 lives in a ten day period.
  • Martin's Letters    
        A collection of 34 letters (dated June 21, 1914 - June 4, 1916) written to two of his sisters while working out west,
        his thoughts about signing up for World War One and his letters home while training in England.
        He wrote letters from the trenches in Belgium, the last one was two days before he was killed in action there.
  • Charles Bertram Smith
        An autobiography written in 1964. Charles married into the Ferguson family and ran a newspaper in Creemore Ontario.
  • Biography of James and Mary Dand
        Also descripes some history on the family of Mungo Dand
  • Bruce Mungo Dand
        A tribute to our father life.   Greg, Colleen, Kirk, Ryan and Shannon

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  • Margaret Dand Thomson Bowes    At under the heading "Notable Women Ancestors"
        Written by Gary Edwards
  • The Canadian Virtual War Memorial    A tribute to soldiers put online by Veterans Canada
        Links to items about Martin Dand

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