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The Four Generations
Alexander L.Gray,Seaman H. Gray,Donald Gray
Donald George Gray(1 yr.old)


Alexander L. Gray                Mary Emma Hartman

Seaman H. Gray                 Donald Gray {CLICK HERE)

Donald George Gray                       Eric Scott Gray

Don and Barb Gray

Above we have a machinist and his wife, two school teachers, one of whom was a Marine also, a meteorologist and his wife and a high school student with Corbett.

Alexander found it hard to pay the bills sometimes, on his machinist's pay, but Mary Emma managed to find a dime occasionally in the evening after the two girls had gone to bed and she would send Seaman across the street for ice cream.Seaman told this story over and over......

Seaman grew up to be a pattern maker and served as an apprentice who made wood patterns for metal castings.He worked on the patterns for the motor of Lindbergh's plane, the Spirit of St.Louis.He told this story over and over......also.
Seaman became an impeccable wordworker and cabinet maker,which led to his job as an Industrial Arts teacher at Hawthorne High School, where his students nicknamed him"Uncle Sy".


Seaman and grandson Donald
GRANDPA !!!!!!!!!!!!

His son Don joined the Marines in October,1943,after having been  graduated from high school in June of that year.Radar was in its infancy at the time and he was chosen to train to be a radar technician.His tour of duty took him to the Pacific and he was on Okinawa when the war ended in 1945.
He attended Columbia University on the G.I.Bill(which he believes to be one of the greatest government programs,ever.)He was a bank teller for a few years and then became a Junior High School Teacher of math and science. After receiving his M.A. degree,he became a Guidance Counselor,also.

Seaman's grandson Donald George knew that he wanted to be a meteorologist from about the age of ten on.He is a graduate of Penn.State University and has worked for N.O.A.A.,(National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) in the weather satellite division since his graduation in 1970.

Donald's son Eric is a hard working student and an accomplished trumpet player.

The Alexander Gray Children, l to r : Helen Gray Harding,( daughter-in law,
Jessie Utter Gray), Seaman Gray and Marion Gray