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Ezekiel Cherry (1817-1900)

Ezekiel Cherry was born February 20, 1817 to Jarrard William Cherry and Sarah Holland. In his lifetime he lived in Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas (not necessarily in that order).

On March 27, 1835 Ezekiel married his cousin Martha K. Cherry. Together they had six children: Jarred Cherry born October 18, 1837; Susan born December 11, 1841; Margaret born December 18, 1844; John Holland August 28, 1846; Caroline "Carrie" born November 18, 1849; and William LaFayette born August 2, 1851.

On May 28, 1857 Martha K. died. Ezekiel later married Mary Jane Cherry. Printed in the Navarro (Texas) Scroll 1985 it said, "Ezekial Cherry (born around 1817 in Louisiana) and his wife Mary Jane, settled in the Kerens area with a number of their children. Descendants still in Kerens are Lucille Anderson Reese, a great granddaughter; Peggy Anderson Brown, a great, great granddaughter; Laura Brown, a great, great, great granddaughter; Karen Crawford, a great, great, great, granddaughter; Michael Crawford, a great, great grandson Ben Russell Cherry, and great great grandson and his wife, Mary Nell Shelton Cherry, their son Benny Cherry and his wife, Sherry Cherry and their two children. Benny Cherry has been active on the Kerens School Board and on the Kerens City Council."

Ezekiel and Mary Jane had the following children: Charlie C., Bernard, and Emma Kathryn (Kittie). The 1880 Navarro, Texas census film # 1255321 list Ezekial, 63, KY, Farmer, TN, KY; Mary J., 52, TN, TN, TN; Emma Z., 19, AL, KY, TN.

Ezekiel died April 7, 1900 and is buried in Jimmerson Cemetery. It is located approximately 1/4 mile east off a dirt road between Goodlow Community, south of Kerens, Texas, and FM road 1393, near Rush Creek. Mary Jane died September 9, 1900. She is also buried at Jimmerson Cemetery as is their son Charlie and daughter Kittie.

Written by Angie Collier July 31, 2003

Updated November 29, 2004

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