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The Fred Gunter Family taken about 1911
Pictured are Etole, Fred, Elois (standing) and Eula (lap)
Fred Neshach Gunter (1886-1938)

Fred was born April 15, 1886 in Harkey Valley, Yell County, Arkansas. He was born to Thomas Jefferson Gunter and Sarah Ann Delphenia Harkey. Fred was the 7th of 13 children born to Thomas and Delphenia. Delphenia had her first 8 children in Harkey Valley, Arkansas and then 5 more in San Saba County, Texas.

Fred married Etole (spelling unsure) Myers on December 23, 1907. Etole was the daughter of Thomas Ural Myers and Mary Molly Bennett Beene.

Fred and Etole had four daughters born is San Saba County, Texas. Their children included: Elois, Eula, Lorene, and Freddie. Eula and Lorene died in 1918 due to a flu epidemic.

Fred died February 16, 1938. Fred is buried in the San Saba City Cemetery, San Saba, Texas. Etole died September 1, 1956 in Brownwood and is buried in the City Cemetery.

Photo Etole standing top right with parents, daughter and granddaughter

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