Johann Christian Hubenthal

Johann Christian Hubenthal was born in Germany June 11, 1790.  He married Eva Elizabetha Kellner on November 24, 1825 in Hesse Germany.  They had 7 children:  Margaretha (May 14, 1828), Martha Elizabetha (February 11, 1830), Wilhelm (Sept. 29, 1831), Wilhelm Heinrich (August 2, 1833), Maria (November 20, 1836), Carl Freidrich (Sept. 19, 1845) and Catharina Elizabetha (December 28, 1848).

In 1850  the Hubenthals immigrated to the United States on November 29, 1850 via the ship Minna from Bremen, Germany.  They lived in New York and Cass County, Indiana.

Logansport Pharos
August 22, 1900
Logansport, Indiana

A birthday anniversary surprise party
occurred Monday at the home of
Charles Hubenthal of Bethlehem township,
in honor of his mother, Mrs.
Hubenthal, who has reached the ripe
age of ninety-two years. About sixty
of her children, grand-children and
great-grandchildren and other relatives
were present. A sumptuous dinner was
served, and "Aunty", as she is familiarly
called, received several appropriate
presents. Mrs. Hubenthal came to this
country from Germany about sixty
years ago and settled on the farm
where she now makes her home with
her son Charles, Although this is the
third birthday reunion given by her
many friends and relatives, it was so
skillfully planned as to be a complete
surprise to the venerable lady. Mrs. N.
Gillespi and Mrs. Anna Stevens of the
Eastend were among the guests present.
Mrs. Hubenthal shed tears of joy
at the tender remembrances of her

John and Eva were buried at Metea/Spring Creek Baptist Cemetery, Metea, Indiana.

Sources:  Nancy Hill and Cass County, Indiana website Matea/Spring Creek Baptist Cemetery

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