Hugh Clark

Hugh and Mary Ann Clark

Hugh Clark (1841-1929)

Hugh Clark was born March 11, 1841 in Cocke County, Tennessee. Mary Ann Bible was born August 17, 1843 in Cocke County, Tennessee. Hugh and Mary Ann married April 14, 1861. Hugh Clark was the son of John Hunter Clark and Mary Ann “Polly” Hood. Mary Ann Bible was the daughter of Jacob Biel Bible and Arabel Cleary (Cleary history ). Hugh and Mary Ann lived in Del Rio, Tennessee, where they had eight children: Joseph Ezra, April 4, 1862; Mary Ellen, October 13, 1864; John Mordecai, September 22, 1867; William Andrew, August 25, 1870; Sarah Jane, October 14, 1875;Judy Maybell, May 30, 1879; Oceola “Ocie”, October 20, 1882; Loyd Robert, March 1886.

Mary Polly Clark (mother of Hugh Clark) and her brother, Barrs Hood (who married Harriet Jane Ellison), Hugh Clark and his family, the Ellison family, Merredeth family and the Proffit family moved from Tennessee to Texas in 1873. My information says "This group came to Texas through Arkansas--having stayed in Arkansas a few months because of an Indian uprising." (Jack Clark) From there they traveled to Louisiana. They put the women on a boat in New Orleans and the women rode to Galveston, Texas. The men came by wagon and walked. They met the women at Galveston and traveled to Burnet County, Texas.

Hugh was a hog farmer in Tennessee. In Texas he farmed, hunted and fished. He was never content without a river nearby. Hugh would plant three chinaberry trees close together, and when they started to grow, he would braid them. As the trees grew, he would tie a weight to the top of the trees. He kept putting more weights on the trees until he had the right curve. He then cut the tree, peeled the bark off, put a rubber cap on the bottom and he had a beautiful walking cane.

Hugh bought a place on Morgan Creek, which runs into lake Buchanan, according to Courthouse records. According to Burnet County history, Hugh abandoned this property because it was against his religion to own a lot of property. Hugh along with his two sons, Will and Joe and their families, moved to San Saba County, Texas in 1903.

Mary Ann’s ancestors came from Germany and she was proud of her heritage (Bible History). She didn’t fear the wilderness or the Indians. When she wanted to visit with relatives or friends, she would take her children and go. Will Clark said his mother put her family above everything else - her children came first. Will Clark was very close to his mother and admired her courage. He said she was a perfect match for his father.

Hugh and Mary Ann are buried at the Richland Cemetery between Marble Falls and Smithwick in Burnet County, Texas.

Ocie and May

Sources: Jack Clark and Naomi Chadwick.

Compiled by Angie Collier in 2002

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