James Daniell (1721-17??) </head>

James Daniell (1721-17??)

James Daniell was born in 1721 in Stafford County, Virginia. He was the son of William and Frances O'Daniell. He lived in Fairfax County Virginia until around 1750 when he moved to Craven County, South Carolina. He was married twice. The first wife is unknown. The second is Nancy Hardwick, daughter of William Garland Hardwick and Kessiah Cynthia Parker.

A 1757 deed of sale by James of his 100 acres inherited from his father, William, in Fairfax Co, Virginia gives detail to the time James moved his family from Virginia to South Carolina. After identifying himself as "James O'DANIEL of the Province of South Carolina" in the preamble of the deed, he signs four parts of the deed as James DANIELL. According to the History of Hancock County, Georgia, page 138, "James DANIEL is thought to have been the James O’DANIEL who came to South Carolina about 1749 or 1750 from Virginia." His 8 children were likely to have been born in South Carolina.

After the 1790 South Carolina census, James moved his family to Island Creek in Hancock County, Georgia, where he and Nancy joined the Island Creek Baptist Church. He kept a home near Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, later bequeathing it to his son, Jose DANIELL. James DANIEL moved to Hancock County Georgia after the Revolution. Whether he took an active part in the War of the Revolution or was too old to do so is not known, but that he was one of those who "aided and abetted" the cause of the Americans is an established fact. His name is mentioned in the official records of South Carolina as giving aid to the Americans. He also mentions in his will, signed in 1797, his "three bounties" in Hancock County. The last will and testement for James Daniell is in the courthouse in Sparta, Georgia. His will was proved March 5, 1798. In a letter, dated October 27, 1927, to Mrs. Louisa Floyd Wilson of Macon, Georgia from the South Carolina Historical Commission, Mr. A. S. Salley, Jr. states that there is a record of pay to James DANIELL for supplies furnished to the Continental Army. "In the volume marked on the enclosed list of publications of this Commission you will find a record of pay issued to James DANIEL for supplies furnished during the Revolutionary War."

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