Matheaus Kubitz

Matheaus Kubitz (1837-1892)

Matheaus Kubitz was born October 27, 1837 to Johann and Hanna Kubitz. Matheaus came to Texas from Duerrback, Prussia (Germany) in 1854 with his parents and siblings. The Wendish form of this surname is Kubica. It was changed to the German form Kubitz.

Matheaus married Hanna Bittner in Fayette County, Texas about 1875. Hanna was born in Dauban, Prussia (Germany) on November 9, 1856. She immigrated to Texas about 1869, according to Aunt Gertrude she was 11 or 12. In the 1870 census of Fayette County, Texas, Ann Buettner was living with the Mathis Domaschk family.

Children born to Matheaus and Hanna: Maria Theresa, Jan. 15, 1877; Selma Mathilde, November 1879; Emma Theresia, March 23, 1882; Herman John, May 23 , 1889; and Martha, Dec. 13, 1891.

Matheaus Kubitz is mentioned in the book Fayette County Past and Present written by LaGrange High School in 1976. Matheaus is talked about living on Rabb's Creek and joined with other families to start a Lutheran church in Warda. Prior to 1873 they were worshiping in Serbin and their children had to board in Serbin to attend school. They organized the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession (Evangelische Lutherische Kreuz Gemeinde) or Holy Cross Lutheran Church on March 17, 1873.

Mattheaus was a musician according to Aunt Gertrude. He played the harp, organ, harmonica and other instruments.Matheaus asked for the harp and played it before he died. Oral history is that Mattheaus had told his daughter Mary that she could have the organ but Mary's mother, Anna, gave the organ to Matheaus' brother when Matheaus died.

Written by Angie Collier, August 13, 2003

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