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William O'Daniel (1691-1728)

William O'Daniel came to Virginia in the early 1700s. O'Daniel was primarily in Clare, Donegal, Tipperary and Galway Counties of Ireland. All of those are in central Ireland with Galway being a seaside county. O'Daniel is recorded as being from the O'Donnell clan of Ireland.  There has not been an emigration record found for William O'Daniel.  

He lived in Accotink Run, Stafford County, Virginia.  He married Frances, and they had 6 children:  John, William, James, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Anne.

William was a planter who grew tobacco.  He paid his property taxes in pounds of tobacco.  William O'Daniel's Last Will and Testament was recorded in Will book K.  Virginia Will Records, a Missing Will Book of Stafford County and it's contents p. 372 records O'Daniel, William (1728), p. 290 will.

Frances married her neighbor, John Gladen.  She and her sons are listed in John Gladen's will dated 1749.

John Gladin named no children in his will of 19 August 1749, which he gave and bequeathed "unto Frances Gladin my dear and well-beloved wife the plantation I now live on during her life of Alexander's Lease with all the appurtenences belonging to it. Likewise the two hundred and seventy acres where Daniel Ansdell now lives likewise the negro man named Joe and Negro Woman Sarah and two white servants Christopher and Margaret after this Crop is made. Likewise Corn and Tobacco after my debts are paid that is now growing and wheat and the stock of horses, cattle and hogges on the said Plantation Except the Ball horse and grey mare Likewise I bequeath to my said wife all the sheep Except five Like wise I bequeath unto my said wife the first best bed and furniture, after she has had the first Choice I make a reserve of two best beds and furniture and the rest to be all her own on the said plantation during her Natural Life and no longer and after her decease unto Sarah Nelson my god daughter for ever." John Gladin appointed Frances' son, William Daniel, executor over Frances Gladin's share of his estate. The remainder of John's land and estate went to his goddaughter, Sarah Nelson, daughter of Ann Nelson. John designated Frances' son, John Dannel, executor over Sarah's bequeaths.

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