Thomas R. Adams
Thomas R. Adams (1817-1883)

Thomas R. Adams was born to Margaret Windes (born circa 1795) and Samuel Adams (born circa 1795). The 1880 census record lists Samuel as being born in Ireland.  Samuel and Margaret had four children, Thomas R., James, Rebecca & William. Both parents died before 1830 & Dr. Thomas Smith was appointed guardian of the orphans. He filed annual accounts of expenditures through Jan. 1837, when Thomas reached age 20 and assumed responsibility for his siblings. Thomas then moved to DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. His slaves built the first court house at Mansfield around 1844. His mother Margaret had been given slaves via the Will of her brother, Samuel Windes Jr (1790-1821).

In 1846 Thomas R. married Maria Luisa de Arocha. Thomas R. Adams and Maria Luisa de Arocha had 12 or 13 children, of whom they raised 10 children:  

William Means Adams born 12 Dec 1848 and died 27 November 1925. Married Agatha Josephine Zurchmadden, daughter of Ferdinand zur Schmedden and Pauline Schuler. Thomas E. Adamsborn 26 July 1850 and died 5 March 1932. Married Caroline Cherry and Gay Jackson. Margaret Erma "Maggie" Adams born 3 January 1852 and died 10 February 1943. Married W. D. Hobgood, and Benjamin Franklin McGee. Jane "Jennie" V. Adams born 1 April 1853 and died 16 May 1941.  Married James M. Reed. Martha "Maude" Adams born ca 1856.  Married Bob Henson. Julius Cater "Jules" Adams born 7 May 1858 and died 28 July 1929.  Married Fillisee Arie. Laurah Antoinette "Nettie" Adams born 6 July 1860 and died 13 February 1907.  Married James Louis Odum, Sr.  Mary T. "Mamie" Adams born 30 October 1861 and died 22 January 1909. Married Joseph Robert Rambin. Lula Ione Adams born 24 January 1868 and died 8 February1923.  Married Charles A. Rambin. Charley Rogers Adams born 2 November 1869 and died 8 June 1929. Married Ollie Mayfield "May" Odum. She was the widow Wheeler.

 In 1850 Thomas R. is listed as being the owner of 4 slaves in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. In 1861 he is listed as having 10 slaves.Thomas died March 3, 1883 at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. He is buried at Grove Hill Cemetery which is in the Dolette Hills of DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.

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Written by Angie Collier December 17, 2003

Updated with information from Helen Odum Harrell on March 29, 2006

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