William Gary Cotton 1840

William Gary Cotton (right corner) shown with son Willie Parnell,
daughter-in-law Susan Morgan Cotton,
and grandchildren Emmie Adell, Joseph Parnell,
Robert Wylie, John Holly, and Mary Emma

William Gary Cotton (1840-1914)

William was born to Thomas Cotton and Rachel Lucy Oliver in May of 1840. He was a Civil War Veteran in Harris County, Georgia. He first married Martha (Mattie) and they had two children Thomas Lee and Willie Parnelle. Thomas and Willie Parnelle were born in Alabama; Thomas on February 4, 1874 and Willie Parnelle in February 10, 1876.

By 1880 the Cotton family had moved to Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. Williamís brother John was living with them. William and John were both working as grocers, and Martha worked as a seamstress.

About 1887 William married again to Margaret and they had a son, Charlie, born in Georgia in September 1887. In the 1900 census William had a farm in Harris County, Georgia and his son Thomas is living next door with his wife Ella and son Will Lee. William and Margaret continued to farm in Harris County, Georgia.

Written by Angie Collier August 2003

Sources: Jean Cotton, and United States Census Records

Updated October 2, 2004 with information from Angela Packer

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