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Wesley Greer (1820-1897)

Wesley Greer was born November 4, 1820, in Claiborne County, Mississippi, died November 22, 1897, at Llano, Texas, and was buried in the Llano Cemetery. He was the son of Aaron and Susannah Greer.

His father, Aaron Greer, was born in 1775 in South Carolina and died May 14, 1853, at Downsville in Union Parish, Louisiana. His mother, Susannah (maiden name unknown) was born in 1795 in South Carolina and died September 14, 1852, in Union Parish, Louisiana. Aaron and Susannah Greer were married in 1815 in South Carolina.

Wesley Greer was first married to Mary Frances Cox, daughter of Isaac Cox, on November 14, 1844, in Union Parish, Louisiana. Mary Frances was born December 29, 1829 in Clark County, Alabama and died November 25, 1856, in Burnet County, Texas. She was buried in the Hoover's Valley Cemetery of western Burnet County.

After Mary Frances'death, Wesley Greer was married June 11, 1857, in Burnet County to Mary Jane Keele, who was born August 29, 1840, in Bedford County, Tennessee, and died November 4, 1902, at Llano, Texas, with burial in the Llano cemetery. Mary Jane was the daughter of Maston Green Clay Keele, who was born 1800 in Bedford, County, Tennessee, and died in 1872 in Bell County, Texas. M. G. C. Keele was married August 20, 1839, in Cannon County, Tennessee, to Rachel Hoover, who was the daughter of Henry and Mary Moreland Hoover, was born December 4, 1823, in Cannon County, Tennessee, and died in 1875 while on a visit in Cannon County, Tennessee.

Wesley Greer, his first wife, and four children came to Burnet County sometime during the winter of 1853-54 with the Hoover families, the M.G.C. Keeles, and others, stopping for a time near old Fort Croghan and in Burnet. The families settled a few years later in the Hoover's Valley community; however, the Keeles later moved to Bell county and the Greers to Llano county. Josiah Greer, brother of Wesley Greer, built a grist and saw mill on Morgan Creek in the Council Creek community of Burnet County in the early 1860's, and some of the Greers lived for a time in the that community.

The children of Wesley and Mary Frances Cox Greer, all born in Union Parish, Louisiana, were as follows:
1. Susannah Permelia, born August 4, 1846, and died February 8, 1868. She was married October 19, 1865, in Burnet County to Thomas Fry, son of J.W. Fry, who was born July 13, 1843, in Illinois and died April 3, 1927. Their children were: (1)John Wesley, born October 6, 1866, in Burnet County and married Della Farr; (2) Margeret Franklin (Maggie), born December 3, 1867, in Burnet County, who married Joe E. Clark on October 29, 1885; and (3) Nathaniel, who died while young.

2. William Jefferson, born March 25, 1848, and died June 8, 1928, in San Angelo, Texas. He was first married April 5, 1866, to Molly A. French, daughter of Benjamin J. William French. She was born December 11, 1843, and died March 20, 1882. After her death, William Jefferson was married February 5, 1884, in Lampasas, Texas, to Mrs. Mary Ann Banta Mitchell, who was born November 15, 1854, and died August 26, 1934. Mary Ann was the daughter of William Banta and Lucinda Hairston of Burnet County.
The children of William Jefferson Greer and Molly A. French Greer were (1)Mary Ann, who married J.O. Tanner; (2) Nancy P., who married J.T. Wiley; (3) Martha, who married D.E. Hodges; (4) Elzora, who died young; (5)Alzina who married J.W. Patterson; and (6) Melcina, who married W.S. McLennan.
The children of William Jefferson and Mary Ann Banta Mitchell Greer were:(1) James, who married May Landers; (2)Beulah, who married C.L. Owen; (3)Aaron, who married Ellen Snaveley; (4) R. Wesley, who married Nannie Bargley; (5) Carl M., who married Lula Hester; (6) Ross O., who married Viola Lindsey; (7) Ruth E., who married Alvin Faubion; (8) Lora A., who married Louis Scott; and (9) Jessie O., who married Linnie Landers.

3. Wesley Marion, born January 5, 1850, and died February 14, 1856. Buried in Hoover's Valley Cemetery.

4. James Nathaniel, born December 14, 1852, and died August 19, 1853, in Louisiana.

5. Joseph, who was born April 29, 1858, died August 26, 1945, in Fredericksburg, Texas, and was a practicing dentist in Texas for 55 years. He was married April 6, 1882, in Gillespie County, Texas, to Elizabeth Jane Banta, who was born August 15, 1866, and died March 28, 1955. Their children were: (1) Clara Ethel, born January 12, 1883, and married May 9, 1906, to James Marvin Thompson, born May 6, 1877, and died August 7, 1932, in Corpus Christi, Texas. (2) Cora Gertrude, born September 2, 1889, and married June 5, 1912, to Alford Williams, born October 15, 1886, and died January 1, 1931, at Eagle Pass, Texas. (3) Irene, born November 7, 1891, and married July 30, 1917, to Andrew Jackson Medlin, born December 17, 1887, and died April 10, 1955, in Conway, Arkansas. (4) Joseph Stuart, born February 13, 1896, and married first on November 9, 1924, to Ima Lee Hobbs, born February 7, 1902, and died January 13, 1950; and later on November 11, 1951, was married to Mrs. Edna Doolittle Davis.

6. Julia R., born September 11, 1861, and died May 8, 1883. She was married February 15, 1878, to Charles L. McDonald. They had three children, and the entire family had died by May 15, 1883.

7. Daniel, born January 26, 1864, and died November 18, 1921. He was married January 20, 1889, to Ora Stone, and both were killed by a city fire truck (place unspecified).

8. Mollie Armour, born February 5, 1866, and died in March, 1950, in Harris County. She was first married January 12, 1888, in Burnet County to Henry Franklin Bowman, who was born January 13, 1864, and died December 21, 1893. They had two children. She later, on November 13, 1897, in Burnet County, married Milton Brown Dabbs, and they had two children. Mollie's children are as follows: (1) Wayne Franklin Bowman, born August 1, 1890, and married August 11, 1917, to Virgie Ferguson. (2)Charles Elmo Bowman, born in 1893 and married May 3, 1918, to Lola Kyle Rogers, who was born March 15, 1896. (3)Walter T. Dabbs, born November 15, 1901, and married Edith______. (4) Ora Freda, born October 25, 1903, and married June 9, 1936, to William Leroy Perry.

9. Margaret Ann, born August 6, 1870, and died September 12, 1952, in Ames, Iowa. She was married September 25, 1889, in Burnet County to Robert E. Lee Bourland, who was born June 11, 1866, and died June 23, 1950. Their children were: (1) Curtice C., born June 30, 1890, and married to Elizabeth Diedrich, and later divorced. (2) Orena, born December 28, 1891 and married May 29, 1930, to Virgil Newton Stewart. (3) Myrtle May, born June 17, 1893, and first married in 1915 to Warren Lenor, but divorced; later on June 11, 1938, was married to Thomas Sheeley. (4) Jessie Lee, born November 27, 1900, and died June 6, 1944. She was married June 6, 1944, to Dorance Munro.

Written by R.O. Greer of Lampasas, Texas

Source: Burnet County History Book by Darrell Debo, published in 1979 by Burnet County Commissioners Ct., Volume II, page 125.

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