Surname: Birthplace-Year they came to America

Angie's side:

Buettner: Prussia-19 Oct. 1868
Cotton:  England-bef 1694
Daniel: Ireland- early 1700's
Freund:Saxony, Germany-about 1872
Graf: Saxony, Germany (Wendish descent)-1882
Hentschel: Prussia, Germany-1871
Hubenthal: Hesse, Germany- 1850
Kubitz: Prussia, Germany (Wendish descent)-1854
Obenhaus: Lippe, Germany-1843/1844
Schoppa: Prussia, Germany (Wendish descent)-1868
Tzschieder: Prussia, Germany-1854
Zoch: Prussia, Germany-1869

Paul's side:

Adams: Ireland-bf 1817
Beene: Scotland-late 1600's
Bible: Germany-1750
Cherry: Scandinavian/North German (source-james.cherry@ntlworld.com)
Clark: Scotland-1634
Collier: England-bf 1754
Fry: France-1733
Futterrer: Germany-1885
Gunter: England-1644
Muller: Germany-bf 1795
Proffitt: England-1716
Pye: England- 1796

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Last update June 6, 2009