Three Mast Ships

Sailing Ship Albert
Among passengers of the vessel, Albert, arriving from Bremen at New Orleans December 20, 1843 are Heinrich Lindham and Julius Ofenhaus.  Source:  Germans to America--Series II  List of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports in the 1840's Vol. 2, Glazier July 1843-December 1845.
Sailing Ship Apollo
Among passengers of the vessel, Apollo, departing from Bremen, Germany on December 20, 1844  and arriving at Galveston, Texas on January 10, 1845 are Widow  Obenhaus with 4 children.  Source:  Fisher-Miller Grant & G.E.C. Forever, German Emigration Company Passenger List to Texas July 1844-February 1846, Charles W. Klieneck 1994.
Sailing Ship Bark Texas

List of passengers arriving from foreign ports in the Port of Galveston the 4th quarter, 1868. Name of vessel, Bark Texas. Date October 19, 1868 from Bremen, Master Eclleentzen. Among passengers are: Michael Schoppa (age 35, male, country-Prussia, occupation-farming), Maria Schoppa (age 28, female, country-Prussia), Johanna Schoppa (age 8, female, country-Prussia), Maria Schoppa (age 6, female, country-Prussia), Christian Schoppa (age 4, male, country-Prussia), Magdalena Schoppa (age 2, female, country-Prussia), Christina Schoppa (age 6 months, female, country-Prussia). Source: Michael Schoppa Family Album published in 2000 by Mary Schultz Guggisberg and Kenneth W. Schoppa.
Sailing Ship Ben Nevis
 Ben Nevis, departed from Liverpool, England early September, 1854, then Queenstown, Ireland, departing there on October 22, 1854 and arriving at Galveston, Texas, early December.
Sailing Ship Elizabeth and Ann

Liverpool, England to York, Virginia
Virginia- By his Majestys' Lieutenant Governor & Commander in Cheif of this Dominion- These are to certify that the above lift of one hundred & twelve rebel prisoners imported into this Colony in the Ship Elizabeth & Ann, of Liverpool, Edward Trafford Master, was taken (by my order) upon the arrival of the faid Ship in York River by the officer of the customs there, and contains the names of all the prisoners imported in the said ship & that besides the said one hundred & twelve persons, the Master did report that one other prisoner by name Duncan Mackfale died at sea, which upon examination of the other prisoners appeared to be true- Given under my hand at Williamsburgh this 14th day of January 1716-
Among passengers was: Sylvestor Proffitt Source: Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Vol. 2.
Sailing Ship John and Sara

List of Servants (Scottish prisoners) sent to Thomas Kemble of Charles Town, New England, on the John & Sara of London. Registered at the Search office, Gravesend, on November 8, 1651. Letters to Mr. Thomas Kemble and Capt. John Greene dated November 11, 1651, consign prisoners and freight to be disposed of by Thomas Kemble in New England or, by further consignment along with "provisions & such other things as are in N. E. fit for the West Jndies", by Mr. Charles Rich in Barbados, from Jo: Beex, Robert Rich, and William Greene. Letters entered and recorded by Edward Rawson recorder, on May 13, 1652, at the request of Thomas Kemble. Statement of goods entered and recorded by Edward Rawson, recorder, on May 14, 1652, also at the request of Thomas Kemble. On board: James, John, and William Bean. Source: Passengers to America pages 146-149

Sailing Ship Minna

The Hubenthals came to the U.S. on November 29, 1850 via the ship Minna from Bremen, Germany into New York. Family I. D. 25151285   Source:  Nancy Hill also substantiated by Linda Baker.

Sailing Ship Rhein

From: Bremen and Southampton To: New York Arrived: 19 September 1885. Among passengers was: Heinrich Fuetterer age 17, male, bookbinder from the country of Germany.
Source: Germans to America published in 1995 edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, Vol. 52 page 136.
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Sailing Ship Salier

List of passengers on the ship Salier. From: Bremen To: New York Arrived: 20 September 1882. Among passengers are: Ernst Graf (age 44, male, farmer, country-Germany), Anna Graf (age 38, female, wife, country-Germany), Christian Graf (age 19, male, farmer, country-Germany), Mariette Graf (age 16, female, country-Germany), Ernst Graf (age 6, male, child, country-Germany).Source: Germans to America Volume 44 published in 1995 edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, page 167.
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Sailing Ship Samuel

At the courthouse of Philadelphia, August 17th, 1733. Present: The Honourable the Lt Governor. With several of the Magistrates. Ninety Palatines, who with their Families, making in all Two hundred & ninety one Persons, were imported here in the Ship Samuel of London, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal, as by clearance thence, this day took and subscribed the Effect of the Government Oaths, & also the Declaration prescribed by the Order of Council of the 21st of September, 1717, among passengers: Hans Peter Frey, his wife Barbella and their children. Sources:
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Sailing Ship Sandwich

The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Sandwich, Captain Hazelwood, from Rotterdam and last from Cowes, did this day take & subscribe the usual Qualifications. By List 97. Whole Freights 200. Date: November 30, 1750. Among passengers: Hans Adam Biebel. Source:

Sailing Ship Werder

Date: 1879. Among passengers: Ernst Gloyna(age 22). From Liegnitz now Poland. Source: Notes from Wendish Research Exchange

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