Soldiers of American Wars

Thomas Edward Adams-son of Thomas and Mary Adams: Served in the infantry in the Civil War, Tom Green Brigade-Company A from March, 1864-June 1865

Ebenezer Bartles-son of Joseph W. and Anna (Lineberger) Bartles/Bottles:  Served in the Union Army 1864 

John Hogan Beene-son of John and Sarah Beene: Member of the 11th and 17th Consolidated Regiment, Arkansas Infantry. Was 17 when he fought in the Civil War

Earnest Bible-son of Swan and Nora Bible: Served in the Navy 1943-1945

Jacob Bible-son of George and Margaret Bible: Joined the Union Army July 1, 1863 in Cocke Co, TN. Private mustered into K Company 8th Reg TN INF VOL Camp Nelson KY as Sgt. mustered out July 30, 1865 PVT Company Shops, NC.

Samuel Bible-son of Jacob and Arabel Bible: Joined the Union Army as a private, Co. K, 8th Reg. TN Inf. Vol. on Sept. 11, 1862. Was discharged June 30, 1865.

Carl Edward Bishop-son of George and Stella Bishop:  Georgia, PVT, BTRY C, 773 FLD ARTY BN, WWII

Needham Boone: Served in the War of 1812 as a Private in the 19th regiment of the Louisiana Militia

Joshua Cherry-son of Job and Abbie Cherry: Veteran of the American Revolution

Charles Clark-Veteran of the Revolutionary War serving from August 30, 1775 - September 19, 1775 from the fall of Augusta to the evacuation of Savannah

Charles Ignatius Clark-son of Thomas Pye and Isabelle Clark: Veteran of the Civil War; Contracted dysentary while serving in the Army of the Confederacy

John Garvin Clark-son of Thomas Pye Clark and Isabelle Clark: Fought in the Civil War (1861-1866)

Tommie Joe Clark-son of Dick and Elois Clark: Killed in Vietnam

Aaron J. Collier-son of John Collier: Veteran of the American Revolution

Claude Cherry Collier, Jr.-son of Claude and Eula Collier: Veteran of World War II

Paul Collier-son of Claude and Nell Collier: Air Force Veteran of Desert Storm; B-52 gunner

Raymond Collier-son of Commodore Milton and Martha Keene Collier: Chaplain in Army; WWII made about 20 voyages in the Pacific

Thomas Rex Collier-son of Claude and Eula Collier: US Army Air Corps World War II; B29 gunner

Shadrack Collier-son of John Collier: Veteran of the American Revolution

James Edward Cotton-son of Willie Parnell and Susan Cotton: United States Marine Corps World War II;died in Guam

Smith Cotton-son of William and Lucy Cotton:  South Carolina Militia; Ensign in American Revolution

William Gee Cotton-son of Smith and Martha Cotton: Confederate Soldier discharged in 1862. Served in Co F of the 3rd Ala.

Charlie James Daniel-son of Johnnie and Sallie Daniel: Army Veteran of WW II

James Lamar Daniel-son of Charlie and Mattie Daniel: Served in the Korean War

James R. Daniel-son of Jesse and Mary Daniel:  Served as a Confederate Soldier.  Company A, Phillip's Legion, Cavalry, Milledgeville, Georgia

Johnnie Lee Daniel-son of Johnnie and Sallie Daniel: Army Veteran of WW II

William Lowndes Daniel-son of William and Winnie Daniel:  Died on 2 Jul 1863 in the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at age 30

James Daniell (O'Daniel)-son of William and Frances O'Daniell: Revolutionary War - South Carolina, Public Service

Jesse Daniell (nee Auston)-son of unknown Auston and Betty Daniell: War of 1812, Georgia Militia 24 June 1812 to 28 September 1812 and 1836 in the Creek Indian War .

Levi Daniell-son of James Daniell: Revolutionary War in South Carolina or Georgia

Johann Valentin Frey-son of Johann Peter and Anna Fry: Due to his Moravian religious beliefs, he did not carry arms during the Revolutionary War. He did help his fellow countrymen in their efforts, and George Washington allowed his sons and daughters to be admitted into the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), and the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on February 27, 1776.

Thomas Fry-son of John Waller and Mary Fry: Confederate Veteran of the Civil War; Company D, 3rd Arizona Regiment 1862-1865

William Gary-son of William and Mary Ann Gary: Revotionary War Soldier

Aaron Greer-War of 1812, Claiborne County, Mississippi between September 1812 and March 1813.  He served in Captain Zachariah Lea's Company G of Colonel Ferdinand L. Claiborne's regiment of Mississippi militia. 

Henry M. Gunnell II-son of Henry and Catherine O'Daniel Gunnell:  Major in the Virginia Militia

Jacob Hall-son of Allan and Emaline Hall: Served in the Army in the Phillipines (1899) Spanish American War, Phillipine Insurrection

Levi Washington Harkey-son of Levi and Julia Harkey: Killed in Civil War

Martin Harkey-son of Johannes Herche: Fought in the Revolutionary War.

John Godfrey Lipe-son of Johannes Godfrey and Barbara Lipe: Fought in the Revolutionary War.

Col. Robert McFarland II-son of Robert and Martha McFarland: Fought in the Revolutionary War.

Robert McFarland III-son of Robert and Margaret McFarland: Fought in the War of 1812

Robert McFarland IV-son of Robert and Mary McFarland: Served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War

Julius Obenhaus-son of Henry and Anne Obenhaus: Served in the Civil War; 2nd Company C, 13th Texas Infantry, Served June 16, 1862-September 7, 1863; declared absent without leave, December 27, 1863; declared deserter, January 19, 1864

John O'Daniel-son of William and Frances O'Daniel:  Revolutionary War; Virginia Militia

Joshua Owen-fought in the Civil War; murdered in the last days of the war by bushwackers while home on leave

Absalom H. Phears-son of Absalom and Sarah Phears: Confederate Veteran of the Civil War; Company C, 35th Texas Cavalry

McDonald Phears-son of Absalom and Sarah Phears: Confederate Veteran of the Civil War; G Company,10th Texas Infantry, 1861-1864

Fernando Posey-son of Henry Posey and Louisa Constanza Daniel Posey:  Served the Confederate States of America in Pruden's Battery, Georgia Artillery (State Troops) in the War Between the States

Paul Gotthelf Schur-son of Wilhelm and Maria Schur: Died in WWI in France, November 3, 1918

John Coffee Williamson-Confederate Veteran of the Civil War; Company E, 5th Tennessee Cavalry

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