Surname Summaries

Surname Summaries

Michael Schoppa in Fayette County, Texas

These summaries strive to show how each family migrated to Texas.

Adams:  (Samuel, Thomas R., Thomas Edward, Keene) The Adams family moved from Ireland to South Carolina before 1817. Around 1816 Samuel Adams married Margaret Windes. In 1817 Thomas R. Adams was born. Thomas R. moved to DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. He married Maria Luisa de Arocha on May 30, 1846. Thomas Edward was born in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana July 26, 1850. His daughter Keene was born in Kerens, Navarro County, Texas in 1879 and died in Brownwood, Texas June 20, 1954.

Beene or Bean: (William, William, John, William,William, John, John Hogan,John, John, John Hogan, Mary) The Bean family began in Scotland in the 1600's. They migrated to Virginia, and several generations later to Tennessee. John Beene lived with his family in Northern Mississippi. He moved his family to Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas. John Hogan Beene married Emma Newman and in 1882 moved his family by train to Texas. Mary married Thomas Myers and they lived in Brownwood, Texas.

Bible or Biebel: (Hans, Johann, George, Jacob,Mary Ann) The surname Bible was originally spelled in Germany as Biebel. Hans Adam Biebel was born in Goersdorf, Alsace (which was at one time part of the German Palatinate). He arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on November 30, 1750 aboard the ship Sandwich. After 1756, but before 1773 Hans Adam moved his family to the Rockingham County area of Virginia. George Bible moved his family to Del Rio, Cocke County, Tennessee in the early 1800's. They lived in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. Mary Ann Bible moved to Texas with her family in the early 1870's. They put the women on a boat to New Orleans and then to Galveston. The men came by wagon and walked. They met the women at Galveston and traveled to Burnet County, Texas, where they settled in the Smithwick area, near Marble Falls.

Boon or Boone: (Needham, Nancy) Needham Boon was born in North Carolina in 1789. His daughter Nancy was born in Louisiana in 1823. Before 1836 Nancy, along with her mother Elizabeth and siblings, moved to Red River County, Texas. In Red River County, Nancy married Commodore Perry Collier in 1839.

Buettner: (Andreas, Hanna) Andreas Buettner was born in 1834 in Prussia. He married Magdalena Mroszke and the family emigrated to Fayette County, Texas Oct. 19, 1868. They were part of the Wendish community and were members of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Warda.

Cherry: (Joshua, Jared, Ezekiel, Caroline) The Cherry line has been tracked to Bray England although I don't have proof this is our Cherry family. In the 1600's there were people with the Cherry surname in Norfolk, Virginia, and in Albermarle County, Virginia in 1732. Martin County, North Carolina appears to be where the Cherry family moved, and then to Tennessee. Joshua (in our family tree) died in Alabama. The Cherry family moved through-out the 1800's. Jared's son Ezekiel lived in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. Ezekiel's daughter Caroline was born November 18, 1849 in Mississippi. She married Thomas Edward Adams in Louisiana and they moved to Navarro County, Texas and started their family. Many Colliers were named Cherry, in two cases as a middle name and in one case as a first name. Caroline Cherry Adams named her youngest daughter Martha Keene after her great grandmother, Martha Keene. Jared Cherry was mentioned in Pioneer Families of Sumter County, Alabama by Nelle Morris Jenkins. There is a new issue of the book from The Livingston Press, University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL 35470.

Clark: (John Hunter Sr.,John Hunter Jr., Hugh, Joseph Ezra, Dick, Cleo Nell) The earliest ancestor we know of this Clark branch was John Hunter Clark, Sr. born in 1765 in Danville, Virginia. From Virginia, John Hunter Sr., moved to North Carolina. His son John Hunter Jr. moved his family to Tennessee between 1832 and 1834. Hugh Clark moved from Del Rio, TN, to the Pleasant Valley Community, Marble Falls, Burnet County, Texas in 1873. Joe moved his family to San Saba, San Saba County, Texas in 1903. His son Dick stayed in San Saba to raise his family. Nell married Claude Collier and raised her family in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas.

Cleary: (Zachariah, Arabella Hickman)Zachariah was born in South Carolina in 1789. Zachariah raised his family in Tennessee. Zachariah's daughter Arabel was born October 31, 1819 in Green County, Tennessee. Mary Ann Bible, daughter of Jacob Bible and Arabella Cleary Bible, moved to Texas in 1873 with her husband Hugh Clark. Cleary history

Collier: (John, Shadrack, Commodore Perry, Commodore Perry, Commodore Milton, Claude Cherry Sr., Claude Cherry Jr., Paul) Our earliest known Collier ancestor is John Collier. He had a son Shadrack Collier. Shadrack was born in Bedford County, Virginia in 1754. Shadrack married Rhoda and they had two children. In the early 1800's Shadrack met Edney Bab Hardy. We descend from Edney through her son Commodore Perry Collier, Sr. There hasn't been any marriage record found for Shadrack and Edney. In 1807 Rhoda sued Shadrack in Grayson County, Virginia. From there Shadrack moved to Lee County Virginia. It appears Edney's household was enumerated in Shadrack's household in the 1820 census. Commodore Perry Collier,Sr., 7th child of Shadrack and Edney, came to Texas in 1835 with his mother and two brothers William and David Collier. He received 1/3 league of land, and soon married Nancy Boone, who had come to Texas with her brother Needham Boone, Jr., who also received land in Red River County. Commodore Perry Jr. moved his family to Brownwood, Brown County, Texas. Several generations stayed in the Brownwood, Goldthwaite area. Claude Cherry Jr. raised his family in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas.

Cotton: (Walter, William, William, Smith, William Gee, Thomas Smith, William G., Thomas Lee, Mattie) The Cotton family emigrated from England to Virginia in the middle 1600's.  They settled in Georgia in the early 1800's. My grandmother was Mattie Cotton born June 25, 1909 in Harris County, Georgia to Thomas Lee Cotton and Lou Ella Gibson.

Daniel, Daniell, O'Daniel, O'Daniell: (William O'Daniel,James Daniell,Betty Daniell, Jesse Auston, James Daniel, Johnnie Benjamin Daniel, Charlie James, James Lamar, Angela Kim) Our Daniel, Daniell, O'Daniel branch hails from Ireland then to Virginia finally settling in Georgia. Jesse was on the 1850 census with his family in Baldwin County, Georgia. Jesse's son James can be found in Baldwin County also. James was married at least twice; he was married to Fannie Pugh and then to the mother of my great grandfather, Johnnie Benjamin Daniel who was born July 23, 1882. Johnnie married Sallie Eliza Driskill and they had six children. Johnnie died young leaving Sallie with six children under thirteen. Johnnie and Sallie's son Charlie James raised his family in Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia. James Lamar lived with his mother Mattie in Texas. Our Daniel branch has been in Texas since the late 1930's.  Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume I (Richmond, Virginia, 1920. Reprinted Kraus Reprint Corporation, New York, 1967), Genealogies of Virginia Families IV (Family History: Virginia Genealogies #1, pre-1600 to 1900s, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., FTM Family Archives, Broderbund Software, Inc.), p. 413

Ellason or Ellison: Ellison History

Fry or Frey: (Johann Peter, Johann Valentine, Johannes, Valentine F., John Waller, Thomas, Margaret) Johann Peter Frey was born in 1689 in Wingen, Alsace, France. His ancestry is known several generations back in Alsace, France and near Zurich, Switzerland. Johann and his wife Anna Barbara immigrated to America August 17, 1733 from Rotterdam on the ship Samuel and settled first in east Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, later moving with most of their children to Heidelberg Township, Berks county, Pennsylvania. Their sons Peter and Christian moved to North Carolina in the 1750's and in May 1765 Hans Peter Sr. and the rest of the family joined them. The Frey's moved from North Carolina to Kentucky before 1835. John Waller Fry's early years were spent in Kentucky. His father, Valentine Fry, died when John was young and his mother moved them to Illinois. They moved to Burnet County, Texas in 1854. W. P. Fry, John Waller Fry, Mary Carlisle Fry, Thomas Fry and Susannah P. Greer Fry are mentioned in the book Council Creek Calling by William "Bill" Peter Fry, compiled by Juanita Fry Ragsdale and illustrated by John E. Carter. Published by The Naylor Company of San Antonio, Texas.

Futterrer: (John Henry, Eula) Also spelled Futterer and Fuetterer. John Henry Ernest Futterrer emigrated from Germany to the United States aboard the ship Rhein Sept. 19, 1885. He traveled to Hamilton County, Texas marrying Nannie Phears July 14, 1891. They had two children: Minnie and Eula. He later had a 3rd child, Ernest, with his 2nd wife. Eula married Claude Cherry Collier, Sr. and they raised their family in Brownwood and Goldthwaite, Texas.

Graf or Grafe: (Ernst Johann, Ernest August, Paul, Gladys) The Graf family began with Ernst Johan Grafe in Bautzen, Saxony, Germany. Ernst and his family immigrated to Texas in 1882 on the ship Salier. They traveled first to Giddings, Lee County, Texas and then to Warda, Fayette County, Texas. The Graf family were from the ethnic group Wends. Ernst was mentioned in the book In Search of a Home as a Texas Wend. The Graf family moved to Wilbarger County, Texas in the early 1900's. Paul Graf married Mary Obenhaus and they raised their family in Wilbarger County, Texas.

Greer: (Aaron, Wesley, Susannah) The Greer family can be tracked to South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana. Wesley Greer, his first wife, and four children came to Burnet County, Texas sometime during the winter of 1853-1854 with the Hoover families, the M.G.C. Keeles, and others, stopping for a time near old Fort Croghan and in Burnet. The families settled a few years later in the Hoover's Valley community; however, the Keeles later moved to Bell County and the Greers to Llano County. Josiah Greer, brother of Wesley Greer, built a grist and saw mill on Morgan Creek in the Council Creek community of Burnet County in the early 1860's, and some of the Greers lived for a time in that community.

Gunter: (John, Henry, John, Geffrey, John, Charles Sr., John, John, John, John, John, Augusta, Thomas Goodson, Thomas Jefferson, Fred Neshach, Elois Vivian) Our Gunter line has been tracked to England in the 1400's and 1500's. John Gunter emigrated from Kintbury, England to Henrico, Virginia in 1644. In the middle 1700's the Gunters moved to North Carolina, and in the 1800's to Tennessee. Thomas Jefferson Gunter was born Sept. 2, 1844 in Marion County, Tennessee. He moved to Yell County, Arkansas and in 1890 moved to San Saba County, Texas. Elois Gunter married Dick Clark and they raised their family in San Saba, San Saba County, Texas.

Harkey: (Martin, Jacob, Levi, Moses, Sarahann) The Harkey and Gunter families were very close, having more than one marriage between the families. Martin Harkey and his wife Catherine resided in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Martin's grandson Levi Harkey moved his family to Yell County, Ark in 1848 and encouraged the Gunter family to move there also. The Harkeys and Gunters then moved to San Saba County, Texas. Harkeyville was established 15 miles from San Saba, Texas on Hwy 190. The Harkey museum is in Harkeyville and two books are available on the Harkey's: Mean as Hell by Dee Harkey and Surviving the Texas Frontier by Sarah Harkey Hall.

Hentschel: (Heinrich, Anna Emilie) Our Hentschel connection (also spelled Haentschell and Henschel) came from Dauban, Prussia, Germany to Fayette County Texas in 1871.

Hubenthal:  (Johann Christian, Maria)  Our Hubenthal family emigrated from Germany in 1850.  They lived in New York and Indiana before settling in Texas.

Krakowsky or Krawcowicz: (George, Magdalena) The name Krakowsky is Polish, it can also be found as Krakat. Krakat is Lithuanian. Our Krakowsky family were from Dauban, Prussia which is now near the Poland border. Magdalena Krakowsky married Heinrich Hentschel in Prussia. They immigrated to Fayette County, Texas in 1871.

Kubitz: (Johann, Matheaus, Marie Theresa) Kubitz in Wendish is Kubica. Our Kubitz ancestors came from Duerrbach, Prussia. Mattheaus Kubitz and other Kubitz family members immigrated to Fayette County, Texas. The Kubitz family is mentioned in the books Fayette County Past and Present, In Search of a Home, The Wends of Texas, Lee County, Texas Cemeteries Volum No. 2 printed in 1991, Holy Cross Lutheran Church 1873-1973, Nineteenth-Century Emigration of "Old Lutherans," and History of Lee County Texas. Mattheaus' daughter Marie Theresia Graf moved to Wilbarger County, Texas in the early 1900's.

Obenhaus: (Henrich Arnold, Heinrich Carl, Carl Heinrich Julius, Otto Julius, Mary Elizabeth) The Obenhaus family was from Salzuflen, Lippe, Germany. Lippe is located between the Weser River and the Southwest part of the Teutoburg forest. Today Lippe is part of the Bundesland, Nordshein-Westfalen. They emigrated from Germany to Texas around 1843/1844. They lived in Colorado County until 1880 when Julius Obenhaus moved his family to Fayette County, Texas. Julius' son, Otto Obenhaus, moved to Wilbarger County, Texas about 1902. Otto's daughter Mary married Paul Graf and they raised their family in Wilbarger County, Texas.

Phears or Fear: (Pleasant,Absalom, Thomas, Nannie) They came to America with the surname Fear and changed their name to Phears while living in Missouri. Our earliest known ancestor was Pleasant. His son, Absalom, was born in Virginia in 1797. In the early 1800's they moved to Missouri. Absalom moved his family to Washington County Texas about 1840; they lived in a small town named Burton, Texas. Absalom was listed on tax rolls in 1849 in Washington County, Texas. Absalom's son, Thomas, married Sarah (the wife of his brother William) and their children were born in Washington County, Texas. In 1890 Thomas and 2 of his girls moved to Hamilton County, Texas. His daughter, Nannie, married John Henry Futterer.

Proffitt: (Sylvestor, John, Pleasant, James, Mary) Our earliest known Proffitt ancestor arrived in Virginia aboard the Elizabeth and Ann in 1716. The next three generations lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri. Mary married Charles Ignatius Clark in Missouri. Their daughter Sarah Lovit Clark married Commodore Perry Collier in Texas in 1873.

Pye (Clark): (Thomas Pye, Thomas Pye Clark, Charles Ignatius Clark, Sarah Clark) Thomas Pye was from Wigen Parrish, Pemberton, Lancashire, England. At 15, (1796) he immigrated to Pennsylvania with his brother. He married Isabelle Clark May 3, 1817 and changed his surname to Clark. Their son Charles Ignatius Clark served in the Civil War and died of dysentary before embarking for the White River Arkansas campaign. Sarah Clark married Commodore Perry Collier, Jr., Dec. 5, 1873 and lived in Red River County, Texas.

Schneider: (Matthaus, Johanna) The name Schneider is German. The Wendish version is Krawc, Krautz, or Krawz. Johanna (Anna) Schneider was born in Burghammer, Germany. She had siblings born in Spreewitz, Germany. She immigrated to Fayette County, Texas with her husband (Johann Zoch)and family in 1869.

Schoppa: (Matthes, Michael, Christian, Alvene)The Schoppa family began in Zerre, Prussia, Germany. Michael Schoppa was born Sept. 18, 1833. Michael married Maria Zoch and their family lived in Spreewitz, Prussia, Germany. The Schoppa family immigrated to Texas on the ship Bark Texas arriving at the port of Galveston, October 19, 1868. They settled in the Wendish community of Fayette County, Texas. Christian Schoppa moved his family to Wilbarger county, Texas arriving by train Sept. 26, 1900. Christian was a hard working farmer who informed other Wends of his progress in Wilbarger County through the Giddings Deutsches Volksblatt. Alvene married Otto Obenhaus and they raised their family in Wilbarger County, Texas.

Tiemann: Carl Tiemann lived with his wife Catharine Louise Wehmeier in the area of Kirchlengern and Buende, Prussia, Germany. His daughter Anne came to Colorado County, Texas about 1846. References to Teman in the bible: Genesis 36:11, 15, and 34.

Windes: The Windes arrived in America in 1630, and settled in Southold, Long Island, N.Y. The next generation moved on to New Jersey & eventually a descendant, Samuel Windes (1730-1811) discovered the rich soil of South Carolina.

Zoch: (George, Johann, Maria) The Zoch family came to Texas from Burghammer and Spreewitz, Germany. Johann Zoch immigrated to Texas from Germany arriving in Galveston, Sept. 27, 1869. About Oct. 18, 1869 they left with their children to Warda, Fayette County, Texas. Maria Zoch was buried in the first Holy Cross Cemetery in Lee County. Her tombstone is one of only two in the area Lutheran Cemeteries which bear Wendish and German inscriptions. The Zoch family is mentioned in the books The Wendish Texans, In Search of a Home, The Wends of Texas, Holy Cross Lutheran Church 1873-1973, and History of Lee County Texas.

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